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  1. Fred Richards says:

    That was the most mind-blowing, epic spectacle I have ever witnessed. Not just the best gig I have ever been too but the best show of any kind. The coming together of the sound effects, different instruments and stunning visuals was truly awesome and conceptually brilliant. I just want to go back to that state of euphoria that music induced in me. Thank you for a genuinely incredible and out-of-this world experience, words can’t express the beauty of that show. Also, mega respect to the drummer, I his energy was insane and took the songs to another level and Jonsi for putting everything into the performance, that voice is very, very special.

  2. sy mussell says:

    Jonsi’s wonderful voice, the music and the beautiful visuals all combine superbly, creating a mini-world that is brimming with energy and purity. In this world one experiences a whole array of emotions and they all feel perfectly authentic. At times I felt hints of how gentle, meandering and natural a life could be were it only to be unfettered, while at other times the stormy movements and overpowering awe of nature take hold, throwing your body here and there to its own rhythms and laws. But the seemingly divergent sensations are inextricably linked. Through their interaction we are ultimately left rejuvenated, replenished, cleansed. I am. . . awake.

    Takk, Jonsi.

  3. Steve Dean says:

    Absolutely brilliant. I’m still walking on air this morning after being lifted to the heavens by this fantastic spectacle. The music was fab, the visuals were fab (and perfectly in tune with the music) and the whole energy of the night was overwhelming. I have to agree with previous reviews that the drummer deserves much respect for his outstanding performance. Going to this gig should be made compulsory for eveybody under the age of 125! The troubles of the world could be sorted in an hour or two. Over the top? I don’t think so.

  4. dan says:

    utterly amazing, visuals and music. kolnidur and all around personal highlights and although the start was quiet it steadily grew to an amazing all round set. congrats jonsi and all, wish all gigs were as good as this!

  5. jamie says:

    Wow, the gig was just amazing, truly special, I loved and savoured every second of it. The light show and the music together were simply out of this world. And the most special moment though was actually being lucky enough to meet Jonsi and Alex briefly after the gig and I just want to say thank you so much for that and signing my special edition album case and riceboy sleeps book, you are both so lovely and that was a perfect end to my night. Big thanks to Bev who arranged this for me after the gig, you are a diamond :) Much love and peace – Jamie x x

  6. Paul says:

    stunned, gobsmacked and elaited were just a few of the things i experienced at the show last night, the best show/gig/concert i have seen by a million miles and i have been to quite a few.

    thank you jonsi and your amazing band for a truely wonderful night.

  7. Adrian Spiteri says:

    Hengilas at the start was magical, and the lightning effects were remarkable. And then came the masterpiece called Kolnidur. The visual spectacle of animals in the background complimented the path taken by this song in reaching its climactic ending. Tornado was superbly delivered. Boy Lilikoi brought up feelings of innocence in all of us. Sinking Friendships and Around Us were amazing. I had to dance and jump up with joy when I heard Go Do and Animal Arithmetic.
    My jaw dropped at the end of the show and I couldn’t believe what just happened. There was this magnificent creature in front of my eyes delivering sound, music and a hallucinatory visual experience that no other being on the face of this earth can deliver. This unique experience just cannot be described in words. Grow Till Tall stunned the audience when the ending cacophony of the emanating sound hypnotised all. The song now has a different meaning to me as the experience has been truly unforgettable.
    Thank you Jonsi, and thanks to your amazing band. Your music inspires us all and will be cherished forever.

  8. michele says:

    This show was the most breath-taking and beautiful experince in my life. What Jonsi is creating is very rare and special and I am so thankful that he is sharing his talent with the world. His voice is a natuarl wonder and the sound and the visuals were stunning. I liked how they switched instrument in their songs and I loved the seasonal changes, how it went from summner to autum and from autum to winter with thunderstorms and a climatic edning. I haven’t felt so many different emotions inside me in one evening before. Most of all I felt re-connected to the foce and nature. Jonsi is right, there is so much beaty in this world that we can focus on instead of all the negativiy we are being bombarded with from media and news etc. He is such a modest guy with inspiring ideas and mindblowing music/art. I have been waiting for an artist like him to come along for a long time. Thanks Jonsi for an amazing concert. It will stay in my heart forever.

