sonar festival, barcelona

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  1. Xavi S.H says:

    Thank you Jónsi for the concert of this night!! Though I have followed you in other concerts, and the spectacle of the bottom, today it has not been exploited so much.

    Certainly, it has seemed to live through the end of the world to me with the last song!!! :D


    artist wth punk crest in te first row!! ;)

    Xavi S.H

  2. Cristina P.M says:

    Thanks for your music Jonsi… prince of birds!!

  3. Cris Barcelona says:

    Thank you! I’ve never felt before what I did feel last night. Tears of joy.

  4. peppylepui says:

    name of last song please? unbelievable!!!!!!!

  5. Gómez says:

    The last song “Grow Till Tall”.
    Jónsi drummer is the best drummer I’ve seen in my life.

    Back to Barcelona soon, please!!!!

  6. peppylepui says:

    thanks Gomez! A wonderful finish to an amazing set!

  7. Moti says:

    Thanks so much for this awesome concert!!! the most beautiful one I’ve ever been to.
    And yes, omg the last song I wanted to be hang on your back and move us together <3
    let's go flying, birdy!!!

  8. Sara says:

    The best concert of my life!
    Congratulations to all! Incredible!

    And the best drummer that I have never seen!

  9. sara_from_italy says:

    (Barcelona Sonar Festival) Nature in music, pure poetry in music: you made me feel how joyful is being alive ^^ my soul thanks you**

  10. nuami says:

    bubble bubble bubble!!!
    loved it, you bird – boy! :o)
    (now i know elves exist!)

  11. teik27 says:

    hi everybody,

    i’ve see on SONAR BARCELONA and only i can say it’s THANKS.

    Sensational , animated, explosive, total delivery, surprising and very quality of sound, GREAT JOB.

    One thing: live concert is better than CD, “in my opinion :much bands can’t say/do that” .

    Congratulations and enjoy the moment.


  12. The concert at Sonar Barcelona was one of the most beautiful and important moments of the entire festival.
    Was absolutely surprising, amazing and powerful. Never will forget the last song. I couldn’t believe waht I was feeling listening to it and watching Jónsi almost suffering playing it. Congratulations for the band. Wow! And thank you for your work Jónsi.

  13. TyroneKubrick says:

    @Xavi S.H I actually remeber you from your haircut. I was in the front as well..

    Most amazing hour of live music of my entire life. I’ve been a fan of Jonsi for about five years but had never seen him before.. And when I saw him come on stage at Sonar I had tears in my eyes. Tears of joy. I have never experienced such emotions during a live performance before. And the last part of Grow till Tall reminded me of Sigur Ros.. What an amazing moment!!!!!!

  14. Sergi says:

    Please come again to Barcelona!!! It’s not enough!!
    Thanks for your music.

  15. Non from Wales says:

    I agree with Gonzalo from Spain; your concert was sublime and one of the highlights of the festival. I was astounded and have listened constantly to ‘Go’ since Sonar and it’s been a shelter from many a storm recently. Would love to see you play again; Tokyo would be nice…! Diolch yn fawr Jónsi (how does one say ‘thanks’ in Icelandic?) am dy gerddoriaeth hyfryd.

  16. Moti says:

    I’ll be in Santiago de Compostela August,25th to see u again!!!

  17. Acrem27 says:

    Amazing music, it makes you feel better!!! Please come to Barcelona again!!


  18. richie says:

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  19. juanma says:


  20. Mimi says:

    Guau…… q pasada!!!!!!!!!!! Eres genial .

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