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  1. M.D. says:

    Definitely one of the most stunning live performances I’ve ever experienced.

  2. John C says:

    An unbelievable event. I am so glad I decided to cut out of work early and drive down to Berkeley and see this show. As much performance art as it was a concert event. This is a show not to be missed. You do not need to be a Sigur Ros fan to enjoy what Jonsi is doing here. Visually stunning. Aurally spectacular. The band filled the concert hall with a sonic version of a box of candy, each new sound tastier than the last and Jonsi vocals are indescribable. So much better live than on any album (and they are pretty incredible on every cd I have heard). The Production put to the music was like nothing I have witness in my 35 years of Rock concerts, but again it is hard to categorize this as a rock concert. Jonsi has raised the bar on what can be done by a “Rock Band” If Jonsi is coming any where near you ,go!

  3. Ashley says:

    The concert is simply amazing! This is my first time hearing Jonsi live and when I heard the first song play, it really got my eyes watered. Jonsi’s voice is incredibly beautiful. He sings even better live than CDs (can you imagine how good he is?) The reason why I love Jonsi’s music is how he can mix the sound of all of the different instruments so well with his vocal. They just goes well together and I truly enjoyed every second. It’s my ears are having really good massage. Great job Jonsi and his crew!

  4. Sylvia says:

    This show is not to be missed, which could maybe explain why I didn’t hesitate when I first heard of the show and ended up with such a great seat. I had been introduced to some of the album and look forward to revisiting it now. Not reAlly knowing what to expect jonsi and crew exceeded my wildest and most hopeful expectations and dreams of auditory and visual sensory delights. Venue accomodated great sound and lights(!) my only annoyance is 1. People arriving late and the rows of seats, 2.not enough people jumping around dancing like we all wanted to during the faster tempo tracks.

    I would go see this show again and again, and even wear tassles like kites flying in the sky. Thank you for providing a marvelous journey and unforgettable experience. The musical delight allowed me to Embrace my shapeshifting inner child, and left me hopeful about solitude and the state of everything.

  5. be says:

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The flawless musical performance alongside the unbelievable visual effects was mind-blowing. It felt like the audience was physically in each song. Jonsi has delivered what so much musicians lack nowadays: creativity, inspiration, and originality. Definitely life changing. It’s a must see!

  6. Bryan says:

    After literally catching my breath from the intensity and stimulation of the final song, I was finally getting my bearings to leave when I heard another audience member mention something I had also found remarkable – the contagiousness of the smiles being shared between Jonsi’s band mates. The show was such a joyful experience, to the degree that in the post show glow the energy of the crowd had the band hooting and hollering with us in celebration!

    The stage production was unreal. I’m usually an eyes shut person at concerts, but there was so much of a visually enthralling element that I only dared close them briefly at a time! Of the many chills I experienced during the performance, a number of them were from things that happened in the visual production in cue with the music. When you see the show you’ll understand just how powerful it all was. Fantastic.

  7. barry says:

    Fucking great! So beautiful. Such attention to detail. Like the old school Sigur Rós shows!

  8. Shawn (Yomon) says:

    To put it simply: Jónsi’s concert was amazing, brilliant, beautiful, creative, inspiring and emotional. It left me feeling so happy. My only regret would be my seat: 1st balcony, H row. Jonsi’s face was fuzzy from my position. I couldn’t get into the convert as much as I wanted to. I was sad to see a lack of audience participation during the upbeat songs. Either way, I enjoyed the concert, cried a bit, and had a lot of fun. Congrats to Jónsi and everyone who made the concert possible. I love you back Jónsi! ^_^

  9. inna says:

    the night is about the world growing, changing inside us: a volcano erupting, flowers rapidly blooming, wild animals running through the woods, birds making maps in the sky, a heavy storm of memories and the stillness after that. at the center of that world was an animal, growing, changing, transforming. he shakes his head, falls on the floor, and lets out a howl. he sings and the landscape bursts with life, with color. it is spring.

  10. Josh says:

    Beautiful concert, and like most people have said, the stage show was amazing.

    I also chose this night/concert to propose to my girlfriend. So that along with music we love, will surely create some great memories for us.

