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  1. The Most Breath-Taking Show Ever! Thank YOU ~

  2. Barry Belkin says:

    Stunning! Such an amazing show… Takk!

  3. Mara says:

    Jonsi, the band, audio, visuals, All – simply Amazing! Thank you for the most beautiful experience I never want to wake up from!

  4. jesse says:

    The most amazing show i’ve ever been too!! Thank you.

  5. Dominique Rosa Leslie says:

    Beautiful! Inspiring! Astounding!I am Awestruck! Jonsi, the songs(music and lyrics), the band, the set, the lights, the sound, the visuals all combined to create the best(and only) show of it’s kind in the Universe. I am so glad I saw this one. They will be talking about it for centuries. I was crying when the deer almost got caught by the wolf, then the deep shape-shifted into a bird, flew away and escaped. I often feel like the deer,but from now on, I plan to shape-shift to escape. Jonsi, the shape-shifter; a musical shaman. Play me like your medicine drum, Jonsi. My heart beats your healing rhythm.

  6. Lyle says:

    I’ve been to many shows and have toured myself in years past, but never have I seen anything like what I witnessed last night in San Francisco. Jónsi & 59 Productions have raised the bar. When I tell people about what I saw I will hestitate to even call it a concert, and definitely not just another gig. It was an experience. Not only were the visuals incredible, but the performances were as well. Right from the first note I was blown away by how good Jónsi sounded. How he manages to sing in that falsetto and remain exactly on pitch for some of those long notes is beyond me, but it was simply stunning. My Wife also pointed out to me how everyone on stage was playing musical chairs and playing something different each song. The talent level on stage was impressive.

    Amazing performance that left us breathless. It still hasn’t completely sinked in yet. I don’t mind replaying it over and over in my head though. :-)

  7. Norm says:


  8. Jody says:

    I can’t believe how little you charged for such an amazing show. Makes me feel like every other band I’ve ever paid that much to see owes me at least half of what my ticket cost. Your music alone was worth the cost of admission; the pruduction was just icing on the cake, I guess. The best icing I’ve ever seen. Thank you for coming to San Francisco!

  9. Dan says:

    First time seeing Jonsi live and I am so glad I went. I was upset with myself, I hadn’t slept in over 30 hours prior to the show and I caught my eyes wanting to close a few times, I couldn’t miss a second of it. Jonsi sounded incredible and the stage looked so simple but those visuals were awesome! Grow Till Tall was a perfect way to end that show. The drums/thunder/video meshed together perfectly. I didn’t want it to be over. It was the first concert I went away just smiling and feeling happy. Thank you all for such a great and intimate show. I will not forget it.

  10. ty says:

    Arguably the greatest piece of art I have ever experienced. At once intimate, playful, and overpowering. The music would have been more than enough on its own, but the visuals complemented the performance so beautifully and effortlessly that it merged into one genre and medium defying work of sheer brilliance. You could tell the performers were having fun with it as well, as they jumped around from instrument to instrument to paint the soundscapes Jonsi (and Nico) imagined. Truly a special night.

  11. Nik Houser says:

    The whole thing. . .one giant mindgasm. During the last song I think I shit my pants and came at the same time.

    PLEASE RELEASE A LIVE DVD!!!!!!! It would seriously provide definitive proof that Santa Claus is real.

  12. anna f says:

    transcendentally beautiful! that level of art is soooo heart-opening for me… i feel like i’m witnessing god / source energy to experience artists so tapped into the Creative. i am SO grateful to have had this experience!!

  13. jrseguin says:

    this work is only happening right now. it was a devastatingly inspiring experience. XXOO JS

  14. This was the most inspired and inspiring production I have seen in decades.
    all I can say is WOW, and when will you, Jonsi, be through town again.

  15. James Stuart says:

    I flew all the way from Texas to what I knew was going to be a mind blowing experience and was I right. The ambiance, the sound, the VISUALS simply incredible.

    Thank you Jonsi for this incredibly and unique experience I would fly all over the world to support your music.

    P.S. the drummer rocked the house with his energy

  16. Laura says:

    “Tornado” was so beautiful it made me cry. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  17. Caleb says:

    Best concert ever.

    I second Nik’s plea for a live DVD. And James’ praise for the percussion. And, well, most everything else that’s been said.

  18. Brittany says:

    By the second song, “Tornado”, I felt tears in my eyes. I held them back, but only in order to continue watching the performances on the stage. I want to thank Jonsi, the band and performers, and 59 Productions for this wonderful experience. Everyone on the stage was giving their best, and hearing all the different instruments live only enhanced the songs. There were also some songs I didn’t recognize off of the album, that I’m assuming were included for the show. I sat in one of the rows in the back, but it was amazing nonetheless. All around a beautiful experience. I’m jealous of anyone who collaborated with the band on this project.

    I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking into going. I have only just heard of Jonsi and Sigur Rose through a lecture at my college from Dean DeBois. I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on, and that’s exactly what I thought during the concert. Go see Jonsi now.

  19. Jean Kwon says:

    I am totally into you these days.
    I love you, your voice, and your music.
    there will not exist such creature like you.
    you are so beautiful.

  20. Jessica says:

    Jonsi and everyone involved in this production, thank-you, thank-you very much for an experience filled with awe and wonder. The whole time I was watching it, I was simply thinking, “You are beyond beautiful, Jonsi.” You are the most inspiring artist who never ceases to bring chills to my skin. I love you and your passion.

