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  1. Jimmy Coulas says:

    Awesome, just awesome! I just got home from the show and it was one of the most visually stunning performances I have ever seen. The production was incredible and it just made the music that much more powerful. It will be on my shortlist for best shows of 2010.

  2. Cait Nordstrom says:

    The absolute beauty of the show cannot be properly explained in words. It took my breathe away and brought tears to my eyes. The music and the visual effects were perfect, within themselves and together. I am beyond happy I was able to go to this.

  3. Ross says:

    Wow…just, wow. I went both nights and both were amazing in so many different ways even though it was the same set. Words cannot describe this show. Beautiful is the best I can do, but that falls short.

  4. Sab says:

    Wow! Still feeling the aftershock of this incredible performance… I got the tix as a surprise for my husband (it’s his birthday today!) and this turned out to be a perfect evening :)
    The music was fantastic and the visuals outstanding. In short: 90 min of synaptic fireworks and endorphin butterflies. Simply amazing!

  5. Maria says:

    The set blew me away and added a whole other dimension to the show. I was literally brought to tears with Jonsi’s performance. Out of the darkness comes his face, and out of the commotion comes his majestic voice, awakening all ears and hearts to the empowering compositions. Jonsi your music has inspired me from the very first moments I listened to your album. Your passionate work, the messages in your lyrics, the brilliance of your songs, and your amazing band all helped in making tonight’s concert a truly inspiring show. I was incredibly moved from the inside out. And I thank you. Best <3

  6. TH says:

    Amazing!!! — the show was an alchemy of sensory experience. Just a wonderful performance in every way. The texture of the music was well accompanied by the atmosphere created with lighting and artistry in the video effects. The way the modulation between all of the instruments and vocals are interwoven to create so many different emotions and rhythms is simply fantastic. I’d hate to be trite — but a must see. Mad props to VP for the opportunity to go!

  7. Connie says:

    Stunningly beautiful. Words cannot express the magnitude of this show. It left my heart buzzing with love and wonderment.
    I can barely listen to his voice with out with tears rolling down my cheeks. Tonight I was lucky enough to get to meet Jonsi after the show, and I can tell you the word gratitude seems so small.
    Go Do

  8. Russ says:

    Hands down, this was the best concert I have ever attended and also the perfect way to spend my 22nd birthday. I saw Sigur Ros in Omaha back in 2008, and nearly cried through the entire show. However, Jonsi’s show tonight was an entirely different animal altogether. I felt so many emotions at once, I couldn’t even keep them all straight. My jaw was on the floor, and a couple of times, had to fight back tears due to the overwhelming beauty of it all. The sound was perfect, the stage props were amazing, and the visuals…. oh my gosh the visuals… the fire, the flood, and everything in between, left me breathless. The encore itself was worth the price of admission. I won’t give anything away, though :) As I’m sure many can agree, it’s incredibly difficult to find the right words to describe this multi-sensory experience and do it any sort of justice. All of this music, both Jonsi’s and Sigur Ros’ are life-changing and inspiring in ways that I simply cannot describe. Drop everything you’re doing, and go to this show. There’s no way you’ll even come close to regretting it.

  9. Melinda says:

    Drove down from Milwaukee after seeing Jonsi there at the Pabst on Monday and was sad to see such a difference in Venue. The Vic is horrible in comparison they didn’t even allow the house lights to be turned off so it was hard to see the amazing visuals and the acoustics where lackluster to say the least but for all the Chicago natives who dont know any better I’m sure it was great. Word to the wise Chicagoite, if you want more out of a show in the future make the drive up to Milwaukee instead.

  10. samantha says:

    The Vic may not have been the most appropriate venue for Jónsi to perform in, however the result was still unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I had originally only bought a ticket for the first night in Chicago but after enduring an hour and a half of pure sonic bliss, I knew I had to come back. As others have mentioned, both nights were incredibly different even though the set was the same. Not only because of my personal experience but because of the energy of the audience as well. I find it difficult to express in words the emotions I felt in relation to the music but I was buoyant, falling, grounded all at once. The bass drum beats reverberated within my ribcage with a ferocity that was unexpected but far from unpleasant. I openly admit to crying on several occasions both evenings, because how could you not? When faced with such an onslaught of beauty I find it difficult to react in any other way. A bonus, I think, was knowing that the band enjoyed themselves just as much as we did. The infectious smiles of úlfur hansson and þorvaldur þorvaldsson intensified my own happiness tenfold. It was monumental in more ways than one. Therefore the only conclusion I can draw is this: Jónsi is magic, through and through.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Show was absolutely amazing in Chicago last night! Every time I see your shows live it gives me a whole new look to the real beauty of life. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  12. Kimi says:

    without a doubt, the best night of my life. the show was chilling, flawless, amazing, powerful, glorious, incredible in every way, etc. nothing will EVER top this. thanks for bringing me backstage, it was great hanging out with you guys. Especially Alex, what a sweetheart xx

  13. Dave says:

    I was very fortunate to watch Jónsi’s performance. There are not enough words to describe the feeling of being there. The rare chance to hear such pure beauty comes around only so often, and this show was one such example. It was accompanied by an equally brilliant visual production. I’ve never been to such a show, with such great artistry. The performance was so very moving. I also found it amazing to meet everyone backstage. Alex was wonderful to bring a group back, it was great discussing music with you, Jónsi, the performers, and Dean. I hope you all come back to Chicago soon.

  14. Adan says:

    We flew up from San Antonio since this leg of the tour wasn’t hitting the south and although we’ve seen Sigur Ros twice nothing compares to this show.

    From the first note you sang my eyes welled up. I held my boyfriend’s hand knowing we were in for a great show.

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love that it was an engulfing visual masterpiece. The Vic was a perfect setting for it as well. It seemed so impromptu in a rundown building with so much character.

    The connection with the crowd made it feel like we were sharing your home and a connection through art.

    Thank you so much for a great experience. It was just another chapter in what I consider an ongoing inspiration of things out of Iceland. We were there in September for my 29th birthday and our 7th anniversary. Our tour guide surprised us with a visit to your studio and we took photos on the basalt columns where Go Do was filmed (before we even saw the video).

    Now my art show is based on the inspiration Iceland and the music that comes out of there gives me.

    Hope to see you tour the south soon.

    Takk fyrir!

  15. i-tasik says:

    the nice thing in a music career that is when we are successful on the stage with many spectators yelling encouragement and together sway to the rhythm that we play.

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