kaufleuten, zurich

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  1. Al says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for such an awesome show. The greatest concert I have seen in a long time.

    al, somewhere outside of Kaufleuten, head still spinning (in a very good way)

  2. Chet Lam says:

    Flew from Hong Kong to catch the show, just landed and went straight there, well worth the trip!!
    The show was a piece of art! A very enjoyable and mind blowing performance.
    Thank you!!

  3. rwa says:

    Absolutly fantastic…
    I drive from Geneva but i don’t regret it. One of the nicest concert I saw

    Thanks Jonsi

  4. Andrea says:

    Thank you for the best night of my life and so many years of great and gorgeous music.

    Jónsi, you are an angel!

  5. astrid says:

    was that a dream????????????
    just thanks.

  6. alex says:

    takk – Jónsi, Alex and band – frábær

  7. Silke says:

    Thanks to all, who made that concert to such an acoustical and visual pleasure.


  8. anna says:

    Thank you for the beautifully magical fairytale…the music still echoes through my thoughts, truly inspirational <3

  9. melanie says:

    Es wird eine Geschichte erzählt, auf drei Leinwänden. In Zeitlupe und in einfachen Strichen. Ein Wolf jagt ein Reh, das eine Eule wird, die ein Reh wird.
    Und dann beginnen leise Töne stärker zu werden. Und immer stärker. Und noch lauter. Und immer noch kann das Reh dem Wolf entkommen. Und die drums werden stärker und immer aggressiver. Und noch lauter. Und die Musik ist so laut, dass auch dein Herz immer stärker hämmert und es wird immer noch lauter. Und jetzt hat der Wolf das Reh, er beißt zu und alles explodiert in gleißendem Licht. Und plötzlich ist es so hell, dass dir Tränen in die Augen schießen. Und du stehst da und heulst und vor dir ein wilder Haufen aus Klängen. Übereinander, nebeneinander, durcheinander. Und du willst, dass es dich zerreist, weil es in deinem Bauch immer lauter und lauter wird. Und plötzlich hebst du ab.
    Nach ein paar Sekunden fragst du dich was da geschieht. Und gerade als du das denkst bricht alles ab, ist alles vorbei. Absolute Stille. Und du merkst, dass du immer noch heulst und dass du dich ans Atmen erinnern musst. Und nach dieser Stille des kurzen Erwachens toben die Begeisterungsstürme los.

    my review only in German, sorry
    short summary: smashing
    I’m looking forward to seeing you at MELT!

  10. dieter says:

    it was a wonderful concert.
    and against my expectations all the songs and especially the very fast ones work fantastic live.
    beside jonsi, the drummer impressed me the most.
    unfortunately the audience behind me where to noisy at the very quiet parts of the songs.
    but after all it was a great experience to see you live.
    i hope it won’t be my last jonsi concert.
    thank you

    p.s. and give my regards to the graphic designer of the shirts. i love the design.

  11. Eric says:

    Beautiful concert, musicians, visual effects but I have a regret. I think Jonsi and his band deserves better places to play. Stage looked too small for such a scene, sound was as good as it could be (thanks to Jonsi’s Sound engineer) but nothing special and sorry to say that having drink glasses noises + air conditioning noises during most part of concert is quite disturbing for such a show. I remember listening to Sigur Ros in Montreux Jazz Festival where conditions were at best. So my regret is that Jonsi didn’t choose Montreux this year for his show. The show is just amazing and deserves real music places.

  12. your voice and music makes us always happy.
    takk you jonsi from the oldest couple wich has joined the show,
    the one who has talked to you outside kaufleuten at late afternoon.

  13. What a show! Good musicians, wonderful simple concept, and artistic perfection.
    No tone too much, no word at the wrong place, tones who progressivly develop its self, and your very energized drummer, always getting an optimistic character into the music.
    How was I wondering and smelling and crying. Thanks a lot! I am smashed!

  14. marc says:

    The greatest show since Tom Waits’ last Glitter and Doom Tour. A big “TAKK” to all who made this happen!!! A night to remember and to tell the grandchildren. Jonsi, please come back soon to Switzerland!

  15. Kristina says:

    It’s so difficult to express what I have felt during the evening, yesterday, in Zurich, expected and hoped this moment for more than 5 years (since I have discovered Sigur Ros). A dream which comes true, it’s magical, incredible, touching and deeply upsetting. Jónsi, our eyes met on several moments. I stood in front of the stage whit my little orange, black, white dress with my camera. Maybe you’ve paid any attention but for me, these moments have added a new dimension to my real passion for your music, your art, your genius. For a brief moment, I existed in your eyes, as a fan moved, touched and in a complete transcendence and for me it was the opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you for having saved me through your music.
    I would like to thank Alex, Doddi and your bassist Ulfur – so cute – and I thank him for the smile he gave me seeing that I knew the lyrics of your songs. I did a lot of road to be in Zurich and I will never regret it. I just regret to have not sing when you gived me the microphone (I’m a bad singer). I regret to have not said to you THANK YOU. I regret so much… Strangely, I feel now a frustration because this concert didn’t last forever. Now a lack appears…
    (Sorry for my poor English)

  16. Maddy says:

    Það er ekki hægt að þakka ykkur fyrir allt sem þið eruð að gefa mér með tónlistin ykkar: it’s just truely magical and my feelings are spinning and spinning around, endalaust! Takk…

  17. janine says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful, stunning show! I loved every second of it – it was like a journey into a magical world, a journey to forget everything else out there for a moment. I’m still totally stunned and can’t stop listening to your music. Hope to see you again at the for noise festival in lausanne!

  18. Ivan says:

    1001 TAKK to you only, Jonsi! Probably just because of you I met the girl of my dreams – basically initiated by the very long time awaited concert in Zurich (the rest of the story will stay our secret) ;o) We were there right in front of the stage and totally drifted away into a wonderful galaxy of sound & vision – guided by you & your exquisite band! Probably this is the musical & artistic space which you seeked since the very beginning of Sigur Ros – you definitively hit the bull’s eye with this fantastic show! Thanks again for having shared with us a really unforgetable evening in Zurich! Come back soon…

  19. Tori says:

    It was wonderful!!!!
    I wish to go to other concerts in Europe >w<

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