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  1. AMAZING show at Roseland in Portland. Jónsi was amazing and angelic.  The 59 productions stage craft was genius.  Portland Review with PHOTOS to be posted tomorrow at:

    Check back by 10am (if not sooner). I’ll email photos to the powers that be, too. 


  2. Mr. Lizard says:

    Brought me an my girlfriend to tears it was so beautiful
    thank you Jonsi

    …..Never seen a drummer work so hard in my life

  3. Tito Dang says:

    Best show I have ever experienced! Every show should be aestheitically pleasing as jónsi’s! Thank you so much for coming to Portland and I hope you continue to make beautiful and soul-touching songs! Come back soon!

  4. John says:

    That was the single best show of my life. Absolutely stunning! Thank you Jonsi and the rest of the band for such an awe inspiring performance.

  5. Molly says:

    I just came home from this and I enjoyed myself to tears. this was so special and personal to me. I feel like I really experienced something wild and really natural. the visual accompaniment was also really impressive. shivers. very well done. it will stick with me.

  6. Molly says:

    I am still buzzing after an amazing display of artful intensity and inspiring talent! Thanks for going outside the box and providing the finest concert experience in all of my 32 years! I’m regretting not going to the Seattle shows now! Best of luck on tour to all of you.

  7. Hilary says:

    The show was so amazing, I was brought to tears in the happiest way :) Jonsi’s music and voice has been a warm light for me during some dark times, and seeing him live was breathtaking. It was also very lovely to meet everyone after, thank you all for being so kind and fantastic!

  8. cuppa says:

    was just wondering who the other band members were?!

  9. OK, review and photos mentioned in the 1st post are live now (sorry for the people who tried early).


  10. Milly says:

    There are things that happened tonight at this show that were, I swear, fashioned especially for me. Yet I would find it easy to believe that every fan tonight felt that in at least some way, this show was a personal issue, and maybe for a moment, they were the lone listener in a vacant venue. What an incredible experience! All of the songs [some I didn’t recognize off the record] were crippling, of course. But snippets of the projections, just mere blips of animation, took my heart, wrapped it in silver, and handed it back to me, stitched and healing.

    What more can I say? The visuals embodied the term “metamorphosis” and I am left contemplating all that I saw and heard for the next few months.

  11. Jestin Jund says:

    Around 10 years ago I saw Sigur Ros for the first time in a rather small venue. The mood was intense and everyone in that room experienced something amazing. Somehow, all these years later, that same feeling that overwhelmed me when I saw Sigur Ros for the first time all came rushing back. Everything I read about the live show and Jonsi’s record could not prepare me for the night. The crowd, for the most part, was fantastic and I think everyone there could agree that something special happened in the Roseland Theatre. I traveled over 1000 miles to see the show and I would travel 1000 more to see it again.

  12. admin says:

    cuppa: the band members are: alex somers on guitar, úlfur hansson on bass, þorvaldur þorvaldsson on drums and ólafur björn ólafsson on piano (see here:

  13. sarah says:

    a stunning, extraordinary, soul-shaking performance that transported me out of the mundane, drab reality of the roseland theatre to a soulspace in the realm of imagination. the music moved me to tears and held me spellbound to the very last note. i am already looking forward to some future opportunity to see jonsi perform again. a heartfelt thanks to jonsi and his fellow musicians for last night’s show. you are beloved in portland, and we’d love to have you here in summer sometime – ideally playing an outside venue under the stars.

  14. Thanks for the band member info…


  15. nicole says:

    I cried. and then I cried. and then?
    I cried some more.
    thank you so much.

  16. Jonsi, we travel with a non-profit full time, sharing stories about children affected by war in northern Uganda. We rarely have time to anything for ourselves and surprised a teammate with tickets to the show last night. With us was a former child soldier and child advocate from Uganda- both of whom had their perspectives on music changed as we all watched and awed in silence. We felt peace listening and sharing the experience with so many other lucky people in Portland. Thank you for your music, and for giving our team an evening to enjoy together. – Jordan, Bethany, Saren, Taylor, Peace and Jacob.

  17. B says:

    should I copy/paste what I wrote about seattle? amazing, breathtaking… what a voice Jónsi… my next stop is coachella before going back to Brazil… bless

  18. Yppah 1 and Ypppah 2 says:

    We would like to thank Jonsi and his amazing crew for the best night of our lives. This is easily one of the best concerts we have, or will ever attend. It was an emotional experience, and several songs reached out and took us to an alternate universe that was filled with pure love and happiness. The stage was beautiful and mesmerizing in how it followed with the songs so perfectly. It’s good to know that the band was just as excited as us to be there. That much was obvious in all the sweet smiles we saw. The burning of the stage was a highlight, but then so was the encore when Jonsi came out to show us the feathery headdress. The added affect of the strobe lights just took us back to the alternative universe for one last time.
    Something has to be said for the other fans that we meet while waiting in line. There is certainly a tangible connection between dedicated Jonsi fans.

