den atelier, luxembourg

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  1. magenta says:

    hey jónsi and band! this was the most beautyful and amazing concert i ever had @ atelier. a perfect show which i will certainly never forget. thank you so much for letting me have your autographs. i’m looking forward to seeing you back again soon here. love and peace (thank you doddy) magenta

  2. Heuhaufen says:

    Oh…this was so good…have seen so many concerts…this was one of the very best!

    So trancendental, dynamic, magic, deep, so beautiful, pure…sorry, don´t know the word in english: Spielfreude (joy to play?)…breathtaking!

    Powerful “around us” and “grow till tall”…and a warm birthday song for the guitarists mother, wich was in the crowd. Happy Birthday :-)

    We had a phantastic seat on the balcony…made some fotos, and 3 videos, sorry for quality, but audio is very good:


    New Piano Song

    Around Us

  3. lionel A says:


    I’m from belgium and since the brussells venue was sold out pretty quick I had to travel all the way to luxemburg (well, it ain’t that far but…). Man, was it worth it!
    First I was kinda disapointed to see that the stage was so small it couldn’t afford all the big scenery you guys have been working on. But it also allowed to create a very intimate atmosphere there; to be 10 feet away from jonsi doing what he does best is always a treat !!

    The support act was pretty good, “Glasser” ; kinda sounds like “bat for lashes” and there was some bjork influence in it too; good surprise !

    Well about the jonsi’s concert; it ain’t the kind of concert you can say “nice perfomance” about; it’s just beyond that , pure raw emotions that only a very few band in the world can provide, including sigur ros (on the top) of course. So I’m just gonna say thank you guys, again.

    BTW, the drummer was huuuuge

  4. clara says:

    just thank you for that show! I’ve never been so overwhelmed with emotions during a concert…. everything was perfect from the artwork to the wonderful musicians.

  5. Archangel says:

    Beautiful show – the highlights for me Hengilás, Kolnidur, Grow Till Tall.
    The sound was nearly perfect.
    I would habe liked to listen to some Sigúr Rós tracks, though – the concert could have been 30 minutes longer.

    Glasser was disappointing and even a little bit ridiculous because of the dancing “monk” – sorry.

    It was a wonderful evening. I’m glad I was in Luxembourg.

  6. alline says:

    So, after Brussels at the balcony I experienced Luxembourg near the stage: great time. The setlist was the same as the previous shows. The venue is how I love them, very small, and as I wanted to see an intimate show, this was very satisfying! The stage, in a corner, has been converted and looked like a cosy little Ali Baba cavern. We lost a few special effects but not that much. I could see more little things, the complicity between the musicians for example. Doddi trying to make them laugh, in addition to be talented he is funny. Ulfur is a pleasure to watch, often smiling. Alex seems to be an adorable guy, unassuming (discret) on stage. About Jónsi, I can just praise his amazing vocal performance, the beauty of his melodies and his professionalism (but not his disregard later).
    Nice respectful audience, great show.

  7. kornflakes says:

    This live experience was fantastic. Unfortunately we couldn’t see all the set due to the small venue
    but it made this concert more intimate and special.

    When the lights come down, we totally dive into Jonsi’s world. His voice was close to the perfection,
    without any wrong notes. Jonsi is surrounded by good musicians and I find they all fit together very well.
    We could see that there were an alchemy between them all and it was really beautiful to see.
    I have to say that they all are well dressed, the one who made the costumes is talented!
    It’s a pleasure to see Ulfur always smiling and Doddi so energetic!

    The set was amazing and all the animations are incredibly realist, it seemed that the stage was just alive.
    It was really cool to see Doddi hitting that suitcase to make the rhythm on Go Do just as
    we could have seen it on some videos posted on the site during the recording of the album.
    The atmosphere created by the set fit perfectly with the songs.
    And we had the opportunity to see the guys wishing an Happy Birthday to Ulfur’s mother who was here.

    To put “Grow till tall” at the end of the setlist is definately a good choice.
    The song starts slowly and then became so powerfull, Jonsi seems to liberate all
    his energy on it and the song seems to be endless… It’s hard to go down on earth after that!

    Definately a good memory =)

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