live music hall, cologne

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11 Responses to “live music hall, cologne”

  1. KAIANO says:


    I cannot find words to decribe this amazing experience!
    Espacially “Grow till tall” blew me away…

    I thank you so much for this evening – I’ll never forget!

    Hope to see you again soon…


  2. Jamilahj says:

    Thanks to everyone on the team!!!! That concert was a mindblowing experience I shall not forget. Jonsi really is an exceptional artist – and exquisite performer on stage! Come back soon!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  3. Brigitta says:

    Einfach nur Megageil…..Schade, das es nicht mehr Konzerte in NRW gibt..würde nochmal gehen!!!
    Also..bitte bald wiederkommen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. catherine says:

    no words….wunderschön…thank you so much!!!

  5. mozza says:

    At 22.15 awakened from a beautiful dream … great show, outstanding musicians combined with this mind-blowing vocals – thank you so much for this wonderful evening, I will follow you to the Melt Festival and Krakow!!!

  6. rushboy says:

    What a dramatic night that was !.

    I was not prepared for just how powerful the performance would be. Special mention must go to the drummer in what was a fantastic band. A straight 10/10 , and I don’t hand them out often for live gigs.

    Considering Glasgow in September. Have been to gigs there and the crowds are remarkable !!!

    Again congratulations on a stunning album and live presentation. Please keep playing solo gigs.

  7. annika says:

    Thank you for this wonderful concert, it was the best birthday present I’ve ever get.
    Big show, it touches me deep inside, i’ll never forget!
    Please come back soon… best wishes for the following tour.

  8. Tejo van Berne says:

    Laat ik met de deur in huis vallen: een mooi concert van en met Jonsi maar de unieke sensatie van een Sigur Ros concert wist het niet te benaderen. Natuurlijk wordt je op het moment dat je live Grow till tall beleeft volledig van deze aardbol losgerukt, maar het grootste gedeelte van het concert wordt de kopstem van Jonsi zo nadrukkelijk op de voorgrond geschoven dat de totale compositie hierdoor te nadrukkelijk werd gedomineerd. De structurele rauwe meeslepende rockcomponenten die Jonsi met zijn Sigur Ros maten live weten te bewerkstelligen worden, wat mij betreft, in deze samenstelling toch node gemist.
    Desalniettemin was de muzikale kwaliteit van het gebodene van een uiterst hoog niveau. De visuele act van 59 productions kwam in de locatie in Keulen niet sensationeel uit de verf. Een leuke light show maar niet meer dan dat.

  9. john says:

    i came from Italy to Koln just to see your show as soon as possible! amazing , incredible musicians , amazing atmosphere u saved my life , hope to see you soon!

  10. Joerg says:

    Few of the best moments I ever witnessed on stage. Incredible. Would have gone to another concert, but there is none around Cologne anymore!

  11. Maja says:

    I drove 400 km this night to see you and every km was worth it. Your concerts are unique, incredibly beautiful and impressive. This experience can not be put into words, you must have been there to feel the mood.
    Now I’m sitting here at my PC and watching your downloaded version of DVD, while I’m waiting for the ordered physical disc.
    And I like to thank you for bringing me the memories in my living room.

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