latitude festival, suffolk

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  1. Clive says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Made my festival – many, many thanks

  2. Lee says:

    Stunning performance yesterday. Absolutely loved it, and like Clive, it made the whole festival for me :-) Thank-you! x

  3. emma says:

    It was fantastic. The last song was an extended version of ‘grow till tall’: really loud but amazing. Jonsi was in the signing tent before the gig and he signed my son’s cd cover, which along with the gig, made our entire day. Thanks Jonsi!

  4. piers says:

    Phenomenal. By far the best thing we saw at the festival. Wanted to leave straight after as everything else was bound to be an anti-climax. An amazing gig!

  5. anna says:

    Stayed on in the venue after The Coral as the information on Jonsi in the Latitude book sounded interesting. Glad we did as it was a definite highlight of our festival. Have ordered some CDs to catch up on what we’ve been missing! Loved Jonsi’s fantastic voice, the brilliant drummer, great costumes, wonderful music and atmosphere. Takk fyrir.

  6. Martin says:

    I agree with Piers, anything after Jonsi’s magnificence would have diminished the climax of the event.

    Such stunning music, performed with the passion and raw talent that the songs deserved. At the end of Grow Til Tall I had tears in my eyes, and I’m a 26 year old man! Monumental…

  7. Sandy says:

    I cannot explain how perfect your set at Latitude was. Especially after meeting you earlier in the day, it was breathtaking. Lovely to see Alex there too! Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester this September.

    Thank you.

  8. suzy says:

    This is going to sound like a repeat of the other reviews but Jonsi, you were truly the highlight of Latitude. My partner didn’t know you or Sigur Ros and she was totally blown away. We had to spend the rest of the night in the cabaret tent as the other music gigs just weren’t cutting it. Many many thanks, I hope I can get tickets for one of your gigs in September.

  9. Rob says:

    Once again, a repeat of what has been said above, but definitely the highlight of my weekend! Been a long-term sigur rós fan and was delighted to have been moved in the same way that I have been at previous concerts; I was pretty much crying halfway through Tornado…

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon – thank you

  10. joe kazmierski says:

    Hey Martin … I’m a 44-year-old man and I cry every day listening to Jonsi/SR. It’s cool.

    For those of you (including my well, Jesus … that would be Jonsi) interested in my thought. I’ve been so fucking moved by Grow Till Tall. As soon as I heard “Go” … I knew ‘Grow Till Tall’ was THE song. I was at the Philadelphia, PA, USA show and it was, of course, stellar (words we all know and still wish there were better words) …
    – the best version of ‘Grow Till Tall’ live … a version that Jonsi & boys would probably love to muster every night … just as the tour was maturing … before the band, hopefully, grew weary of performing it. (It’s okay, I get weary watching it. Still love it, though!) … is this version, performed at the Vic Theater in Chicago, USA.

    keep growing and growing friends.

  11. Bonnie Parker says:

    An amazing performance. Had only heard a couple of tracks from the album before the performance. And could not take my eyes of the stage while he was up there. Amazing musicans playing and such a unique amazing and powerful voice. Everything you could want in an artist/performer.
    The musioc builds like nothing else i’ve ever heard and will definately be looking too catch him when he plays doen in Brighton UK in September. Emotive, original and inspiring.

    Thank you Jonsi!

  12. John says:

    Just bought the album and am listening to it as I write…
    Glad all those other guys above have admitted they were in tears too! Simply the most moving, magical, other-worldly gig I have ever been to…I think we are pretty much agreed that Grow Till Tall was the one but from the moment I walked into the Word Arena and moved towards the front I knew we were in for something special.
    Oh – and I’m going to give up drumming after hearing and seeing doddi (great to see a drummer at the front of the stage too!)
    Thanks guys – see you in the UK again later this year

  13. doddi says:

    john, please don’t give up drumming!

  14. joe kazmierski says:

    Awesome! Doddi you’re the best. I agree, don’t give up drumming. You know you can do anything.

  15. joe kazmierski says:

    >sorry, I know this isn’t Facebook … but … to John the drummer above: Please immerse yourself in Sigur Ros music also. You will be amazed by Orri, an incredible drummer/percussionist. Check out the song ‘Festival’ … one of his most moving performances.

  16. John says:

    Thanks doddi, Ok just for you then…I’ll keep on drumming…
    And thanks Joe – I’m already on the journey…iPod will be full of it…

  17. Rich Monaghan says:

    Totally amazing performance…. last song ‘grow till tall’ left me with my mouth open and a tear in my eye….. it just kept building and building and building!!! For me, It was a spritual experience watching and feeling the music & the performance. I didn’t think anything could top Thom York and Radiohead live but young Jonsi has set the new standard. Thanks guys for being so so special.

  18. Nemorino says:

    I feel very lucky to have sees this extraordinary, intense and joyful performance at Latitude. I’ve come a bit late to Jónsi and his new work but I’m making up for lost time.

    Thanks, boys: amazing band and of course a beautiful, charismatic writer and performer in Mr J himself.


  19. larrie says:

    So emotional and touching and lovely I burst into tears. Could have stood there listening for hours and hours. Although shared with loads of other Latitude-goers, I felt very privleaged to have seen what felt like such an intimate performance. A perfect gig. Absolutely 100% the highlight of the festival.

    Just booked tix for Hammersmith Apollo and wish I had caught previous performances in London. Please come back soon. Thank you for the beautiful music.

  20. Coupe says:

    I’ve known about Jonsi for a while, and as soon as I found out he was performing at Latitude I was ecstatic!
    I introduced his music to all my friends and even my younger brother, who is 11 years old. It was his first music festival and was small enough to push to the barriers.

    As always whenever I listen to his music, it seems to run through me, especially at Latitude. I was dancing like a maniac and singing all the words!! outstandingly beautiful and I can’t wait until the rest of the music world fully acknowledge his talent… because we need more music like it!

  21. Jules says:

    Absolutely brillant! Thankyou for the memorys

  22. Nick says:

    Deffo the highlight of Latitude for me. A superb set: powerful and enchanting, loud and quiet, happy and sad. Thanks guys!

  23. Josh says:

    This was probably the best set I’ve ever witnessed. Truly extraordinary.

    I’d been a fan of Sigur Ros and Jonsi for a long time and was thrilled when I found out he’d be performing at Latitude. I wasn’t prepared for this though. Simply magical.

    At the end I looked around and practically everybody was open mouthed, and so many had tears in their eyes. I don’t really know how to describe the feeling that I think we all had.

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