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  1. axel says:

    Wir könnten Euch tagelang zu hören und zu sehen. Was für eine Show, was für ein Finale. Danke Jonsi für diesen Abend!! Wir lieben Dich, wir lieben Euch.

  2. Johannes says:

    We went to Berlin by car and arrived around an hour before the start of the concert. We were able to get a good place in the 6th/7th row and enjoyed our time, taking a look at the merchandise or simply walking around.

    The first band to appear is called Glasser (like the french ‘Glacé’) and comes from America. The guy was dressed in a strange costume, he looked like a weird monk from the middle ages. The girl, who is the singer of the band, wore a red suit which was kinda wide and covered with blue strings. Their music was created via the guy who played their songs from a “big electronical thing”… there were sounds of bells and nintendo and very wide happy stuff. The singer had a very good voice, it was strong and clear, it was a bit like listening to a mix of Sinead O’Connor and Sally Oldfield. The music was very calming and beautiful, spiritual. While watching her dance and listening to the music you got the impression to celebrate some feast by the native Americans. It was a wonderful experience (accompagnied by a “Happy Birthday To you”) for her father, sang by all of the audience.

    Then we had to wait for around 20 minutes which were filled with atmospheric background sounds (like the music by “Jónsi & Alex”). When the concert finally started Jónsi came on stage together with another man (who we later dicovered to be the drummer). The first song was very simple, Jónsi playing a guitar and singing a very calm song while the man was sometimes playing the Xylophone very softly. It was a beautiful entrance because it was so “small” and made room for the big things that still did await us.
    After the first song the rest of the band entered the stage. All in all there was Jónsi who did the singing/guitar/e-guitar/piano. Then there was the drummer who occasionally would also play other instruments or play with different sounds to enhance various songs. Furthermore there was a guitar player who I was very happy to see because it was Alex, Jónsi’s boyfriend. He looked so thin and fragile, very cute. The rest of the band were a bass player with long blonde hair; and a guy whooccisionally would play the pian or some of the other instruments which needed to be played. They all wore self-made costumes which were hung with long striped of fabric. Jónsi wore a white jacket with stripes in different colours, Alex wore a very elegant red shirt which was also decored with stripes. I guess that everyone who saw him instantly had to fall in love with this gorgeous boy. ^^
    The first song was followed by two other slower songs… all in all there were a lot of enhancement songs which can’t be found on “Go”… lots of surprises and beautiful new songs to discover.
    The other big star next to Jónsi definetly was the massive screen which had been build up behind the stage. The screen hang in front of another more solid screen and more far behind that screen there was another one. On either side of the stage there were some smaller screens which were used in the big show.
    During the second song there were various pictures of animals shown on the screens…. but suddenly the images started to set fire and burned down making room for something really beautiful. On the small screens on either side of the stage you suddenly could see butterflies, lots of butterflies flying around. Because the screens were part of boxes it looked like the butterflies were flying around inside these boxes.
    Then during “Kolniður” which was the third or fourth song some of the most amazing things of the evening did happen. On the big screen in the midle of the stage there was an owl which sat there and vanished after awhile. Then there were images of a wolf, images of a deer. The wolf was hunting the deer which sometimes turned into the owl and started to fly. “Kolniður” is a very epic, emotional song – so during the finale of the song when Jónsi and his band became very intense and loud there were big images of the wold hunting the deer. Watching this I was so moved and my whole body started to shake because of this intense experience, It was really great, without words.
    At the climax of the song the first screen came down and you were finally able to see the second more solid screen.
    What followed now were various songs from his album and some new unreleased material.
    There was a song which was played by Jónsi on the piano; and the drummer scratched on some kind of metal which was a great effect… it was massive.
    “Grow Till Tall” and “Boy Lilikoy” were some very uplifting songs, there was some clapping along in the audience and a lot of people seemed to jump a bit or to shake their bodies. It was a great experience to see these songs performed live… pertly because of the great mood but also because of Jónsi who is so passionate while performing on stage. there were times when he lowered his head and walked like that to find the right tunes… it was somehow fascinating/frightening to watch him like that. When he sunk down to the ground it was a feeling of joy because the moment was so perfect, t was so intense. At the same time I felt worried for him because he definetly gave his everything. His high voice was beautiful and sometimes when it got even higher it would turn into a whisper and highten the “deepness” of the moment. He was able to hold his tunes for very long… sometimes he just stood there and sang on and on without stopping; many of the people in the audience did applaud him for that.
    When it came to the Encores we got a very energetic performance of “Animal Arithmetic”. Sometimes people say that they think it’s a bit oevr the top but in that moment it was totally right and very joyful. I have to admit that I was looking forward to the happier tunes… this feeling to be right in that moment and to celebrate the concert and all the beauty of it.
    The last and most impressive song of the whole evening definetly was “Grow till tall”, the song from the trailer for “Go quiet”. “Grow Till Tall” is Jónsi’s “Untitled 8″… you know the song that Sigur rós often play to close a concert in a very epic way.
    It started with Jónsi standing at the microphone singing the first lines. Then the other instruments joined him and the whole song became bigger and bigger, very intense and loud. Somewhere in the middle when it started to get loud Jónsi started to band his head which was by then covered in feathers and a feather boa. He seemed to crawl/walk over the stage, his head banging all the time while singing his high notes. There were the drums getting louder and louder, the drummer stood up and used all his force to play the instruments. The guitars and the bass were kinda tortured… everything still building up. In the end it was that massice chaos. the lights blinking. everything felt so unreal and epic in that moment.
    Slowly everyone left the stage and after the song had ended they returned to get their applause. Everyone looked very happy and showed a wide smile. It felt really great to be there. ^____^