  11. marta dymek says:

    First off, let me copy my facebook status: “So I don’t even know what to say, dear Jónsi. You and your band were simply magnificent. I couldn’t hold my tears from the first few notes of Stars in Still Water till the very end of me Indian-Chanting as you were taking a bow. It was like a first kiss. Like a million sunrises. Like catching the first whiff of summer after a long winter. Thank you.”

    See, this kind of performance requires quite an eloquent mind to even begin to describe the beauty and intensity within. Sadly, I was never good with words, so let me try something else.

    In a nutshell, at the beginning of the show I felt like I was right here:
    And then right here:
    And then there:
    And finally there:
    (by the way, I hope that everything turns out okay with this volcano. I keep your country in my thoughts).

    Thank you. Straight from my heart.

  12. Vince says:

    What can I say about my first taste of Sigur Rós/Jónsi live? I will never look at life the same way again. This concert has awakened some part of me that I thought I had lost. It made me feel like I was on a star and I could see all the world’s beauty from that one star… It was the second best concert I have ever been to. Yes, it was a seated venue, but it couldn’t have been more perfect.

    The opening act, Death Vessel, could have went and took a hike. Sorry, it was just too boring for my tastes. It was just some long-haired dude with an acoustic guitar, and all the songs sounded the same.

    I had the best seat in the whole auditorium, right in row AA, and when I saw Jónsi appear onstage in his awesome bird outfit, my heart already paced rapidly. When he sung the first words of Stars in Still Water, I already started getting shivers down my spine. The first 3 tracks were very mellow and acoustic, but when Kolniður came, the stage erupted with the explosions of the drums and the wonderful shrieks of Jónsi’s voice, and suddenly everything was ecstatic and energetic. Kolniður isn’t one of my favorite songs, but it is explosive live. Jónsi then played a new xylophone song with Alex, his boyfriend, and a few other of the band members, then went on to Tornado and Sinking Friendships. But, for me, the best song of the night was Saint Naive. I had never heard this song before tonight, so it was a pleasant surprise. When Jónsi sang, “tomorrow, we might be dead, play a pretty song so we can sing along…” I felt the bottom of my eyelids moisten, and suddenly I was crying. The piano, the words, the atmosphere…the whole song melted me. Go Do, the next song, was also incredible. I got so many shivers down my spine listening to it that I practically BECAME a shiver. The most disappointing song of the night is also one of my favorites on the new album, Boy Lilikoi. It just…didn’t have too much energy. But, on the screen projector in the background, near the end of the song, a whole bunch of birds and flowers of all colors began flying across the screen, and it was so pretty! Jónsi then played two new songs, one called K12, and an untitled one, before belting out another of the most amazing songs of the night, Around Us. Holy sweet Lord. Jónsi started the song acoustically, then built it up into this big orchestral overload of awesomeness. Near the end of the song, Jónsi sang his heart out, by GOD he did. He laid on the floor while pouring his lyrics and heart into the microphone, and when he was done, his face was so so red. It really added a whole new dimension of emotion to the song. After Around Us, the crowd clapped and cheered for Jónsi as he went offstage with his band and his boyfriend. Of course, he wasn’t done! He came back and played a new song, which sounded like an awesome mix of Vaka and Festival, and it was sung in Icelandic. After the song, Jónsi started going offstage again. Everybody looked, confused as hell, as he walked offstage, but the opening sounds of Animal Arithmetic started playing. BEHOLD! Jónsi came back onstage, dressed in a full-fledged bird outfit, with a CROWN! He was king of the birds! Oh my, I laughed, I could have cried, and I was just in wonderment. Jónsi is the best human being in the world. After Animal Arithmetic, Jónsi and his band proceeded to play my least favorite song on the album to close the night, Grow Till Tall. I could have cried again. Jónsi transformed my least favorite track into the second best song of the night, and the best concert closer I have ever heard. It went along predictably. Then, like Jónsi loves to do, he built it up into this grand orchestral mindblower. Then, the song kept getting heavier and more involved and the images on the screen projector were amazing: it was a picture of glass, and then all the glass started falling apart and breaking away and disappearing, and all the sounds became dark and something out of a horror movie. And the stage lit. And the lights started flashing. Repeatedly. And anyone with epilepsy would have undoubtedly had a seizure as those lights and the glass kept flashing and breaking. It felt APOCALYPTIC. What a magnificent way to end such an amazing show.

