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  1. i have never experienced anything more beautiful. to witness such a combination of talent, dedication, and raw emotion in this beautiful and breathtaking package is a priceless gift.

  2. John Threet says:

    I’m not 100% sure what I just experienced, but it was amazing and beautiful. It was also primal and raw at times. Hands down a visually and sonically perfect show. Jonsi’s vocals were spot on, even at a mile high. The primary drummer was one of the best I’ve ever seen. I was torn between focusing on his mind blowing drumming, the super cool visuals courtesy of 59 Productions, Jonsi, and the rest of the band. I thought the songs sounded even better live, than they do on the new cd. I especially loved Tornado and Grow Til Tall. Go Do is my new favorite song of all time, and it was even more over the top and brilliant live. At the end of the song one guy in the audience shouted out, “Play it again” and I find myself thinking the exact same thing.

    I’ve seen hundreds of live shows over the past 25 years, and this was absolutely one of the best. Sure the show was polished and somewhat scripted and staged due to the visual accompaniment, but also had the raw, intense feel of band rehersal in someone’s basement. I can’t think of another live show where the sound was as orchestral and pounding – but the main instruments used were a xylophone, a piano, a ukulele, a suitcase thingy, and drums. So f-ing brillliant – I’m speechless. I actually find myself in tears several times during the show, and that makes me very happy.

  3. Tom Saunders says:

    I’ve read every review posted to as well as all media reviews linked to the site. I’ve seen all the “making of” videos and watched all the performance videos available. But I was still absolutely unprepared for the experience. I’m middle-aged and have seen many concerts over the years, as well as several musical theater productions, but I have never seen anything like the performances I saw tonight. The technical musicianship was outstanding, as expected. The set was everything we all heard it would be.

    But nothing can prepare you for the sheer power, yes – power, of the live performances of this show. Many of the media reviews mention how the songs on the Go album are upbeat and playful, and I think I know what they mean. But several of the songs tonight were not playful – they were performed very aggressively, for lack of a better word. I don’t think you can leave this show with your emotions untouched. One of the fan reviewers here on previously mention that this show is a life-changing experience, and I did not understand what they meant. But I sure as hell do now. All of the band played flawlessly, but the drum-playing of Doddi pushed the show to a higher level. His hands were actually moving so fast they were a blur. And of course Jonsi’s voice is legendary.

    As you may know, the last song played is Grow Til Tall, which is my favorite song on the CD. The live performance of that song alone is worth the price of the ticket and whatever deals you have to make at work or at school to get to the show. You have never seen, heard and yes, FELT anything like this.

    I think the Go album is going to be important, but the Go live show – it’s history in the making.

  4. jaredean says:

    I’ve seen probably a couple of hundred or so concerts in my life and i can honestly say – none of them held a candle to Jonsi…it was overwhelming, epic, gorgeous, inspiring, intense, etc. etc. etc…it was so much more than a concert – so much more…the music, video, stage setup, band, wow…all i can say is, if it comes anywhere near you – go see – just take my word for it…go! We flew into Denver today from Salt Lake and it was worth every penny…absolutly unbelievable…


  5. daniellekern says:

    I just can’t say enough about Jonsi………………breathtaking

  6. stephen says:

    The most amazing show I have ever seen!!
    His voice is like an angel, the drummer of the charts.
    He ( they) were so great I really can’t put it into words
    I love Jonsi!!!!

  7. viya says:

    Profound, cathartic and enlightening at the same time. Jonsi with his pure vocal talent and unlimited passion has the ability to tap into another realm and touch one’s soul… I completely agree that the drummer was unbelievable! The closing of the show with ‘Grow Til Tall’ along with the visuals was out of this world – I hope it’ll be available on Vimeo to be shared with the world! I had similar impact from yesterday’s show as from seeing Picaso’s ‘Guernica’ in Madrid and Michelangelo’s ‘Pieta’ in Vatican. Power of ART at its best!
    Thank you for shining the light and inspiration!!!!

  8. Kazu says:

    I didnt ecpect to see him while i have been studying abroad in Colorado.
    I had been having amazing moment there.
    You make my life bright.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Indi says:

    Jonsi put things into perspective for me. All of this mindless club music, pot festivals, raves, college parties, the teenage life…It all seems so senseless now. Having the pleasure to be in the presense of Jonsi and his crew was so emotional for me. The vibe in the entire auditorium was absolutley magical. People were tearing up, one guy yelled “Do it Again!!” and i know he wasnt the only one to be thinking that. Everyone was smiling, everyone was kind and welcoming. I felt a type of euphoria that no drug can give me. Jonsi’s unique and powerful vocals induced constant shivers down my spine, I barely ever found myself even gathering the strength to simply blink my eyes. I couldn’t look away. Jonsi has given the phrase “tore the place apart” a new meaning. Why? Because he literally did it. Don’t believe me? Just youtube “Jonsi Grow Til Tall Live” (However his coachella performance lacked his normal setup because it was an outdoor festival. Still beautiful nonetheless)

    This was an experience i will remember for the rest of my life.
    I can never thank Jonsi enough for providing such a life changing opportunity for not only me, but the thousands who went to see him. Reading through these reviews just make me realize that there really is no legitimate way of putting this experience into words. You’ll leave with a self-satisfaction of knowing that life is beautiful. You can do anything. Just go do it.

  10. nlite10 says:

    Within the first few songs, I cried like a little girl… and I’m a 37y/o dude. Then my heart opened wide.
    Thank you for a wonderful show.
    Go, Go, Go, See Jónsi Go.

  11. ryang says:

    closest thing to a religious experience i’ve had at a show. no words, pictures, sound clips, etc, could even begin to explain to a person who wasn’t there what was shared by all. we left shaking our heads, spellbound like little children.

  12. Maybe the best live musical performance I’ve ever seen. Literally breathtaking. The interaction between the music, lighting and set pieces was incredibly impressive. Others have mentioned this, and I agree fully: it was a religious experience.

  13. bobby m says:

    i traveled from Houston to see the show. the performance was magical. i got to meet jonsi on the street prior to the show. i shaked his hand and thanked him for his gift of music.

    i took my 65 year old mom to the show. she is still trying to find words to describe the experience.


  14. Absolutely brilliant! My only fear is that I’ll only be able to experience it once. And that is really the only way to describe it: an experience. It’s so much more than a show.I’m still thinking about it and still get goosebumps when I do. I hope so much that this isn’t a one-off thing. That perhaps we may be graced one more time!

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