cavea auditorium, rome

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  1. BubiMari says:

    We will be there tonight! We hope it will be amazing as the previous gigs you did all around europe!

  2. Pier says:


  3. Paolo says:

    A truly incredible experience.

    þakka ykkur öllum

  4. BubiMari says:

    It was really astonishing!

    Thank you.

  5. Takk says:

    Have you the playlist?

  6. Sparrowrulez says:

    Your music smells of life. Absolutely amazing. I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over my neck while Grow Till Tall was bringing a chaotic armony to my eyes and my hears. Jonsi has a perfect voice. It’s one of the greatest musician in the world, in my hopinion, and I feel so lucky to have had the possibility to seen him.
    I hope he will release more solo albums, ’cause I fucking love his brilliance.
    BTW, the concert was absolutely epic and stunning.

  7. It was a wonderful, spine-tingling night…THANK YOU! I’ve written a review on my blog here:

  8. Matteo says:

    Amazing. Simply perfect.
    Thank you so much! I loved your show!
    My favorite songs: “Tornado”, “New piano song” and “Grow Till Tall”.
    Hope to see you soon, again and again.

  9. federico says:

    e chi se lo dimentica…

  10. giorgio says:

    Grow Till Tall sarebbe potuta durare tutta la notte……

  11. TAKK says:

    qualcuno ha la scaletta del concerto? grazie

  12. sjmo says:

    Thank you.

  13. idiotic says:

    *sigh* what a wonderful night that was.. simply amazing show, in what must be the most beautiful city in the world. some tech problems, most notably in animal arithmetic and around us (jónsi was forced to skip the piano intro), but it never interfered with the magic of the evening. happy to see some new visuals, compared to the indoors show i saw in brussels – i suppose this must be the festival set-up of the show.

    highlights too many to mention, hengilas, new piano song, also sticks & stones, another first for me :) .. kolnidur and grow till tall, words just cannot describe.. i made a small film of kolnidur, poor sound, however..

    also i managed to get hold of the setlist, thank you, lovely guy at the mixing desk ;)

    happy to see the setlist fun saga continue :D

  14. Max says:

    Ho assistito a qualcosa di davvero diverso grow till tall fantastica . Tank You.

  15. Paolo says:


    stars in still water – hengilás – icicle sleeves – kolniður – tornado – sinking friendships – saint naive –
    K12 – go do – boy lilikoi – animal arithmetic – new piano song – sticks and stones – grow till tall

    Thank you again.

  16. Luca says:


  17. Martina says:

    Non ho parole, davvero…
    Poter finalmente ascoltare dal vivo la voce di Jónsi è stata un’esperienza tremendamente emozionante, sconvolgente, devastante.
    Ho vissuto un sogno, il più bello della mia vita!

    Takk, Jónsi! *_*

  18. Matteo says:

    I can’t stop laughing for the “Italian” titles in the setlist. :D
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us, idiotic :)

    “viluppi finchè alto” :’D

    Ahahahaha :D

  19. marta says:

    how to light up a night.

    thank you for giving us yourself :)

  20. B & M says:

    Fantastic show! Made our anniversary in Rome extra special. Loved the animations; especially the owl, the wolf, and the deer.

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