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44 Responses to “vogue theatre, vancouver”

  1. alma says:

    what a show!
    i’ll be thinking about that one for a long time.

  2. kyall says:

    Klonidur and its visuals were outstanding. Around us as a closer even more so. What a benchmark-setting show.

  3. paulchirka says:

    That was the most visually and audibly stunning show I’ve ever seen! I would see that again without a second though! It will stay with me for a long time!

  4. Aaron B. says:

    What a show. Seen SR four times but this is right up there…what a show. Such a special evening that I’ll never forget. Thank you to everyone, it was fantastic.

  5. John siden says:

    Awesome show . Best I have seen in a long time . Fans are in for a treat the. Rest of the tour .

  6. Xanthe says:

    What a stunning visual and musical performance! Jonsi has the voice of an angel. Anyone who hasn’t got a ticket for one of his upcoming shows best get on it! It’s an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

  7. jacalin says:

    A Genius Show!!.. an experience to inspire every one who loves art. and you have combined different forms of art in perfection!… I was soo inspired!!!…
    You have also brought up a lot of personality into this solo album, which i LOVE!
    how much i wish music these days can be all as good as this.
    keep on the good work and all the best for the rest of the tour.

  8. mishka says:

    I wanted everything to be a surprise, so I intentionally hadn’t listened to any of the new music before the show. I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw the almost too-small stage stuffed with instruments – there was a feeling that maybe this would be much, much different from seeing Sigur Ros (who we had the pleasure of seeing in Iceland in 2008!). When Jonsi and the band came out, I was impressed by the music – then a couple of songs in, BAM! There it was – exactly what I’d been hoping for: powerful music, energetic performance by truly talented musicians, gorgeous visuals. And it didn’t stop until the lights were back on. The show was fantastic – musically and visually. Projectors and sounds and lights and animation and owls and fire. I was blown away. You guys earned that standing ovation.

  9. Victoria says:

    It was a wonderful show. The visuals were stunning and the sound was inspired. Jonsi vocals were superb. The music was beautiful and intense and was in perfect concert with the visual display. One of the best concerts I have seen/heard. I didn’t want it to end. Thanks!


  11. William says:

    At 9pm sharpish the lights dimmed and Jonsi apparated on stage along with one of his bandmates….immediately breaking into the opening track, stars in still water. A beautiful song.…with Jonsi weaving his voice around the acoustic guitar and a few notes from the marimba joining in at the end.
    The rest of the band then emerged and the incredible backdrop courtesy of 59 productions started to come to life,
    as well as the incredible sonic majesty these five chaps were harboring. About three songs in, the array of animals
    floating on the backdrop began to be consumed by flames, at which point a few tears came to my eyes and I began to start muttering….’so awesome’…to my equally rapt girlfriend….and I kept on muttering until the lights came up an hour or so later.
    The dynamics were incredible, with a few of the more introspective songs of the set preceding the liquid joy of Go Do and Boy Lilikoi….and again during the encore, the frenetic Animal Arithmetic segueing into Grow Till Tall, which had to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard….and the storm that heaved across the little stage at the end as the sound began to reach impossible heights outdid the Wizard of Oz.
    So awesome!!

  12. nadine says:

    Thank you so much for this incredible performance.
    Unlike anything I have ever seen before. Truly unique and breathtakingly beautiful, this show was a stroke of pure genius. These gifted musicians deserved that standing ovation 10 times over. Stunning vocals and unforgettable visuals.
    Your work is deeply appreciated, Jonsi (and band). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your music!

  13. Melissa says:

    Everything about your show last night was fantastic. I’m going to tell everyone I know about you and your music, and I hope you don’t leave it too long before you come back to Vancouver again.

    I think your new album would have been perfect for a recent road trip I took with my boyfriend – your visuals totally remind me of the scenery here in British Columbia.

    Another highlight of your show was how you and your bandmates switch instruments part way through some of the songs. You are a talented bunch that put on a fantastic show!

    Thanks for the excellent performance!

  14. ziddi says:

    Maybe someone has videos from the concert?

  15. Christine says:

    Last nights show was stunning! The music was incredible and the stage looked great. Fantastic job Jonsi!

