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  1. Madeleine says:

    Jonsi, tu es un génie. J’ai beaucoup aimé ton show ce soir. J’avais la chaire de poule à vous écouter. Le son, les images, les lumières étaient excellent. Bonne chance avec le reste de la tournée. Merci d’avoir arrêter à Montréal.

  2. P-Y says:

    Quelques unes de mes impressions ici

    Les visuels étaient tout simplement à couper le souffle.

    just. wow.


  3. P-Y says:

    Quelques impressions ici

    Visuellement c’était à couper le souffle! Bravo et merci!

  4. Mitch S. says:

    I have never experienced a show quite like it. It was absolutely fantastic… perfection. After years of watching videos, I finally was able to see the man himself, he is real and he is powerful. The crowd was fantastic and we tookover the venue with feathers!

    I was sweating, but I still had goosebumps.

    Takk Jonsi!


  5. Michel B says:

    It was a fantastic show, everything was perfect, video, sound, music, the crowd, i hope to see you again in Montreal soon, as Jonsi or with Sigur Ros, as long as you’re there! I got some pretty amazing pictures, gonna put them on Flickr!

    Thanks for the amazing moment.

    – Michel

  6. Mitch S. says:

    Thought I would elaborate –

    I just returned from Jonsi’s concert in Montreal.

    All I can say is this… I have never quite experienced anything quite like it. The closest thing to it is the oldest memory I have. My father would pick me up from my crib and sing “Hey Jude” to me and rock me back to sleep. I don’t remember how old I was… But it’s the first thing of life that I remember.

    The show brought me back to the childhood wonder and fascination. As I stood meters away from Jon, I was filled with amazement and wonder at him and his band (Alex, Ulfur, Obo, and Doddi). It was brilliant.

    The only thing better would be to shake the hands of the men themselves that brought me back to that wonderous place.

  7. Joanie says:

    Just…. WOW.

    This is probably the most stunning and emotional show I’ve ever been to and will ever go to. I was -literally- shaking and crying during the entire first half, and the one-two punch of Kolnidur (jaw-droppingly beautiful) and Tornado, my two favorite songs on the album, just finished me off. By the way, Stars in Still Water was the perfect opener and I just adored every second of it. And the ending…gosh… THE ENDING…. There are really no words to describe how incredible it was.

    Doddi, I saw you walk right by us while we were waiting in line to get in, and I really regret not jumping on you to tell you how absolutely brilliant and handsome you are. ;)

    Thank you so much for coming to Montréal, and I’m really hoping you come back again soon!


  8. Michel B says:

    You can find most of my photos here:
    But i reached the upload limit of Flickr, so it’s missing some.

  9. Pascal says:

    What we had here was more than what was possibly expectable. I mean, this was it. Life. The meaning of life. At the end of the show, I felt happy, just happy, for an hour. And, no, I don’t take anything. This show was the greatest thing that happened in my life, everything put together. I could try for hours to describe the show and the feelings I had while, but I think words are both meaningless and not strong enough to talk about that.

    So what was Jonsi’s music, live? Emotions. Feelings. Electricity. Magic. Pureness. Gift. It was a gift.

    With Kolnidur, the show really started, and it started to last. There was no time during the show. Everything stopped. There weren’t even pain, hunger, heat, nothing. There were the music, the stage, the visual. Music filled my body.

    The whole show was amazing. But then, we arrive to Grow Till Tall.

    Today, I died, today, I’m born. This song was life, this song was a meaning to life. I already loved the song on the album for its distorted ending, but never could I ever await something like that on stage. The air was electric. It started gently, to rapidly spread over the crowd, and then go upstairs. At the end, nobody seemed to be able to move, as everyone was bound deeply with each other, as if we were all in symbiosis. Jonsi was jumping around on the stage, taking fun in distorting his voice’s sound on his console, while the background was being totally destroyed. In the most intense storm of my life, everything fell. The set. The music. My vision of life. I was being taken by something. I couldn’t move, I was breathing heavily, my arms were dizzy. And then drama. In intense flashes of light, everything ends. Everyone gets back to life, to their new life. Applauds. Shouts.

    And, no, I don’t take drugs, seriously.

    Jonsi, thank you. Thank you, since this was the best thing to happen in my life yet.