  9. paul says:

    Enticed by all the positive reviews I embarked on a round trip from North Yorkshire to experience Jonsi and his band of “Earth Pixies”, and boy, were those road miles worth it. Beautiful emotive sound, original and haunting woodland visuals and a wonderful captivated audience.
    Jonsi’s band were stunning, particularly “Thor” (þorvaldur þorvaldsson) their percussionist, who drove the music one moment, then gently pulled scratched ambient sounds the next.
    Playing most of Go, and a few Jonsi & Alex tracks, the set climaxes through Nordic storm with “Grow Till Tall”, (worth the admission price alone) leaving you pole-axed and in awe as the Forest Gods leave stage right.
    I’ve been to many gigs over the years, but this raises the bar.
    Tried to capture some of the magic on vid
    but it’s nothing like the sensation of really being there.
    Roll on Manchester and Leeds in September.

  10. Double THumb says:

    Jonsi’s debut album is the first album in years that makes me cry of joy and emotion and I had been listening to it for the past month, so I had quite big expectations for the live show; but the show surpassed all of my expectations. Everything in the visuals and live arrangement and performance was so tasteful and worked so well…it is hard to describe. First of all I loved the choice of the venue: the HMV forum is rather intimate and to me that is a show that is to be enjoyed in a rather relaxed intimate atmosphere. The musicians were incredible and the chemistry on stage was hypnotic. I particularly enjoyed the ambient percussion (oh, the suitcase :-)) and the glocks and the little sparkling monome one of the players was playing at one point (i’d pay to know what he was triggering with it). The drummer’s energy was beyond human, and he deserves extras for his dinners or with all that physical activity he will soon lose a lot of weight :-)
    The visuals were stunning, and the finale on “Grow Till Tall” was so overwhelming that I had to shut my eyes for a couple of seconds as I thought my head would explode.
    I also enjoyed the supporting act, “Glasser”: she was mesmerizing. My only frustration is that music of this kind (Jonsi + Glasser) is not constantly topping the charts, as it should.

  11. alex; says:

    i’ve been trying to think of the right words to express how enchanting last night was, but i feel no words can really do it justice!
    this was my first worthy/’big’ gig, and it has definitely set the bar high for the rest i ever go to. the animation of the animals running at the beginning were AMAZING, the effort and care into putting the show together was evident throughout. i really loved the involvement of the whole band around the instruments. jonsi’s smile and enthusiasm lit up the room! his outfit was lovely too, especially that feathered headdress!!! alex’s patchwork jumper also caught my eye :) the storm at the end was epic.. the sound and visuals climaxed together perfectly leaving the audience completely enticed and in awe!
    thank you so much Jonsi & band, the show was magical and will never be forgotten :) i would absolutely love to see you again in the near future!

  12. Di says:

    Absolutely amazing. I can’t describe fully how beautiful the night was. Traveling from Middlesbrough took about 4 hours, nightmare struck getting lost trying to find the venue for 2 hours. Panic set in and I was bordering on breaking down crying when we thought we were going to be late. Arriving just in time for the start of Glasser filled me with such a relief. I could not have imagined from watching the behind the scenes production videos just how immense the show was going to be.
    By far the most spectacular gig I have been to, completely on a level (if not higher) than seeing Sigur Ros at Latitude in 2008.
    Grow Till Tall left me with chills and as if my voice had been taken away, it was an absolutely eurphoric experience that I will treasure forever. Thank you so much to Jonsi and the band for their breathtaking performance and thank you to the crew and 59productions for the amazing set.
    Cannot wait until Leeds in september where I will not get lost and will be there early enough to get right at the front.

    for those interested some of my photos are here:

  13. kaylene says:

  14. farran chandler says:

    Oh my god! I had doubts wether it was worth travelling 300 miles to go to a concert, but it was!!! visually just stunning, and the music was spectacular, everything this man does is gold! and a big well done to the drummer you were absolutley crazy!!!

  15. Jonsi changed my life says:

    Hard to put into words how great this gig was. Right up there with the sigur ros concerts. If someone is reading this+trying to decide whether to go,dont think any longer, book the tickets. U will not regret it. IT WILL MAKE U A BETTER PERSON. Was lucky enough to meet jonsi earlier in the day. He was really cool+i got a picture taken with him+a autograph. Thanks Jonsi

  16. Helena F says:

    You know, that was absolutely fantastic!

