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21 Responses to “the showbox sodo, seattle”

  1. goodmami says:

    This show was absolute brilliance. There was a long wait (doors opened at 8pm, Jonsi started around 10pm), but the wait was worth it. The stage setup was beautiful and very well thought out, and the music performance was phenomenal. I was originally skeptical of the change in direction from Jonsi’s work with Sigur Ros, but my skepticism was unfounded. This is truly the manifestation of pure artistic vision. Many thanks to Jonsi and accompanying musicians, stage designers and production staff, the Showbox Sodo, and everyone else who made it possible.

  2. Ben says:

    This was unquestionable the single greatest concert I have ever seen. Nothing has ever musically and visually captured and stimulated me as “Grow Till Tall” did, as well as the other songs. Thank you Jonsi for the creativity you share with the world.

  3. Alexandra says:

    By far the greatest show I’ve ever seen. Well worth the wait to be front row!! I’m so wonderfully happy that you came to Seattle. Thank you so much!!! The finale was epic!!!!!

  4. Bataa says:

    Fantastic! I almost cried in the first quarter of the show. Pictures from the show coming soon on my photostream on flickr.

  5. How can I put it into words, it was fabulous and fun. So glad I was able to see you here in Seattle. Only wish I could follow your journey and hear you again and again. Very inspiring work and I only love you more after seeing your live concert.

  6. Starting off with honesty: I was concerned about the break from Sigur Ros, and was skeptical about so many songs in English… That being said, going to the show was the most beautiful experience I have ever had in my life, and I honestly mean that. I went to the show on Friday the 9th, came home, bought another ticket for this concert on the 10th, and also bought one for Portland on Tuesday. I actually did cry…twice… but the show itself functioned as an emotional laxitive :) It was less of a concert and more of an overall perfect piece of artwork. The more i write, the more it feels i cheapen the show, so i’ll leave it at this. But hats off to Jonsi (AND THE DRUMMER!) and every single person involved with this performance. Breathtaking.
    Pics going up:

  7. Colby Fisher says:

    This performance was SPECTACULAR. I will remember it forever. As goodmami pointed out, there was a considerably long wait, but it was most definitely worth it. I was also impressed by the participation of the crowd in the project. My friends and I put pretty feathers in our hair and after looking around at the crowd a bit, I noticed quite a few others who had the same idea. This project is like no other and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

    <3 You Jónsi!

    I've posted pictures from the April 10, 2010 performance at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle are here:

  8. Anna Sapek says:

    This was easily the greatest show I’ve ever seen and maybe will ever see. The music was captivating. The production was beautiful. The band put their entire selves into the performance. “Kolnidur” was absolutely heartbreaking and I wouldn’t have cared if the world had ended after “Grow Till Tall”. It’s indescribable, I don’t know why I’m even trying. I can only hope that someday I can see Jónsi and the band preform again.

    My photos:
    I will also have more up on my blog later if you’d like to look [link above]

  9. josh says:

    It was a great show–thank you so much for making sure it wasn’t unpleasantly loud. A lot of shows I go to in Seattle seem to be mixed by people who think that if the meters aren’t flashing red and if people’s eardrums aren’t exploding then it’s not music. Nice visuals, and the shamanic dance-like thing you did during the encore on Fri was sweet. I liked that you made us keep calling you guys back out, too–it was good to make us work for it. One thing, though–pacific NW people are too subdued to dance–a tiered venue with seats would have made by short girlfriend–and my ass–a lot happier.

    I listen to your music almost every day–it’s a wonderful addition to my life. Come back soon!

  10. Alyssa says:

    I really appreciate performers who give their all for a performance, and aren’t just standing there going through the motions. Jónsi (and his band) were really going all out for us in Seattle on the 10th.

    There was all sorts of interesting stuff going on…bowed xylophone, two drummers at once (during “Animal Arithmetic”) and instruments I don’t know the name of being played in ways I cannot even describe.

    And above it all was Jónsi’s amazing voice which has gotten really strong in the past 8 years since I last saw him play in 2002 at the Moore Theatre with Sigur Rós.

    I only wish that (a) there were less people holding their cell phones over their heads in the front rows (thereby blocking my view), and (b) that the venue itself had a higher visible wall in the back so we could have really gotten the full effect from the visuals. It was clear in the finale that there was this massive rainstorm coming down but a lot of it was hidden.

  11. Troy says:

    I just wrote this letter to 59 Productions. They are the creative visual force behind Jonsi’s current concert, and they created the best visual performance that I’ve ever seen in a concert in my life. And this took place at a mid-sized venue (Showbox Sodo, Seattle WA)

    To whom it may concern,

    I wanted to thank you very, very much for the incredible set and visuals at Jonsi’s last night’s performance at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle, Washington.

