alcatraz, milan

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  1. Alice says:

    The show was amazing!!! Curious thing: I saw part of the show through the countless camera screen of all the people in front of me, really fond of photos… strange, we are all the day watching screens. Why not use our memory to catch such moments? I will remember this show as far as my mind will “work”, and when I will be 90, surely I will have souvenirs of some notes, a wolf and an owl… Perfect things to keep with me forever. THANK YOU GUYS – GRAZIE! Alice

  2. david says:

    the concert was… wow. I’m still speachless. the last song blew me away. I feel pure life in your music.

  3. Vezzo says:

    A fabulous and magic return to the Eden…thanks to Jonsi and his angels.

  4. tuna says:

    For the first time I’ve seen people crying at a concert…I’m speechless, thank you Jonsi!

  5. soske says:

    Inspiring show and amazing perfomance by Jonsi and the band. I was overwhelmed by his voice and energy. His music is joy, melancholy, passion and sorrow all at the same time. The visuals were stunning…and everything was even more special with Mari by my side. I won’t forget her tears when the deer was almost caught by the wolf and then he shifted into a bird, flew away and escaped…I think sometimes she feels just like that.

  6. Franz says:

    Great concert… vibrant images that magically transported us in a fairytale-like icelandic wood… dreamy sounds that just make you forget being a body and let you connect with your soul… music and voice intervowed were like a spell to me. It really was an experience I will hardly forget. Thanks Jònsi for the pure poetry you gave us!!!

  7. stefano says:

    takk fyrir frábæra sýningu
    Áhorfendur voru mjög brennidepill og væntingar voru mætt
    ógleymanleg kvöld

    The setlist:
    1. stars in still water
    2. hengilás
    3. icicle sleeves
    4. kolniður
    5. tornado
    6. sinking friendships
    7. sticks and stones
    8. saint naive
    9. go do
    10. boy lilikoi
    11. new piano song
    12. around us
    13. animal arithmetic
    14. grow till tall

  8. Daet says:

    Ethereal, raging, marvelous!

  9. Luca says:

    All of a sudden I found myself back to Iceland. One of the purest music experience I ever had, enriched with some marvellous visuals.

  10. sergio says:

    Hi! Great concert, maybe a little bit under my very great expectations. What impressed me the most was at first place his voice: very clean, very emotional and for this and for the perfect sound we have to give credit to the sound engineers. The acoustics were perfect even in a not easy venue and we could clearly listen to each instrument. Visuals were great, moving and the one with wolf hunting the deer is something you could not easily forget. Drummer was so impressive. Very telluric percussions. And do I have something to add about the songs? “Grow till tall” made everyone went crazy, I think especially that part of audience that got the second mike from Jónsi himself.

  11. anna says:

    music for soul, excellent visuals, energy and poetry. Thanks

  12. Massimo says:

    First of all, a grate SHOW. I mean, not only a concert, but it was much more. Visuals amazing! Sound was perfect and so pure..You were sometime completely catched by the experience you were living. I have felt so involved! After that, just one little thing..2 songs weren’t played properly, kolnidur maybe is too hard to sing live, and my favourite one Sinking friendships the same :-( anyway great show! It’s so exciting thinking it wasn’t the last one..22 July Ferrara :-)

  13. Nicolò says:

    One of the greatest show i’ve ever seen! Jonsi is a gift to modern music! Him, his bandmates, all the guys behind the scene that worked for the videos, the lights and the sound are TRUE ARTISTS.

  14. markopio says:

    Il concerto più alternativo e fantastico che io abbia visto fin’ora. Una indimenticabile serata con amici e una impressionante scenografia. Un magico folletto accompagnato da degli artisti davvero unici, tra tutti un batterista davvero poliedrico e incredibilmente bravo. Non oso immaginare cosa deve essere un concerto simile in patria!
    Grazie a tutti e soprattutto grazie Jonsi per il fantastico regalo!

  15. Ambra says:

    awesome show… I remember the one from sigur ros a couple years ago in the Arena with the comig storm .. here we had rain on the scene and tons of flashes as well… magic and.. wow, such a voice….

  16. Max says:

    Takk fyrir Jónsi for the marvellous night in Milan and for your incredible kindness after the show!
    I love you man.

  17. paolo says:

    It was an UNFORGETTABLE night,thank you so much guys!!!!Dear Jonsi,italians ADORE your AMAZING MUSIC!ciao,see you in ferrara!!!

  18. Francesco says:

    Simply immensely impressive… a pure voice *_*

  19. This concert was AMAZING! I cried a lot… I really felt free to be what I am, I felt in my place, with the music running through my veins… I saw you guys on the stage, you were so beautyful, you radiated happyness (and also sad emotions) trough all the place… You are wonderfull artists. I love you guys, your show, and your songs that lull me every night. Your divine sounds help me a lot in difficult situations and bring me always the smile… and also a tear! Thank You…

  20. Silvia says:

    It was amazing and mind-blowing. I will keep memories of that night forever, that’s for sure.
    Takk fyrir Jónsi, see you again in Ferrara.

  21. David says:

    Una magica atmosfera.. una voce unica… un concerto indimenticabile!

    Grazie Jonsi.

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