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21 Responses to “ab, brussels”

  1. bekkr says:

    it was great! a great performance!!!

    tnx to Jonsi & team. good job!
    P.S. there was one new song. anybody knows the title?

  2. francoish says:

    One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life. A deep spiritual experience. I’m left speechless.

  3. Thom' says:

    It was just amazing ! I’m waiting the next venue :)

  4. Oli says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful and unforgettable trip in your universe. It was much more than a concert… I still don’t find the words to describe all the things I’ve felt during the show. Once again, thank you!
    And congratulations to your crazy drummer… The best I’ve ever see!

  5. jack says:


    The setlist is :

    It’s raining blood
    Icicle sleeves
    Sinking friendships
    Saint Naive
    Go do
    New painful song
    Around us

    Animal Arithmetic
    I want my records back !

  6. Sébastien says:

    I’m speechless… I’ve never seen such a show! Even my bf who didn’t know Jonsi nor Sigur Ros found it amazing. I’ve seen nearly all concerts of Sigur Ros since the beginning in Belgium, and even if Sigur Ros’s concerts were amazing, it never reached such a level of perfection!

    This show made me cry, laugh and feel love. I’ve never had such an experience before and I hardly can explain it.

    Congratulations, Jonsi & band, you were SO amazing! And all my respects to the drummer: FANTASTIC drummer! Thanks to the whole of you for this unforgettable night.

    See you @ Pukkelpop!

  7. anne lor says:


    1 e rang pile devant cet ange de chanteur, voix incroyable pour la 6e fois en concert, récupération de play list;
    Jonsi est lui même, torturé, engagé , habillé en indien défenseur de la nature, ainsi que les autres membres du groupes, semblables à des lutins, des elfes sortis des montagnes islandaises…

    Tous ont le sourire…



    Jonsi is himself, tortured, concentrated, I’m just behind him, He feels his music, the band is happy to be here, they’re like angels , from mountains of island…

    Voices are …. there ‘re no word to telle it

  8. Menny says:

    I was just amazing.

    My sincere compliments to Doddi, 59productions and of course Jónsi.
    I wish I knew these new songs.

  9. Gris says:

    This concert was simply the best of my life, thank you so much for this so, so, so great moment! Can’t find the words to explain this experience… A giant takk!

  10. parker says:

    Wonderful show boys! I think there is a mistake on the setlist above. The last song (I’m almost positive) was “Grow Till Tall.” Which, by the way, the live version rocked with a bit more percussion and distortion than the album. Áfram Ísland!

  11. FH says:

    Thx for all…

  12. (c) says:

    Takk, for a great concert, a magnificent band (the drummer!), splendid visuals and you being you all the way!
    And I can assure you, all will never turn grey!

  13. An says:

    Jónsi, congratulations with the beautiful show and such an amazing band.
    I did expect a good show, but I did not expect that it would be that awesome. The visuals, the light and the setting of the show were awesome. The live versions of the songs were magnificent!

    See you guys at the Pukkelpop festival!

  14. Guido says:

    What a beautiful evening, we loved your performance very much, what a voice. Indeed the live versions of the songs were magnificent. A night never to forget. See you

  15. Anne says:

    The most beautiful concert of my life thanks to the atmosphere. I’m still under the spell. It was full of magic, wonder… I enjoyed every single moment of it, was moved from the very beginning till the very end. I’ll remember this concert as a gift made by life, I’m so happy I was there. Thanks to you all for sharing what you have in you, you’re all such talented artists!
    The band was amazing, such beautiful connections between everyone… And of course, Jonsi’s un-earthy voice. The scenography was splendid : you created a decoration set that just matches a souvenir I’ve had from back when I was a child…
    Thank you for this evening of pure magic

  16. alline says:

    1rst Jónsi concert experienced from the balcony : very nice.
    Moving experience, i saw some people crying. Very respectful audience, no noise during the more quiet songs.
    I like what they did with the songs, whatever they are played on the album, acoustic or live, they are all differents. I appreciated particularly what they do with Around Us, that I don’t like on the album but love it acoustic: live it is a mix and it’s a really good idea.

    Now the little criticisms: i already chatted about that, so i don’t explain more, but i found the setlist a bit too short, I miss K12 for example. Jónsi is not a novice, he has probably some ideas, why not a cover (other artists do that in this case), and why not Stick & Stones? Plus, for me Animal Arithmetic and Grow Till Tall are not “encore”… even if I understand that he can’t play anything after this last great song.