  16. sophia says:

    jonsi, you are magic.
    that show was magic.
    vancouver thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for coming.
    til we meet again

  17. James says:

    Brilliant. Life altering. Jonsi is a gift to the world

  18. andrea says:

    Breathtaking. The best use of stage/lights/visuals I have ever seen. I cried, I laughed, I had a smile plastered on my face. Truly amazing.

  19. Pete says:

    I flew in from New York. Worth every minute of every mile. The soundtrack of my life – until his next release.

  20. lindsey says:

    hey – just wondering….what time did the doors open last night? i’m going tonight! thanks!

  21. Ryan says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I bought 4 tickets to both nights, and am absolutely in awe of the show! Anyone who has the opportunity to see this show should recognize the artistic genius behind it. From the beginning to the end Jonsi and the rest of his band mates deliver one of the most stunning and awe inspiring shows you may ever have the pleasure to witness. Thank you thank you thank you! I wish I could have gotten this print I bought signed, but I’ll keep hoping I was lucky enough to have been one of the first 500 presale purchasers!

  22. Heather says:

    Tak! I am so honoured that Jonsi chose Vancouver to start the tour. And considering the massive storm we had a few days ago the finale Grow Til Tall was so fitting with it’s unleashed force of power. I wonder if Jonsi was here for the storm? At home trees were falling, power out, wind raging, the ocean a wild tempest-and all so beguiling like the Jonsi show. From the start it was clear that nature was the subject at hand with butterflies and lovely old style naturalist drawings to storms, rain, ants, birds, trees and storms. I was in tears, I was all smiles, I was enraptured over and over. Finally seeing Jonsi in the flesh(damn ticketmaster and it’s evilness for leaving me ticketless the last sigur ros tour) was exciting enough, his voice truly a natural wonder. I was in musical heaven. I was gushing-everybody was gushing!
    Having wild animals roaming through my yard and very much being a nature elf, the set production was delightful, powerful and right up my ally. There was a hint of paganism as the deer turned into a bird to escape the wolf during the heart stopping Kolnidur….Anyway, I could go on. The band was amazing and they were constantly moving around from instrument to instrument. Alex is so cute and tiny beneath that big guitar! The stage production is amazing and a stroke of genius by Jonsi and his team to go this route. There is much speculation about what the structure is. Greenhouse? FActory? I was thinking of the world trade center or the remains of a sky scraper being overtaken by nature. Open to interpretation which is cool. Ecology is obviously a strong theme here and being of Jonsi’s generation I can attest to the huge concern over the Earth we feel.
    My husband and I kept going oh my god, this is awesome, aaah! Even the most hard ass cynic had to have a tear in his eye. I can’t even begin to describe the music other than amazing, wonderful, sublime, his voice soaring like an eagle on rising currents… It was nice to finally hear the new songs other than the little 3 song ep I have had on permanent repeat.
    I only wish I could see the second show but I had to return to the rain forest. PLEASE RECORD AND MAKE A CONCERT FILM!
    Wherever you are, if Jonsi is coming, you must go! It is unforgettable.

  23. shwa says:

    WHO OPENED FOR THIS? I wanna find out who the opening act was, couldn;t find the name anywhere!

  24. d o says:

    i think the message is clear: give up the terrorist rhetoric & global bs, & let beautiful music & image guide our world…

    thank you Jonsi & group,
    many happy moments on your tour !

  25. sivoguava says:

    beautiful show tonight just moved to vancouver and was so excited you were coming. Is the bass player from KLIVE? i seen them open for KIRA KIRA back in September 2009 when i was in Iceland, i believe i met him, his face seemed familiar, kolindur, go do, around us were favorites.. thanks for a great evening bless bless

  26. admin says:

    sivuguava: yes, the bassist úlfur hansson is indeed from klive: http://www.myspace.com/kliveisklive

  27. RedStarSpecial says:

    I saw Sigur Ros at the Chan Center last year.
    And told my friend, if you have to travel thousands of kilometers to see them. its worth it.
    now take that sigur ros show, times it by a fillion an thas almost half as good as the jonsi show last night!
    Grow Till Tall!!!!

    Life will never be the same.
    I thought how could i ever listen to music again, nothin will compare.
    somehow everything seems more brilliant today.

    life does go on after Jonsi!