  3. Frau Sarah says:

    i expected a lot. after seeing sigur rós in 2008 i knew this concert will be great and hopefully, i thought, as amazing.

    but what i saw yesterday evening was more than that. it was a feeling i cannot put into words. i grinned, i cried of happiness, i simply couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful things i saw on stage. each of you, the band, was was incredible. you beautiful people blew me away. i wish i had the chance to see you again soon. i will catch you all and make you play for me every once in a while. until then i will live off those breathtaking moments i saw yesterday.

    thank you so much.

  4. Bettina says:

    What yesterday was happend was breathtaking and not to discribe with words! The feeling inbetween all the euphoric people and to be a part of this audience, to cry and having tears in the eyes, to see this amazing show with this phantastic musicians and Jonsi was so grat – thank you for this experience and I hope for more. Thank you again.

  5. eva says:

    jónsi made me cry and tried my tears again. such an extraordinary performance, the show was simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. never will forget it, best concert of my life so far. thank you guys soo much.
    i hope to see him on melt! again …

  6. Joachim says:

    The concert was so wonderful! Takk.

  7. Mai says:

    It was fantastic….. Thank you.

  8. Sarah says:

    Me and my husband and I made a special trip just to see this concert. And I have to say it was one of the most beautiful aesthetic experiences in our lives. Thank you so much! I cannot describe how wonderful it was.
    We will definitely make an effort to catch more of your performances.

  9. Sabine says:

    It was my first concert ever re Jonsi/Sigur Ros, I once discovered them thru my love for Rocco DeLuca’s music, and I was really blown away. Thanks for the wonderful detailed review, Johannes…it is exactly what I experienced. A breathtaking show, where the visuals supported the music but were actually a piece of art on their own. All musicians were great!!! Thank you for an AMAZING NIGHT!!

  10. Yvonne and Sebastian says:

    Great! Thank you for a wonderful time!

  11. bea says:

    sometimes a short moment can give as much as many months of lifetime. This concert did that…so it is still…in me.
    There is no english enaugh in me to be brave enaugh even to try a discription of what I was aloowed to share in Berlin …but I left full of love in the purest way…and with strength to overcome the fear I feel very often when I see the world moving in dangerous directions.
    I have to thank Jonsi and the musicians who are able to create this kind of gifts.
    With deepest regards. Bea

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