    So, the opener was “Stars in Still water.” Apparently this was written 10 years ago, and it’s the sweetest simplest live song I’ve heard. Lone Jonsi, on-stage, guitar clutched carefully, eyes closed. It seemed like what all the blurbs say that he originally envisaged, a toned down acoustic album. Well the first half of the set almost reflected that.

    Joined by the rest of the band Hengilas was soft and sombre. Icicle sleeves was dripping with emotion. I realised that he actually sings, “I love you.” It’s heart-wrenching; I’m not generally tearful in concerts but that’s the closest I’ve come. Wouldn’t it be cute the think he was singing that to Alex?

    From Kolnidur onwards the animations which had been fluttering butterflies and fire became creatures, leaping and tumbling wolves and deer, and Kolnidur live was fantastic. I’ve never heard such a crescendo, and that bit that always got me anyway; when Jonsi just leaps up high- was stunning.

    “Question Mark” (according to the set-list) was a nice gentle xylophone/vibraphone thing, mostly instrumental. The way the whole set was a contrast between sheer joy and life, and quiet reflection was a masterpiece in itself.

    Just before Go Do Jonsi addressed the crowd. “Hello,” he said, shyly. “How are you?” We just screamed in response, “You’re good? That’s excellent. Thank you all for coming.” Then, Go Do! The “boop boop boop be-de-boop” was enough to get everyone going, and the ukulele was present! As soon as Doddi kicked in with the suitcase thumping drums- we were all blown away.

    New Piano song calmed us down after his two hits, and Around us started acoustically, pretty, but gentle. Then Jonsi got up, left the piano on the left hand side of the stage and stepped up to the microphone- and the full blown “Studio” version started. Again- I can’t even put it into words. It’s a great track on the album, but live? I’ve never ever heard anything like that. By the end Jonsi was screaming into two microphones, on the floor, throwing himself up and down, shaking his head from side to side like a dog with water in its ears. The shy was gone.

    Then they’d gone- and we were still trying to breathe. There was a few minutes to steady ourselves, and then the crowd, who knew that couldn’t be it starting shouting for him, stamping feet. Then I glimpsed him backstage- and they were back! Jonsi the headdress on- orange and green feathers half a metre high and a feather bower to match!

    Animal Arithmetic. Alive and amazing and strong and jaw-dropping, and Jonsi dancing and moving and feathers everywhere, on his face, he wouldn’t stay still. Then Grow Till Tall- gentle and ethereal. When I first heard that song I thought it was the most reminiscent of Sigur Ros, but this was again different live. Strong but lonely, and then it crescendoed. AMAZING!

    Again, words do no justice. There was flashing flickering pulsing lights, the sounds had blurred into everyone on stage attacking their instruments and Jonsi hunched and screaming into the microphone. The sound was so loud and powerful it was vibrating through me (admittedly I was by the speakers!) and then, it ended.

    They came back for a curtain call, and Jonsi was cupping his hands and yelling “Woooo!” back at is, and clapping us too. And I got the setlist, thank to the feather I had in my hair I reckon. The tech guy saw me and gave one of the last ones to me. (Thanks if you’re out there!) I bought a T-shirt and scarf, more to hang onto the memory of the concert than for the actual items, although they are beautiful too! Waited for ages for an autograph, but no luck. Sadly!

    Best, thing, ever. Go and see Jonsi. It’s very very very, very worth it. I’ll be back in November!

    Go Do!!!


  17. Dan says:

    What a show, not just a concert but a completely magical experience. The visuals paired with Jonsi’s music made this the best gig i’ve ever been to. I dragged my Girlfriend along on Thursday night, she knew nothing of Sigur Ros or Jonsi and didn’t know what to expect. She was amazed!

    Special mention must go to the drummer, he was completely captivating. He was almost dancing when he wasn’t smashing the hell out of his kit. I loved it. The set design and effects were enchanting, I loved the butterflies. Well done 59 productions.

    Jonsi’s music is so emotional, Go Do makes you dance while Tornado (my fave) offers time for reflection. While my emotions went from up to down one thing remained consistent……. the goose bumps that covered me.

    A show like this is rare. Thanks Jonsi. I’ll be seeing you again soon.

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