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24 Responses to “terminal 5, nyc”

  1. fletcher mcdermott says:

    one of the most incredible shows i’ve seen recently. for fans of sigur ros and their live show this really stays on par with the emotion of the show they normally produce. can’t wait till he’s comes around again! also gad to see the monome getting some more exposure!

  2. jeff says:

    Jonsi – show a Terminal 5 Sunday Night – Phenomenal!
    Like an post apocalyptic update to Watership Down with undertones of Bill Hickock’s Wild West Show and Charles Darwin screaming in your ear “The Future Is HERE!”

    Best Stage sets EVAh! wsj.com

    Why are there so few of us humans who remember how to make sounds like wild animals??? Beautiful!!!

  3. Gerri Griswold says:

    Terminal 5, NYC, Sunday Evening May 9, 2010.
    A dream. So utterly stunning..musically, visually…As a huge fan of Deyrolle I especially appreciated the “tip o’ the hat” to the fire. Frankly, I was so moved I cried a few times. Takk fyrir.

  4. Raul says:

    One of the best concerts in the decade! Simply pure magic! The music , the lights, the voice… Everything was perfect!!! Beautiful!!!!

  5. Stevik says:

    Robert and I missed the show in Philly, so drove to NYC for the last show of the U.S. tour. What a spectacular experience… beyond words!

    Thanks so much, guys! Rest well and travel safely…

  6. CocteauBoy says:

    Thank goodness Jonsi was so amazing, because Terminal 5 venue is horrible, horrible venue; one of the worst in the city. Some of the best performers have had their shows compromised and/or ruined by Terminal 5.

    In the face of such odds, Jonsi rolled gracefully through the sound issues, and made the show one of the best I have ever seen/heard in my life.

    Thank you, Jonsi.


  7. brooklynklk says:

    I was literally brought to tears it was so beautiful. Stunning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  8. danielbasil says:

    Terminal 5 is a terrible venue but the show was so amazing it made up for it. Utterly inspiring….

  9. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I got there 3 hours early and was right up against the stage, so the sound was marvelous and nothing about the venue seemed bad to me.
    Easily the best show I have been to, and I can’t imagine anything ever topping it. Truly inspiring.
    I’ve been waiting years upon years for this – I came up to NYC from Florida to see him perform, and I’ve been a fan of Sigur Rós for many years (I even have a back/side/arm tattoo of Sigur Rós imagery). So this performance was everything I was hoping it would be.

    Thank you, Jónsi.

  10. Anthony says:

    Went Saturday night and was absolutely blown away, so much so that I decided to go back Sunday. Jonsi masterfully gave the audience a gift that I don’t think anybody will forget. Terminal 5 isn’t the best venue, but when you’re so engulfed in the incredible and awe inspiring music and visuals, the venue begins to mean next to nothing. An incredibly powerful show. Some cried, some laughed, but it was emotional for all. Thank you thank you thank you, Jonsi and band! Perfect.

    — side note, Daniel and Becca, on Sunday night, hope all is well. Saw you guys rush out near the beginning of the show. Hope everything is fine!

  11. Deanna says:

    May 9th, 2010 – Terminal 5

    This was the first concert I’ve ever attended.
    I truly want to thank you Jónsi and all of your tallented friends for giving me the most magical night of my life!
    The concert was simply majestic… and… well it just left me in awe.
    I hope you come back to NY in the future!

  12. Mike says:

    Im a huge Sigur Ros and Jonsi fan but I have to say that I was totally disappointed in Sunday night’s show. I am a avid concert goer, catching everything from classical to hip hop, I have never seen an audience with such a lack of energy. The T5 crowd killed my show experience.

  13. Kevin says:

    Amazing stage production, amazing performance, amazing album! Sadly the venue couldn’t live up to this band. Place was just hot, way over crowded and most people couldn’t see much unless you were right upfront. Please tour the US again and come to DC or MD this time!! Would love to see this same production again in a proper venue, would well be worth the money!

  14. Kit Lee says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the show. It was magnificent both for the performances, as well as the the beautiful staging. Left the show in a dream, and still can’t get enough of Go.

    My captures of the night:

  15. Andrew says:

    I flew to NYC from Texas to see Sunday night’s show and absolutely loved it (although my body ached a bit from standing without moving for several hours). I’ve never seen such artistry in a live concert performance before. The stage props and use of video were remarkable and contributed a great deal to the emotional impact of the show. The vocals were beautiful. Overall, it was just an amazing performance that seemed to wash over me and through me, filling me with happiness. Thank you, Jónsi!

  16. Mantaray says:

    A few years ago my sis and I started to listen to Sigur Ros. The music really had a beautiful and therapeutic fit into our busy lives. So we went to see Jonsi for her b-day May 9th. It was really something so special that the containing mode of text explanation wouldn’t do it near justice. The show, Jonsi and his band, and the people gathered to experience the event were all some wondrous kind of special. I am in the healing arts and I felt myself closing my eyes, centering, and sending the vibe of the show to my family, friends, and clients. Not to mention in the very least, Mother Earth who needs many more of these happenings as a tonic for her Soul. Thank you Jonsi and friends. Spot on show that is still running through my head, lulling me to quiet awareness.



  17. Cody says:

    It was an amazing show, I think I’d say one of my favorite that I’ve ever been to. My wife and I flew from Utah, and after flight delays, just got into NY right when the show was starting, so we barely made it. But, we had an excellent view on the third floor balcony, and it was incredible. Such a great show and totally worth the trip out. This was our first concert in NY so I’m not sure why everyone seems to dislike Terminal 5, but again, I couldn’t have had a better experience. Jonsi’s voice was right on, and the drummer had such energy. Thank you for the great experience Jonsi and friends!

  18. imuzi says:

    Thank you jonsi, You show me a realistic dream.

    I couldn’t control myself.
    When I saw you,heard your voice and felt your soul, tears fell fast.
    I couldn’t stop crying.

    Please come to Japan for your own show!!!!

  19. Michel says:

    I am from México, i travelled in a bus 4 hours, in a plain 5 more hours, and spent a lot of money just to see jonsi’s concert, to be honest… it worth it, i have seen Sigur ros, two times in Guadalajara in México, and in Arras France, but honestly this concert was other thing, it really changed something… thank u for that music…

  20. Daniel says:

    I am from Spain and I went to NYC just for the show. It was one of the best things of my life to share it with my sister and a friend. I cried in “Grow Till Tall”. Absolutely unforgettable. Thank you Jonsi, thank you guys from 51 productions. Thank yor NYC.

  21. Jan says:

    I am from Holland and I was in NYC for a holiday. Great show, sound and visual show very lovelt. I appriciated it very much. I can’t wait to see the show again in June in Amsterdam.

  22. anie o mous says:

    rebeca saborio is so good, and pretty!! really like her work!! nice pics! nice music!

  23. Bekah and Dan says:

    We drove up from VA to see this show for a second time in a week. Philly rocked our faces off at the beginning of the week and we had to see Jonsi again. SO GLAD WE DID!!!!! This show now marks the second most increadible moment of my life, the first of course being Jonsi’s show in Philly.

    Anthony….yeah we had to rush to the back, but everything ended up okay and we still saw the show. Take care and great talking to you!

  24. Kyle says:

    Simply the best show I’ve ever seen. Drove from Virginia with 2 people who had never heard the music, and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying at several points. I can’t explain how quickly I get bored with most music, and how badly I wanted this concert to keep going at the end. Thanks Jonsi.

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