  19. Trolle says:

    Good show. Roseland staff are fascists. The crowd were zombies. They didn’t move a muscle during entire show. Too cool for that.

  20. Jay says:

    Unbelievably brilliant! What a team effort. You all were amazing. I didn’t want it to end. Enroute to the store to buy the CD (I haven’t bought an actually CD in over a year) because I need the hard copy on file. Thanks for an experience I will not forget!!!

  21. tay juncker says:

    I can’t think of any better way to say how the experience was for me than what’s already been said. This was the most hauntingly beautiful and inspiring show I have seen, maybe ever. With the way the music industry operates theses days I am particularly grateful that there are still artists like jónsi in the world that we actually get to see. I’m listening to Go on my iPod right now and have a visceral memory of the show. Just amazing.

  22. I am no way ana udio buff, but last night’s show sounded like heaven to my ears. I don’t know if they pump crack into the speakers or what, but in all honesty, I haven’t heard acoustics sound that good before. I woke up this morning and my ears weren’t even ringing! I now completely understand why they’re (Sigur Ros, Jonsi) always travel with their own sound team, etc. For once the mix was just perfect. I could actually distinctly hear each instrument. The drums sounded absolutely amazing. Don’t even get me started on hos vocals. Like, was he lip-syncing? I KNOW he wasn’t but it just sounded near perfect.

  23. Tyler says:

    I am a music freak. I go to a concert a week, create music videos, and work for a concert promoter. I have seen Sigur Ros 5 times and rank 4 of those shows among the top 20 I have ever seen.

    My girlfriend on the other hand hates concerts and has only been to a handful.

    Knowing what Jonsi can do to a person I knew she had to go with me. She unenthusiastically agreed to go to the show last night. She claimed she would rather listen to an album on CD than see them live.

    She ate her words as she was absolutly BLOWN AWAY! She was nearly moved to tears several times and even began convulsing during the final song. Today she is doing everything in her power to try to relive the show from last night. She is playing the album I gave to her and can’t stop thinking about the next show she can go to with me. She know understands why I do what I do. I just don’t have the heart to tell her that all shows aren’t so hauntingly beautiful.

    Thank you for the amazing show and for bringing my girlfriend and I closer together.

  24. If God was a democracy, I’d vote for Jonsi. Third time seeing the show, and I’ll do just about anything to see it again.

  25. chris york says:

    This show was beyond belief! A full-on assault on the senses, in a good way, of course! Was fortunate to spend some time with the band and my god, they are brilliant AND humble! Voodoo Donuts, FTW!

  26. Lu says:

    Best show I’ve ever seen. Anyone know what the band was drinking on stage? It looked like pop?

  27. Lisa Stempe says:

    I drove from Boise, Idaho to see last night’s concert in Portland, and it was more than worth it. It was a moving experience that I’ll never forget. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch the show again while it’s still touring.

  28. Matt says:

    The band clawed so beautifully. I thought the visual program was a delight. Bravo.
    I’m still buying hope.

  29. Jay says:

    lu? i’m guessing a nice oregon pinor noir. soothes the vocal cords that have zero boundries…… :)

  30. Ryan says:

    Wow, absolutely phenomenal. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen and I’m telling everyone I know elsewhere to catch it.

  31. craig says:

    Jónsi – You have an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  32. Nathan says:

    I can’t really say anything that someone else hasn’t said yet, but Jonsi is the man. Him an his boyfriend Alex make the best music. His new album is the tits!

  33. bettinabrentano says:

    I’m considering going to Europe just to see this show again…absolutely amazing! I also have not cried that much in a very long time.

  34. marisa says:

    I heard the album and was very much looking forward to this concert – it absolutely surpassed my expectations!! It was a stunning audio visual performance of the highest caliber. I’m so glad I made the 6 hour round trip to get there!

  35. I really enjoy the extension in the progression on the last song, I would really love an mp3 version of that if anyone has one. The progression was like 10 minutes rather that 2 or 3 minutes (which is what is on the album version).

  36. Jax Polich says:

    Absolutely amazing, fantastic show in every way. I went with a friend and was blown away. Amazing visual effects. Absolutely stunning.

  37. stephanie says:

    So long ago this night was! I found myself still reliving those moments back then. It of course was beautiful. My best friend and I were so moved that night. We couldn’t help being speechless, holding back tears to only moments later, we found ourselves dancing. I can’t wait for the live DVD so I can relive the beauty again and again.

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