  10. bella says:

    What an amazing show. I was moved. I have seen many concerts in my life but none that can compare to
    the experience of a Jonsi show. There was not a moment that was lost, it was constant fluidity. What talent and what a privelage to have been a spectator. Thank you for coming to Montreal, the night was beautiful like you and your band. What can we say – we loved you.

  11. Nick D.T says:

    The show was amazing. I had shiver so many times! It was the most emotional show I’ve ever been! My 2 favorite parts of the show is Kolnidur and at the end with the thunderstorm. I hope you’ll come back in Montréal soon. Thank you for everything, I had a great night.


  12. Ian says:

    The entire show was amazing.Thank you so much for coming to Montréal, and I’m really hoping you come back again soon!

  13. Linda says:

    Thank you for THE AMAZING SHOW. NO word exist to express the PERFECTNESS of it ALL !
    Like I said to one of my friends: if we were to send someone on another planet to reprensent HUMAN KIND NESS, I would send JONSI! Thank you for your Light ! Merci !
    Come back soon in Montreal !

  14. Rudy says:

    I do drugs. and this show was sick.

  15. Flea says:

    It was yesterday and I’m still on my cloud, rocked by the flow of emotions I lived during this incredible night. The show was beyond perfection, the music and Jònsi’s voice are unique and brought me where no one and nothing else ever did. I felt blessed to be there, to be able to assist a show like this.

    I fell in love with Sigur Ròs years ago, I fell in love again yesterday. Your musicians are incredible so as you.
    To say thank you is not enough to express what I felt yesterday and what I’m still feeling. But as I said to you yesterday thank you again for everything, for what I can feel when I listen to your music, for the show yesterday, and most for all for coming to see us after the show. I never imagined I could ever see you and speak to you, it was a really huge honnor to meet you and see how kind you are.

    I hope to see you really soon, in Montreal or elsewhere, as Jonsi or with Sigur Ros. I can’t wait.

    – Flea (Rachel)

  16. Merci pour la merveilleuse musique inspirante. La Beauté était au rendez-vous. La Merveilleuse y était. Merci encore pour toute cette sincérité et cette ”Musique qui creuse le Ciel”, comme l’écrit Baudelaire.

  17. Chloé says:

    Jonsi, tu nous manques déjà.
    Reviens nous voir très bientôt!

    In case you’re wondering, when somebody said to you ”C’est beau!” during the show, it means ”It’s beautiful!” in french. And yeah, the girl was right, it was a beautiful, magical, amazing night.

    Thank you for your perfect and joyful music, you make me smile again.

  18. Jacob-lee says:

    First i must admit i had never heard of Jonsi 1 month ago , then a friend of our told us about you…….WOW is all i can really say, Not really knowing what to expect at the concert, so as i thought my mind was open for anything you would throw at me.
    I stood waiting for 30 minutes for you to come on stage (not easy for a true English man, to wait so long lol) , then you came out and started to sing ……YOU TRULY BLOW ME AWAY … i am not one for getting emotional, but at one point you rumbled a deep emotion inside me and the tears came out (in public…lol) and you know i did not care.
    I can not say thank you enough and i will follow you so closely for as long as you do this fantastic emotional music .
    To you and your band all the best ….

  19. L says:

    There’s always a particular day during spring time when leaves in trees become suddenly really dense and so trees become really really green like in summer time.
    This year, it was the next day after your show in Montreal.

    Jonsi, you really have brought the summer in Montreal and in my heart this year!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this unforgettable evening.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing music.

    I hope you will come back really soon in our town, as Jonsi or Sigur Ros.

  20. Llama-ryon says:

    here some pictures of the show,

    it was an amazing show, I cried, it was too perfect thank you thank you thank you !

    Bubble girl.

  21. Llama-ryon says:

    ps. Kolniður was more than a song in a concert… plus the visual effets it was just like a feeling, an indescribable emotion, wow ! takk

  22. Jasmin says:

    Amazing show. Good job guys!

  23. reqbat says:

    i’ve been to a lot of shows in my 35 years, but this was the first time i feel like an artist showed the rawest sense of themselves, the first time someone has shared who they are and what they do down to the core. it felt like we were seeing the most pure, real event of creation- it sounds trite but it was almost too much. i cried from pure joy more than a few times and positively collapsed in two with tears before the encore- this was more than watching a musician perform, this was being in the presence of a shaman. humbling, uplifting, joyful, weeks later i’m still brought to tears when i listen to the music and remember the show.
    it’s nothing you can describe properly in words, but ‘pure joy essence of life love hope’ all that sort of works.