    A few more notes about the concert:

    Jónsi is God. I think I have said this already.
    The drummer is AMAZING. Seriously, he is a beast!
    The screen projector animations by 59 Productions were flawless. Birds, deer, glass shattering…it was so much, yet it told a story all its own.


  13. jonsi.com says:

    josh: congrats to you both from us here at the site :) – jonsi.com staff

  14. Graham says:

    Thank you so much Jónsi! What an incredible piece of performance art! It was so unexpected and executed with great technical skill. Sharing this art with you and the audience was a religious experience. Thank you for coming to Berkeley :)

  15. Hans says:

    What a stunning show last night! My friend and I really loved the show. The visuals were incredible and well put together with the music.

  16. Sadie Rose says:

    I always ask myself ‘Who are the artists from my generation that we will be listening to as we get older?’ and my answer is Jonsi. That was easily the best show of a lifetime in every single aspect. What a true artist you are Jonsi, from every word you say to every subtle instrumental ornament that you add to the songs. The show last night was such a gift and an amazing memorable experience. You are even more astonishing live than on the record and that is a rare thing from most of the artists I’ve seen! As soon as I got back to my hotel I wrote songs like crazy from all the energy and inspiration I received from the show. Thank you so much for being an inspiring human being and for taking music and creation to a whole new level, and bringing every heart in the audience to a whole new place. I am so exited to see you at your next show near me! Thank you!

  17. danielle says:

    nothing less than enchanting, absolutely beautiful show. thank you jónsi.

  18. Drew says:

    Great Show! The stage set up was amazing, especially during the wolf and deer scenes. I managed to grab a setlist, here’s what we heard and saw (all spelling from setlist):

    Stars In Still Water (solo)
    Icicle Sleeves
    Stinking Fred’s Pickels
    Saint Naive
    Go Dov…bedoobedo
    Boy Lilikoi
    New Piano Song
    Around Us
    Jonsi New Guitar Song
    Animal Atheritis
    Grow Till Bald

  19. Drew says:

    Great Show! The stage set up was amazing, especially during the wolf and deer scenes. I managed to grab a setlist, here’s what we heard and saw (all spelling from setlist):

    Stars In Still Water (solo)
    Icicle Sleeves
    Stinking Fred’s Pickels
    Saint Naive
    Go Do…bedoobedo
    Boy Lilikoi
    New Piano Song
    Around Us
    Jonsi New Guitar Song
    Animal Atheritis
    Grow Till Bald

  20. David says:

    I just want to add how amazing the drummer was last night. Sorry I don’t know his name but he was a beast last night. The intensity, precision and tension he added to the show was simply amazing. I have never experienced a harder worker drummer. Congrats to everyone for a wonderful show!!

  21. debkakes says:

    Immersive, big-hearted, intense, ethereal. The visuals took it over the top. Truly, a transportive/transformative evening. Thank you, Jonsi and your incredible band and crew.

  22. Chris says:

    Such an awesome show last night, thank you so much and I hope you make many future trips to the Bay Area!

    One thing to add to the reviews, I know its been asked in other videos or reviews why the crowd sometimes looks so quiet and still during the performance, and I even thought that before. But after being there last night I think I understood. While I still was bobbing my head to the music and moving in my seat, the music and the intimacy of it all really entrances you as a audience member. From the first song with Jonsi’s voice and guitar beautifully piercing the silence of auditorium, throughout the rest of the set with the moving and captivating visuals, and the energy and care of the band, you kind of sit there in awe of it all, and are immersed and intent on absorbing it all. Sometimes instead of dancing you just want to take it all in as much as you can. Now I understand.