  28. Megan says:

    Thank you. It was beautiful, breath taking and one incredible experience. You are gifted musicians, I felt truly moved. Have fun on the rest of the tour!

  29. ashley says:

    this was the best concert i have ever been to in my life. i was brought to tears with how incredible everything was. it was visually stunning. you are hands down the most talented, and versatile musician. i can only hope i’m in the right place at the right time to see you again.

  30. Erika says:

    Amazing Show. So different! Refreshing! Beautiful modern and classic. Wonderful talent and plenty of magic! A must see! In my top 5 concerts of all time! WOW!

  31. NiiLoC says:

    are there any audio recordings of the show? that was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen…i would very much like to hear it again someday :)

  32. Trish says:

    Absolutely breath-taking and brilliant concert, I’m so glad I was privileged enough to witness it. It left me with tears in my eyes, a smile plastered on my face, and I had to remember to even breathe in at times. It was the perfect atmosphere and one of the most inspiring performances and experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Meeting Jonsi and getting my poster signed later on in the night made my day an absolutely perfect one. Thank you so much Jonsi, and please come back to Vancouver again soon.

  33. Sarah says:

    Jonsi and his band are magic incarnate. I have never seen anything like this.

    Everything about the experience of seeing Jonsi is soul-shakingly, foot-stompingly, puddle-hoppingly good; I’m fairly certain I started growing feathers just being there. The creative team that brought this show to life has my endless gratitude, and admiration, and respect — what a glorious world they’ve crafted for the music to live in! Jonsi has freed the music trapped the heart every ember, deluge, and tempest, and the stage show was the perfect kinetic coupling for his vast, sweeping vision. Old light and butterflies fluttering through charred glass… beauty. Pure, unfettered beauty.

    Thank you, Jonsi, for sharing your wild-eyed sparkle with the world. You’ve made my little heart so very happy. :)

  34. Morgan says:

    Absolutely visually stunning. I’m so grateful for being able to experience for show.
    Come back soon Jonsi!

  35. Max Morin says:

    This show, was by far the most moving and beautiful concert I have ever seen or heard. It has been a week since I’ve seen it, and I cannot shake this from my memory (nor do I want to).

    I am not a big music kind of person, I tend to treat it as background, something to have other then silence. I can’t do this with Jonsi’s music, evertime I listen to it moves me to start daydreaming and makes me rather happy.

    at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, this was the best concert ever, for the best album I have ever heard.

  36. James Good says:

    I was fortunate enough to celebrate my 24th birthday with Jonsi’s debut concert, and what a debut it was. I’ve never been so moved in my life. I am also very fortunate that I was able to attend the first five Jonsi concerts and put together a “tour log” sort of review that can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&suggest&note_id=113083368720975

    I feel absolutely blessed to have been able to see this show 5 time. The Vogue theater shows will always be my favorite because of the stadium-like seating. It felt like a much more intimate show, almost the way the concert should be viewed. The first time I heard Kolnidur it chilled me to my bones.

    Please come back soon.

  37. wreglesworth says:

    Brilliant show!!!!
    As absolutely fantastic as the songs and the visuals were, my favourite aspect of the show was the audio!
    Whoever was doing the audio on the board deserves a major badge of honour! I have never heard audio that well done at a live show before.

    The mix was fantastic!
    Actually I have to say I way prefer the mix from the show that the mix on the CD.
    Particularly in “Go do” The brilliant percussion by Samuli Kosminen is a bit muddy and lost in the final CD mix.

    Guess I will have to see the show again and hope for a live tour DVD….

  38. Nissa says:


    I hope you read these. I had to buy a ticket for the last Sigur Ros concert off Craigslist and the first 3 minutes alone were worth the $150 I paid. It was incredible. I knew I had to see you again, and this show COMPLETELY blew me away. My face hurt from smiling and gawking the entire time and my heart and brain felt as though they had melted into my shoes. Your creativity is absolutely astounding.

    All the best :)

  39. Holi 2019 says:

    I’ve never been so moved in my life. I am also very fortunate that I was able to attend the first five Jonsi concerts This show, was by far the most moving and beautiful concert I have ever seen or heard.

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