    Having been to a fair number of concerts, I’ve never seen such visuals so perfectly integrated with the music. These trump Roger Dean’s association with Yes. And, although it was not as extravagant as a Peter Gabriel show I went to several years ago, (he bounced around inside of a human sized gerbil ball, rode a tricycle upside down, and made his stage crew wear bright orange suits), it was by far the best I’ve seen. It didn’t seem that you threw money at a problem to solve it. It looked like everything was very well thought out.

    I like how the show started with the color palate of a Brothers Quay film, and ended on some very bright notes. The overall transition was incredible.

    I have some dated motion graphics experience (not my profession any more). There were some subtle things that other members of the audience may not have picked up on. I wanted to compliment you on these technical points, as I know that it required a lot of extra work to do it the way you did. For me, this paid off immensely. For everyone else, I’d suspect that subconsciously they were drawn into the performance more, and had a deeper, richer experience. Thank you for not cutting corners.

    For main video sequences, I never saw any loop points. It looked like you spent the extra time to use full lengths of footage. If there was a loop, it was seamless.

    The window pane in the background: I liked how you slowly revealed how exactly it was aligned to your video source. At first, images played over the whole thing. Then, with the rain/water filling up sequence, it showed how you had some vertical alignment (I *think* you might have used the same water source, time delayed between parts. Am I right? If so, this is a smart example of asset reuse.) Finally, one song had drum beats causing the shadows of individual panes to bump out on vertical & horizontal lines. That obviously took more time to set up. And, I think it was very much worth it.

    That last piece made me wonder one thing: was that ‘bump’ effect in real-time and synched to the drum mic? Or was it prerecorded, and the band had to use an in-ear speaker to listen to a metronome to synch up to your graphics?

    I was also impressed with the live video with effects overlays in real-time. Things certainly have changed since I’ve done this type of work.

    So, now for only a few constructive criticisms:

    On several occasions, I noticed that the video playback paused for a split second. It was minor.
    The animal and ant rendering technique was exquisite! However, their motion (all but the fox/wolf) was a bit stiff. The ant on the ball was the worst.
    The film burn stock footage: As it burnt, there was still a ‘film scratch’ footage comped over it. These all look like pieces from the Artbeats stock footage library, and, well, once the footage get burned up, I don’t think there should be any scratches left! I doubt anyone else in the audience thought about this.

    At any rate, this was a very memorable concert experience, and I’ll cherish it for a very long time.

    Thanks again,

  12. Keaton says:

    What can be said about this? There are no words to describe this experience; it is something that must be seen and heard to be believed. I hesitate to call Jónsi’s tour a concert tour at all; simply, it is a religious experience. Everything from Jónsi’s haunting vocals, to the soaring percussion, amazing visuals, it all worked in unison to shape the most comprehensive musical experience you’ll ever have the opportunity to be a part of. Don’t waste this chance, go see Jónsi.

  13. Patrick says:

    This show made me want to be wild. Amazing.

    Wish the venue had better visibility for short people.

  14. abe froehman says:

    I’ve been to many great shows over the years but I’ve never seen one that had such equal parts beauty, originality, sadness, silliness, musicality, elation…just all the colors in the box and more (both sonically and visually). Just the best thing I’ve seen and been to in a long, long time. I believe the most telling thing I can say about it is I don’t think anybody there wanted it to end.
    Thank you.

  15. Kenzie says:

    I saw the show on Saturday – it’s Monday now and moments from the evening are still replaying in my head. It was so intense and so lovely at the same time. Jonsi’s vocals were every bit as soaring and breathtaking live as I’d hoped. I was excited to hear several tracks that I didn’t recognize from the album or otherwise. The songs I did know were beyond amazing as well. Kolnidur had me with tears running down my face and Grow Till Tall was phenomenally epic, though saying that doesn’t come close to doing it justice. Just wow. I wish I could’ve afforded to see the show both nights, or travel to see later shows in other states.
    I was also captivated by the other performers – Alex Somers and who I presumed was Samuli Kosminen on percussion (could be wrong there) as well as others I couldn’t put names too. They all played multiple instruments and sometimes switched in the middle of song, it was incredibly well coordinated and clear that every performer had massive amounts of musical talent. The double drummers on Animal Arithmetic blew my mind and seeing things like

    I also have to admit that I was one of the annoying and hopeful fans who waited outside to catch a glimpse of Jonsi and crew. :) Unexpectedly, Jonsi was generous enough to walk over to us all, greet people and shake hands, sign things, even give out a few hugs. He was so patient and humble and I was so shocked to meet him that I failed to say anything meaningful. How do you tell someone whose music you’ve nearly worshiped for 9 years (in Sigur Ros form) what that has meant to you??? Still he was sweet enough to sign my shirt and pose for a picture. It made my night, made my week, made my whole month. I was also lucky enough to meet his boyfriend Alex (so tiny and lovely!!) but in my stupor forgot to say anything about how much I enjoyed Riceboy Sleeps…oh well.

