bataclan, paris

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18 Responses to “bataclan, paris”

  1. Izzie says:

    Monumental!!!!!!! Rien à dire de plus!!! A part : Encore encore encore!!

  2. Babe says:

    Tout à vivre

  3. stocka says:

    Tonight was the premiere of sticks and stones… The live version is really cool !!!!!! ;)

  4. alline says:

    I liked: beautiful concert tonight, the crowd was very welcoming, loud, and respectful during the quiet songs.
    A lot of energy, I hope that the band felt this.
    Thanks to have added Stick & Stones, finally! ;)
    The voice, special effects, the musicians, all was perfect as usual.
    Very good new idea to give a mic to the first row to make them scream/sing at the end of Grow Till Tall.

    I didn’t like: the unbearable heat. And what’s wrong with his french/francophones fans? very disappointed by the man Jónsi.

  5. Sylvie says:

    Despite the extreme heat (problem of air conditionning apparently), great show, the final was awesome (I may have screamed sorry). The French public was suspended at each note. Sticks & Stone was quite emotionnal for me, thanks Jonsi to have given us this surprise.

  6. Sophie says:

    “To be on cloud nine”
    maybe my feelings (but…lots of feelings…)

    I don’t find …words

    how amazing !

    I had a “Takk fyrir Jonsi” with my friends. Now I’m saying again : Takk fyrir Jonsi !
    And I hope, see you later !

  7. mac says:

    What a final storm ! “Grow till tall” ends this amazing concert, this song is realy desgined for that.
    Takk Jonsi

  8. noemi says:

    it’s true, Jonsi could make a little speech in French …
    it’s unfortunate that Jonsi is not more concert in France.
    But it was magical, I don’t know where I was yesterday evening at least not on earth!
    I would always say: Jonsi is not human, it is more than that.
    Takk fyrir !!

  9. Kinkette says:

    Yesterday night was SO amazing ! It was like we were not on Earth at all, in a parallel world where everything was beautiful, deep and sincere. Jonsi is just a magician send by God to light up our hearts. I could never find a word that would thank him as deeper as I want. He just makes us become aware of how the world can be beautiful.
    Thank you Jonsi to make such a music.

  10. engy says:

    Takk Jonsi and the band. Everything else disappear during the performance, it’s a very very special feeling. Hope to see you again very soon.

    I’ve made a more in deep review on my blog (in french) :

  11. Pascaline says:

    Today my day feels very quiet. But inside I’m still singing! screaming! whistling! jumping! clapping on tune and smiling! My whole being is smiling. I woke up with “Stars in Still Water” in my head. Now it’s “Sticks and Stones”. How excited I felt when Jònsi sang this one. It was so unexpected : Perfect!
    The stage of the Bataclan is rather small, but it fitted well. They were always close from each other which made it easy for us to try and catch a glimpse of everything that was happening. The beautiful sets (which must represent a lot of work from the crew, so thumbs up for them) completed with a waterfall of effects was surrounding and wrapping them in Jònsi’s peculiar universe.
    The only drawback was the heat indeed, especially because I came dressed as a fish. But even if I was so hot wearing this, I would not have been removed of my pool of happiness. Jònsi’s music is like an ocean of happiness. But he knows how to silence a whole crowd of cheering people in an instant or get them to hit their feet on the wooden floor. He can be as peaceful as a lake and as raging as the sea. Every emotion has its place during the concert, which leaves us exhausted but sweating with euphoria… and longing for the next time he’ll be there. Because I know I will.

