in-store: amoeba records, san francisco

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  1. awesome… I wish I lived in San Fran!!


  2. Ashley K says:

    Wonderful show! So badly regret not going to the performance at zellerbach. Hopefully we will run into one another again, Jonsi! Thank you for the free show. :) Also, nerves were crazy during the signing.. so I will be forward now- thank you for the beautiful music and the time you all put into it. Cheers.

  3. Niall David says:

    Was a very cool experience. So glad I got to meet everyone! Thanks for the great shows in SF! Hope to see you soon!

    Photos from Amoeba set and signing:!/album.php?aid=164464&id=365580488338

  4. erin says:

    sucha beautiful day, will post photos soon.

    does anyone know what jonsi was signing on the records, and what they mean? he signed my ( ) and i cant read the whole signature…i can just see “takk…” and then there are two more words. i think he was signing that on everyones. Thank you!

  5. Michelle SY says:

    Thanks so much for an incredible performance!!! A nice contrast (a more minimal performance) to the Palace of Fine Arts show. I am so grateful for Jonsi and the entire band for all of their talent and hard work that they put into the music and the performances. This weekend was truly a memorable experience! San Francisco loves you!

  6. Cheam says:

    Softness and happiness…
    You give a new definition to the word Humanity.
    I stayed with Amoeba people until you left but I couldn’t speak, so peaceful was your performance.

  7. Kris says:

    I went to this great event and was very impressed but also dismayed since I did not go to the two live concerts that Jonsi had performed in the Bay Area before the free Amoeba show. I was upset with myself that I didnt see what seems to have been at least one of the amazing shows. Well now I am relieved since Jonsi will be back on Oct. 19 2010 at the Fox Theater in Oakland and I have tickets and am def going.

    I stood near Jonsi and watched him sign CDs yet I didnt have one myself what a dummy. I simply love the new CD and listen to it almost every day so in hindsight I would have gone to his live shows and would have had a CD to be signed but that is why we live and learn.

    I will be there in October. Thanks all.

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