    I took two other friends who had never heard of Jonsi or Sigur Ros before, and they, like the rest of the audience, were on their feet cheering with all their heart at the end of the show. Thank you for a beautiful night! =)

  23. Rocco says:

    I saw Sigur Ros when they came to the Civic Center in San Raphael a few years back and I loved them then. I was a little worried about how Jonsi was going to hold up by himself, but even in the first song I new that I didn’t have anything to worry about. I thought the show was excellent! Great songs, great set design, great energy! The one thing I couldn’t figure out, and I heard others talking about it after the show, was what was the little box that one of the musicians was playing during some of the songs? Also, was it Alex playing guitar? It looked like him but I couldn’t have been sure. I really liked the idea of using the suitcase as a kickdrum and when Jonsi left the stage momentarily it was almost as if he wasn’t quiet sure about wearing the headdress at the beginning of the show but then impulsively ran off to put it on. You are an inspiration Mr. Jonsi!

  24. Rocco says:

    P.S. I just read Josh’s comment, Congratulations!!! You are a very smart man to pick that concert!

  25. Olga Nunes says:

    This is the most beautiful stage show I’ve ever seen, and greater than the sum of its parts.

    Jonsi, the band, the music, the lighting and the visuals are choreographed in such amazing concert together, that I’ve found it hard to describe in words. The show seems to made of raw emotional fabric, enveloping the audience one song at a time until people are completely shaken out of themselves.

    What he’s put together is a different animal than any I’ve seen before. It’s as though he’s built a world.

    Afterwards, when my friends and I walked out of the theatre, we just looked at each other. There wasn’t language to describe what we had seen. We walked quietly to the car, and drove home in silence, staring at the lights of the city, glowing.

  26. Brendan says:

    Simply amazing.

    I brought my roommate who has naturally become a sigur ros/jonsi fan while living with me, and two friends who had overheard me playing jonsi 2 days ago and asked about the show (they are now Jonsi lovers and on their way to discovering the joys of Sigur Ros). We had our jaws dropped for the whole show. I am not even sure what to call that night. I don’t think it was a concert.

    I’ll second Vince’s comments about least favorite songs from the album being the best of the night. Kolnidur and Grow Till Tall were just completely different songs. Every song from the album was different. The whole album, as amazing as it is, was just so much better live.

    This was a flawless show…..but I wish wish wish Jonsi would have asked the audience to dance…everyone was ready to! I wanted to stand so bad and a lot of people around me did too. Jonsi.com PLEASE tell him that the crowd would totally be cool with him saying it’s ok for us to stand, cause we reallllllllly want to stand (and many of us want to dance). The only concern I can think of is handicapped people in attendance…give em front row seats?

    Oh! Almost forgot…we all really loved the band. My friend said it best, “it makes me happy to see that the band is enjoying the show as much as we are.” The smiling was contagious. The bass player was laughing in joy at jonsi’s joy as much as we were and it was awesome. All of the band members were. And our favorite had to be the drummer. He was feeling those songs — you could so sense it. I really wish I had known his name because I wanted to yell out we love you to him!

    I was expecting some awkward studio musicians to just kind of be in the background, but these guys really were a band. They were awesome!

  27. Kelly says:

    I am still glowing, renewed, and inspired. This was the most incredible performance I have ever seen in my life.
    Jonsi is bringing through the next dimension of sound.
    The drummer is nothing short of genius passion embodied in perfect timing, rhythm, and grace.
    I am in love.
    Literally in love with the vibration and ecstasy these human beings are bringing through.
    Tears rolled down my face a quarter of the time.
    I want to create.
    Live life.
    Love fully.
    Express truly.
    And as these notions are not new to me… I am re-ignited in them because of what I saw, felt, and experienced Thursday night.
    The essence of who we all are.

  28. Jane says:

    Jonsi’s performance had me in tears (the good kind, the self-realizing kind). The whole set – from the vivid visual stage effects to the lighting to, of course, Jonsi’s incredible voice and the band’s beautiful instrumentals – triggered so many emotions. It was an inspiring, empowering performance that personally spoke to me about life and the necessity to love and embrace its ever-changing, ever-growing qualities, to live in the present, to cherish what we have now.