    Thank you a million times over, the entire evening was amazing.

  16. Rhoda says:

    From my deepest heart I want to say thank you for the stunning and deeply moving show! I have been to every Sigur Ros show you have ever done here and it always moves me to tears of joy and gratitude! Jonsi was no exception! I do have one comment though that may seem negative but I hope you will take it to heart, as I heard many other people complain Saturday evening also. The SODO venue was a poor choice for such a stunning visual show, as I estimate that 80% of the people in attendance were unable to fully see the awesome display of artistic wonder! This show really needs to be experienced in a theater type setting so everyone can really appreciate all the fantastic work that went into making such a wonderful experience. Even though I struggled to see a small portion of the visuals, I fully loved every second of the glorious music you make!!! My only request is PLEASE come back to Seattle and bring the show to a decent theater (I can certainly give you some suggestions for your booker :O)

    I also want to thank you for your warmth and kind heart when I got to meet you at the KEXP in-studio. I am a huge fan and it was such an honor to meet you and have my picture taken with a true inspiration of mine!

    Thank you Jonsi! Love and Light to you all on your tour~ENJOY!

  17. Katie bukata says:

    This was the most amazing concert I’ve seen in my entire life. Everything about it was captivating and breathtaking. Your music is an inspiration; my friend and I both agree that you have changed our lives through your song.

    Meeting you after the show was a dream come true. It is Thursday, but Saturday’s show is still imprinted in our minds. We can now die happy. Thank you so so so much.

  18. Bataa says:

    check out the video of ‘Around Us’ from this show:

  19. Aaronnnn says:

    Jonsi, Oh Jonsi…
    I’ve been a fan of Sigur Ros for ohhh so many years, and Experienced THAT live in 2008, and that changed my life forever.
    When I heard Jonsi was doing his own music, I sprung a leak. After going from Sigur Ros, to Riceboy Sleeps, to a solo project, I was absolutely positive this man could not make music I don’t like. Sure enough, The CD absolutely blew me away.

    Then, I get the privilege of basking in his presence for an evening.
    Jonsi walked on that stage all by himself, picked up his guitar, and he played his heart. Whatever was causing his voice to be very delicate did not phase him. I could tell. The second he walked on stage, my heart, mind, and soul were engaged. And he kept it that way, the whole entire set. Stars In Still Water left me speechless, Hengilas left me in tears, Around Us left me hooting and hollering, Animal Arithmetic left me laughing and smiling, and Grow Till Tall left me satisfied. I swear this man knows how to capture every single emotion his audience needs to feel, in one set. I know walking into that building that I needed to feel every emotion I walked out feeling. I just don’t understand how he does it, and I don’t want to, because I think and speak so highly of him I wouldn’t ever want that to change. Jonsi changed my life, his music, his passion and his gifts.

    With the set; Absolutely remarkable. So ingenious, his ideas. I had been watching the ‘making of’ videos and was excited for that aspect of the show, but was really blown away with it. When I wasn’t wiping away tears I had my eyes on Jonsi, and my peripherals on the set.
    Grow Till Tall.
    The set just took that song, and shot it through the roof. I will never think of that song the same way again.
    The gradual increase of the storm, and then the climax where it is just a torrential downpour, to the silence of Jonsi walking off stage, staring at moving clouds, with the sun beaming through. The ending really moved me. How he took us on the journey of the storm, we experienced it with him, I mean I felt like I should have been drenched, and hanging on to the person next to me so I wouldn’t fly away. We went from that, to a serene, totally peaceful flow of clouds, with bursts of sunshine beaming through. My God, I don’t think I had ever been so content.
    That evening Jonsi took me and showed me what it was like to be 100% content.
    Incredible job, Jonsi. Absolutely incredible.
    Until next time,

  20. Please return to Seattle again and again. We love you so very much!

    Pretty please.

  21. Belle says:

    So it is now a little over 7 months since I saw this show and I still think of the feelings that it evoked in my body. My love for music, for rhythm, and for art continually draws me toward the work of “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson and his fellow creators. I went back home to Kansas in May to visit my father and Jónsi was having a show in Lawrence so…I went again. It is rare to find artists that make music and art at this level and I am deeply thankful to have the means and ability to access, listen to and be apart of this work.

    With so much thanks,


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