    Besides, since 2-3 dates there is a new “mini-song” just before Around Us, and I think it deserves to become a complete song, it’s really a gem (as are New Piano Song, Icicle Sleeves and Saint Naive for the unreleased songs)

    After reading so much good reviews about the animations, i agree of course but I think this is irregular, it depends of the songs. Sometimes there is nothing and then the lighting is inadequate. Fortunately the more often it’s wonderful.

    Oh and a special bravo to the drummer, don’t you find that he “vole la vedette” to Jónsi sometimes? It is funny to see him during New Piano Song (behind Jónsi) doing noises with his hands on some ustensils, and at the same time beating the famous suitcase behind him with one feet!

  17. annet says:

    thank you so much, it was absolutely amazing! this was an experience i won’t forget so quickly. both me and my boyfriend fell in love with the album and let it inspire us to make a small ‘jonsi book’. we both hope he liked it!

  18. Koenraad says:

    A truly amazing experience! Went with my wife and 7 year old daughter and had a great evening. Thank you very much!!!!

  19. Tina Kellner says:

    Jónsi’s concert in the Ancienne Belgique in Belgium was simply magical. As a true otherworldly being he guided the audience trough the beautiful world he created and the atmosphere amongst the people was unbelievably and utterly special. When watching around, I couldn’t help but noticing that the crowd was very varied: old or very young, everybody loves Jónsi !

    The very first song of the concert, a song that is not on the album, immediately gave me Goosebumps. The man himself singing and playing the guitar without anything else, pure and beautiful. My very favorite part of the concert was the performance of the song Kolnidur. The projection of the running wolf and deer gave another dimension too the song and the explosion of the song somewhere in the middle sounded even better live then it does on the album! Goosebumps all over again. The songs Go Do and Boy Lilikoi turned out to be real sing-alongs, because the audience was very enthusiastic and not a soul could stay still, not dancing or singing along. Magical moments, again.

    Guided by his more then genius musicians, Jónsi created a wonderful show with a beautiful décor as background that seemed to look like an old window in some sort of old factory building. It certainly created a special atmosphere, almost as if we were taken somewhere nobody could see us and we could just let ourselves go and enjoy the music. The projections and the lightshow really gave another dimension too every song and made it even more special. The fact that it was obvious that Jónsi was enjoying himself very much, was a pleasure for the eye, especially when he came back for his bis-songs, dressed like an Indian. The song, Animal Arithmetic, that he performed in that Indian look, was extremely beautiful, again because it was so obvious that he was enjoying himself very much and that he gave everything he had too the audience. The big applause at the end of the concert was more then earned !

    Bottom line, Jónsi is the man !

  20. Sébastien says:

    I just wanted to reply to the critics from Alline. You are right for most of them, but as you said: it was your 1st Jonsi concert… then I assume you’ve never seen Sigur Ros so far. That’s a pity in a way, as I’ve seen Sigur Ros before and probably it helped me to understand better his solo concert. They have used some effects and lights, but only at the beginning and in the end of the show. Some songs of his solo album didn’t need any effect as the principal “effect” was Jonsi, his voice and the band.

    The drummer came quite often in the first place instead of Jonsi, that’s right. But when you know that Jonsi is such a shy guy, who barely dare to speak to the audiance, you’ll understand why the drummer took the first place. And finally, the whole show couldn’t have taken place without the whole band! I find it really fair from Jonsi to leave the first place to the rest of his band members. I don’t think Jonsi is the kind of “marketing” guy, he’s way too shy for this…

    For me, this concert was complete, from the beginning until the end. Using some “covers” as you suggested shows that a band don’t know what to do to complete their own concert. Jonsi has his own world. Covering another song would have distroyed for me the whole world he has created in this concert. I was also happy he didn’t sing some numbers from Sigur Ros. His solo album was a new experience for him and his audiance, it was perfect as it was.

    Now, no offence, it was just my point of view. Everyone has his own opinion. As I can understand, you’ve had a great time, that’s the most important.

    Oh, one last thing: I have also cried during the concert… Kolnidur was for me the most beautiful and emotional moment. I couldn’t stop my tears from falling! But it was a great feeling…

  21. Natch says:

    One of the most beautiful shows I have ever seen!
    It brought tears to my eyes…

    Pure Magic!


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