  29. georgette says:

    what a fantastic gathering of love and appreciation. just reliving everybody’s love and experience and gratitude is putting me right back in berkeley! it truly was amazing, and you all have captured so much of what I would share. I am rejoicing in reading your words and reliving the experience through strangers. yet you do not feel like strangers anymore. a collection of energy that appreciates and understands what level and magnificence Jonsi and crew are. Such beautiful souls sharing such beautiful melodies. I love you all

    thank you Jonsi and Alex. I have been following your adventures for some time. and your love and play, joy, and adventure fill me up with the deepest appreciation for life. Your band was unlike anything ever. the team work, the unity, the closeness and appreciation for the music and giving one’s all. just like everyone has said.

    this is what the world truly needs. togetherness, love, magnificence, and pure true love.

    as iceland erupts in a volcano, so does jonsi erupt to the world. I send my love and compassion and hope for iceland and all of it’s inhabitants. it is a place that generates and shares so much love and kindness with the world.

    I am looking forward to the next encounter with you.

    thanks for choosing such a remarkable production company to put just as much effort and love into the show. 59 productions put it down. a level of production that all production company’s should strive for.

    thank you for rocking my world, filling me with a lifetime of appreciation and adoration. I can play your album anytime and feel you in the room.

    here is to sharing love and joy with the universe at large for infinite lifetimes!


  30. Taylin Crucius says:

    That concert was the first concert that I have ever been to, and I’m glad. It was so beautiful and stunning. I also want to say I’m so sorry for bothering Jonsi after the concert. I feel so bad and stupid! well anyway it was amazing.

  31. Moises Gonzalez and Claire Brooks says:

    This last Thursday night, Jónsi Birgisson, lead singer for the Icelandic ambient post-rock band Sigur Rós, performed a solo show at Zellerbach Auditorium on the UC Berkeley campus as part of his “go do” tour. Jónsi has just released his first solo album entitled “go” this month and he has proven that he surely has a career beyond Sigur Rós.

    Thursday night Jónsi and his team did not fail to impress. They met – no, they exceeded our expectations for the live show based on what we had heard on the album (which itself is pure musical genius). Jónsi’s crooning voice filled the auditorium, reverberating off of the walls and surging through our bodies. 59 Productions did a superb job bringing “go” to life with their excellent stage design and effects used throughout the performance.
    The show started off somber, even melancholy, but soon burst into a sparkling celebration of life and color. When Jónsi reappeared for his last few songs wearing a large feathered headdress and boa, tossing his head back and forth in an animalistic fashion as he belt out the lyrics, one couldn’t help but smile. This was not because he looked ridiculous. No, he looked perfect, blending seamlessly his emotions with the music, living and breathing his words as if they were the thing that mattered most in the world.

    Even the ambiance in the crowd was different than your average concert. We were mesmerized, struck by reverent silence throughout the entirety of the show. It was as if we had been transported into Jónsi’s dream world where animals run free and colors come to life.

    During the final song, Tornado, the music built up into a Sigur Rós style climax, with the wonderfully crafted set seemingly destroyed by a huge storm created by the music. The person next to me turned to me and asked if I too felt the cool breeze during this song, just as I had been convincing myself that the breeze that I felt was in my imagination. Was it real, or was it chills created by Jónsi’s music? Either way, it was perfect, as if we had been integrated into the song itself. When it was all over, we left silently, soaking it all in and wondering if it was too soon to say that this was perhaps one of the best shows that we had ever seen.

    Of course, we expected no less from the talented Jónsi, but this show was so much more than even we had imagined. He delivered everything that we ever felt was missing from Sigur Rós. Jónsi, his band, and the production company will change the way that people watch concerts. The only way to perfectly comprehend the sheer genius of Jónsi is to “go” see him for yourself.

    To hear more of Jónsi’s music or to find out when there will be a show in your area, visit http://www.jonsi.com.

  32. scott says:

    wow! i mean WOW… i mean,… words are not enough…. simply beyond the beyond.

  33. Kelly says:

    My son Needed to go to this, and, having heard a few Sigur Ros tracks, I agreed….What a great show! I am 50, and always into hearing something new, so that helps. (300+ Dead shows should make you fairly flexible)..I am so glad I went, and yes the drummer is a beast. There were instruments onstage that I could not identify so that was way cool…already have tix for the Fox in October….can’t wait

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