  12. Sam says:

    Unique concert, I say that after every Sigur Ros concert but that was a special one… what an artist and what musicians, Thanks to alex, úlfur, óbó, þorvaldur (uncommon and tremendous drummer) and of course thanks to you jón

  13. heidi says:

    First of all: I was astonished by the beauty and power of Jónsi’s voice. I didn’t think such an astonishment would be possible as I was already totally aware of how beautiful I find it, but during the entire first song, “stars in still water”, I think I had my mouth open like in a big “oh my god it’s so beautiful”.
    I expected, from having read reviews of other concerts and from having seen Sigur rós, that Jónsi and his musicians would give a lot of themselves, but really witnessing dedication at such a level – is not something you see often – and it contributed, with the metamorphoses and the “life affirmation” in the visuals to create some kind of a transcendent experience.
    Tornado was just extremely powerful. My memory tells me that I had goosebumps all over during the hole song, but I might be wrong, cause I suspect to be physically impossible to actually get goosebumps in such a heat as the one we had to bear in Bataclan yesterday. I was afraid it would steal energy from the crowd – despite all our paper fans – and from Jónsi and co, but there was absolutely no signs of that whatsoever. !
    “Sticks and stones” was a great surprise, played live for the fist time as Jónsi informed us.
    The combination of quick and slower songs was just perfect, very nicely reflected in “Around us” which started up a bit similar to the version on go quiet, before it exploded!!
    It was impossible not to smile and dance during the entire show, because of, I guess, all the joy transmitted.
    “Grow till tall”: what can I say that hasn’t been said already? You can have the highest and concrete expectations, but it will be just different and NOT disappointing. – (The visuals on this one was also overwhelming!!) – even if I didn’t hear Jónsi when he was singing “you know” and/or “not you” during the “storm”. I noticed that he had two microphones at a certain time. I don’t know if there was a problem with the sound at this time or if the problem was in my ears (I realized afterwards that I was partly deaf).

    After the concert, I got the chance to first, with my boyfriend, talk with Alex and then a little bit with Jónsi. That was so fun and so nice, big momentsJ They were both very friendly. Alex tipped us about the vegan/raw food restaurant “Pousse pousse”, where they intended to eat but found closed. We had lunch there today before going back to Oslo. The atmosphere was nice, the staff authentic and the food, the only option “assiette du jour”, was very tasteful. Thanks, Alex! Normally they have a wider selection we were told. So the place can be recommended (Sorry for going on about this in a concert review, but I don’t know where else really..)

    jónsi, alex, þorvaldur, úlfur and óbó, tusen takk for your generosity and for your unforgettable show!

  14. Clarke says:

    Just thank you, it’s been a day since the concert, but i haven’t quite recover yet. was amazing

  15. Ben says:

    Amazing show,
    my first show of sigur ros was 12th february 2000 in Nantes, it was an incredible live and this week was my first live with Jonsi in Bataclan … 10 years after and still the same feeling … Tusen takk for everything especially for this amazing “Grow Till Tall ”

    Thanks Jonsi

  16. Tim says:

    I drove 400km from Belgium to see this show, it was my first jonsi experience and I can not wait to see another one.
    The show was fantastic, it looked like a fairytale.
    Now 2 days later I’m still emotional. It’s hard to explain what this show did to me, I will never forget it.
    Thank you guys for this great performance.

  17. Tom says:

    Came down from Norway for this and managed to get front row spot and what a concert!. Jónsi and his band gave absolutely everything for 90 minutes of sheer emotion and etheral pleasure. What a mind blow for the senses, I guess there was a lot of Radiohead fans in audience, in many ways a similar experience. Thom Yorke manages to envoke an emotional attachment to the audience in similar ways to the way Jónsi does, no wonder Sigur Rós are one of Yorke’s inspirations (and vice versa). Apart from the unbearable heat, the venue was great, intimate, old and suited the concert well. Audience were respectful, no loud mouths or drunks like you find in many concerts. Great to start with acoustic rendition of “stars in still water”, everyone was stunned into silence. Played most of the tracks from his new album including a superb rendition of “Sticks and stones” for the first time live, he even had to have the lyrics on a cardboard sheet!. As seen and heard on tour, the grand finale “Grow till tall” was absolutely mezmorizing, what a performance, what a night, anyone even questioning whether or not to go to a remaining show JUST GO!. Get a boat, plane, walk or climb, EPIC EPIC EPIC

  18. Cindyb says:

    Go, go but go back in Paris !!!

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