  24. Chloé says:

    …and the drummer was fantastic!

  25. noemi glen says:

    it has almost been two weeks since the show came to us in Montreal, and it has left a very deep impression on me. I live a very creative life in the country with inovative projects for humanity and this show reminded me how modern, precise, and working on this large scale can actually bring real change. Jonsi, you are excellent, and so Nordic in your perfection and focus. I stood infront of you and your presence was whole, never caring about the lights or losing yourself in the character of a star, but completely devoted to the show and its gift to the audience. This actually makes you a star, thank you for your work!

  26. Stephanie B. says:

    I attemped to write in english just to make sure you will understand me but my experience is too emotional for me to do so properly… so I keep writing in french…

    Le temps passe. Deux semaines ont passé. Je n’arrive pas à oublier. J’écoute votre CD en loop. C’est comme si c’était hier. Jonsi… avec vous et tous les autres présents ce soir-là au Metropolis, j’ai vécu l’expérience visuelle/musicale la plus totale et inexpliquable de toute ma vie.

    De mon coeur pur et aimant de Sigur Ros (j’étais là biensûre sur le quai Jacques-Cartier en Sep 2008!), je ne savais pas trop à quoi m’attendre mais j’avais tellement confiance et j’avais si hâte ouf!!! J’étais loin, là-haut au balcon mais cela n’avait pas d’importance. L’univers magique et pur dans lequel vous nous avez plongé a submergé la salle au grand complet. À la fin, incapable d’applaudir. J’étais sidérée, bouleversée, marquée au fer par ce qui venait de se passer. La réalité revenait doucement et j’ai finalement applaudis de tout mon coeur. Nous sommes restés assis là, longtemps après la fin, mon amoureux et moi. Je ne pouvais pas bouger si vite… c’était comme sortir d’un merveilleux coma.

    Ce que j’ai vécu ce soir-là se passe de mot. Ça se vit. C’est viscéral. C’est dans le coeur. C’est dans l’âme. C’est dans l’essence de ce que je suis. C’est de l’amour pur.

    Dire merci est insuffisant mais… merci Jonsi pour ce don de soi unique et puissant de votre part que nous avons vécu ce soir-là. Merci à vous, et à vos incroyables musiciens. Le drummer est remarquable.

    To Go is a masterpiece.



  27. Stephanie B. says:

    Sorry… I mean Go Do is a masterpiece :)

  28. Alexandra says:

    Jonsi, this concert was the best I’ve ever seen in my life. You are Amazing and you art inspire me in my every day life…I love your work and your artistic soul. Thank you for your music. Here is the best video from TORNADO,
    My favorite song… live in Montreal…
    And the drummer was totally wicked!
    Come back in Montreal very soon…
    I miss you.

  29. Genevieve says:

    I’m very sad beacause I didn’t now you came in Montréal. I really like your songs and the songs of Sigur Ros. Your songs makes me think about everything. That’s like a therapy. Your voice, the music intruments and the melody are simply wonderful in all of your songs. I actually buyed your « ( ) » CD from Sigur Ros and find it funny ’cause there’s no Title on your CD and all of your songs are Untitled. What’s the message your want to pass? because in art, everything we do have sense to the artist. Your music very inspire me. I’m always listening Sigur Ros CDs or «Go» CD. It makes me appreciate life. You’re a real artist because every of your songs have sense and deepness. Continue this way, and come again in Montréal please :) .

  30. Jen says:

    It was the best birthday present I’ve ever received.

  31. Guilhem says:

    Simplement pour vous faire part de la grande appréciation que j’ai en regard avec votre music et qui plus est avec le spectacle qui permet de saisir encore mieux la transcendante beauté de ce que vous produisez!!
    Après avoir vue Sigur ros en specacle en septembre 2008, voilà un autre chef d’oeuvre musical aussi troublant qu’époustouflant!!!

    Soyez-en remercié!!!

  32. valerie says:

    Hey Jonsi, I love your music, I listen to it often and Go is even my cell phone ringtone. I just found out you were in Montreal about six months ago… and I missed your show! Quel dommage! According to the reviews, it has been a wonderful show. I hope you will come back in your next tour so I can join all of your fan and acclaim you in person! :)

  33. valerie says:

    Oops… My mistake, you were here in 2010, not 2011… Well, it’s been a long time! I hope you are coming back soon.

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