  21. Mariko M says:

    Thank you from my heart of hearts for such a wonderful and inspiring performance! It was beautiful in every sense of the word. You all had brought me to tears throughout the evening & filled me with so many emotions. A heartfelt thank you to all involved – Jónsi the band, 59 Productions, the crew, et al.
    I cannot wait for the next time you come back to SF!

  22. Niall David says:

    Simply amazing. One of the best live shows I have seen, ever.

  23. marissa says:

    Jónsi, are you of this world? Your voice is staggeringly beautiful and so powerful all at the same time. I can’t believe that I, along with everybody else in that theatre were so fortunate to hear and SEE this performance. I will never forget this night. It has now been over 48 hours and I cannot stop thinking about it. And I can’t stop crying. For me, the performance was life-affirming. I felt joy, grief, hope, melancholy, passion and enormous pain & sorrow…I felt it all, sometimes all at once. It was the most visceral live performance I have ever experienced (admittedly, I’ve never seen Sigur Rós live). I saw and heard a man lay his soul to bare in front of a room full of strangers and it was such a powerful experience. And as I looked around I know without a doubt, everyone was feeling it too. We all were awestruck. The set production was unlike anything anybody in that room, myself included, had ever seen and was truly ingenious; a work of extraordinary art and technology–magical, exciting and stunning. But at the end of the night, it was all about the music. And as I write this, it’s the music I keep re-playing in my head. I would be remiss not to mention the enormous talent of ALL the musicians on that stage with Jónsi. The chemistry they all had with one another was remarkable. My heart is full and my mind continues to race with a frenzied desperation to commit every moment of Friday’s performance to memory. I am so grateful. I’ll end with this–I’m STILL crying and listening to “Stars In Still Water” over and over again because I don’t want Friday’s show to end.

  24. Michelle SY says:

    The most spectacular show I have ever seen/heard! My husband got tickets for us as our 5 year wedding anniversary present and I have to say it was the best way to celebrate our anniversary! The show was masterfully designed and the music was breathtaking. The visuals were stunning and fit with the music perfectly! I am so grateful to Jonsi and all the band members for the creativity and work they put into the music and their performances. As a side note, we ran into Jonsi and the band before the show and they were very gracious and took the time to speak to their fans. A very kind gesture for musicians to do before a performance. Thank you so much for a memorable experience both at the Palace of Fine Arts and at Amoeba Records on Saturday. Cheers! – The Pink Girl ;)

  25. Rissa says:

    words can’t describe what it was like to experience this concert. there isn’t a single person anywhere in the world that wouldn’t be blown away seeing jonsi and his band live. instantly became the best concert I’ve been to and would be a favorite to anyone. jonsi, alex, úlfur hansson, þorvaldur þorvaldsson and ólafur björn ólafsson are geniuses– thank you all.

    (if anyone is obsessing over this show like I am, I posted some of the concert on my youtube:

  26. DAVE says:

    The most amazing concert experience ever. Life changing. When it was over I had to sit down on the sidewalk outside for about 5 minutes trying to realize what had actually happened.

  27. marissa says:

    Same Marissa as the one above, and still obsessing over this. (No, I am not crazy, just stunned) Does anyone know where to buy/download “Stars In Still Water”? Is it available on import or something?

  28. I gained a new appreciation for the term “light show” the first time I witnessed Sigur Rós perform in Marin a few years back. Nothing but good things can come from pairing up lighting artists with Icelandic music and Jónsi’s latest venture is no exception.

    Last Friday night a thousand people packed the sold out Palace of the Fine Arts in San Francisco and had nothing less than a spiritual and synesthetic experience. The show was sophisticated, polished, sweeping and dramatic. Jónsi’s angelic voice heralded through several movements accompanied by a small group of multi-talented musicians rotating instruments between songs.

    It’s easy to attribute a sonically lush album to studio production but it’s gobsmacking to witness those kinds of sounds being created and organically manipulated live on stage with pianos, xylophones, pump organs, Stomp-like drum kits, and Echoplexes. A small grayscale Monome even made an appearance, delicate and haunting against the backdrop of larger-than-life animations: natural cycles, predators and prey, flowers and volcanoes.

    Everything melded together to create a rare optimistic forward-thinking statement on our current condition. I have to admit that the visceral tornado storm encore brought me to tears. By the length of the standing ovation and the sincere gratitude of Jónsi and his band, I don’t think I was alone.

    Best indoor light show: the Go Tour by Jónsi.

    Best outdoor light show: the Aurora Borealis.

  29. steve austin says:

    Words fail; but I’ll choose just one:


  30. Joseph says:

    What an amazing experience. We attended your Palace of Fine Arts Concert on 4/16 and despite hearing about Studio 59’s involvement and having heard the album, we weren’t prepared for the overwhelming marriage of music and visuals. Anyone who hasn’t had an opportunity to see this tour before it ends, I URGE you to drop everything and find a way.

    I also want to implore the powers that be to PLEASE consider releasing a DVD of this concert experience. Or perhaps, a blu ray? The experience of this tour is one that will not be forgotten by anyone participating or watching, for the rest of our lives, and a visual chronicle of the tour, its transcendent imagery and sound, is something that would enrich my life for years to come.

    Sorry for all the hyperbole, but I’ve been to a LOT of shows and this one just blew them all out of the way.

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