3 mills, london (dress rehearsal), united kingdom

March 26th, 2010 external links: venue - last.fm - facebook

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[flickrpress type=”sets” sets=”2010.03.26 dress rehearsal” api_key=”ed713e2b96150a742627ba72c3c303e8″ account=”iamjonsi” count=”35″ paging=”true” columns=”8″ lightbox=”true”] photos by darren webb / jonsi.com

the setlist

  1. stars in still water
  2. hengilás
  3. icicle sleeves
  4. kolniður
  5. tornado
  6. saint naive
  7. sinking friendships
  8. go do
  9. boy lilikoi
  10. k12
  11. new piano song
  12. around us
  13. new guitar song
  14. animal arithmetic
  15. grow till tall

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  1. gabby says:

    Rushing across London in the Friday rush hour clutching a feathered mask, could not prepare me for the event that took place in those next few hours. Jonsi, in such an intimate and unexpected situation was truly magical. The fairytale atmosphere, an immaculate production and exquisite sound, was a privilege to devour.

    My eyes were comfortably warm with tears on the brink of spilling down my cheeks, my hands clutched and resting on my lips; for what seemed like hours I was transported. There are no distractions here, I was totally immersed and experiencing all kinds of emotion.

    Back into reality later that evening, I wanted to shake the people that looked glum and mundane on the street. Simple pleasures; there is so much to be thankful for when you can experience and listen to music that is so pure and restful, colourful, intense and free. What we had witnessed; a group of people in a room together, listening and finding mutual solace in a beautiful voice and talent.

    The come down was the hardest part, and attempting to describe the emotion and quality of an experience to those who weren’t there. But that’s the beauty of music. It is there forever to be heard.

    So I’ll continue listening, and again reach that very special place I found that night, with the music of Jonsi.

  2. bjössi says:

    great review!

  3. Jon says:

    I wasn’t lucky enough to actually attend this particular show but I did have the good fortune to listen to a rough recording of the concert. Even though I wasn’t physically there, that the music still has the power to reach down deep into my heart and awaken promises of places of such beauty that are so elusive in every day life is for me a testament to the extraordinary power that the music of Jónsi Birgusson has to both reach and move the heart to a place of Joy and childlike wonder
    thank you

  4. seb says:

    could not agree more with Gabby.. just an unforgettable, unexpected treasure which left me weighless as i moved through the rest of the evening. the voice, the sound, the band, the production, and very much the crowd, all drawn together, all dressed up, and all incredibly fortunate helped make this night what it was, who would ever get the chance to stand not more than 2 metres in front of Jonsi and look into his eyes (when they were open) at eye level… very special and indeed.

  5. Prince says:

    I wasn’t lucky at all !!! How I wish I was there !!! It’s a great review. I love ’em all and will wish to be in the next one too !!!

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