arena open air, vienna

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19 Responses to “arena open air, vienna”

  1. Amélie and Josef says:

    An incredible gig! Thanks to all the band for this fabulous time!

  2. Josef says:

    þorvaldur þorvaldsson — great performance! Thank you very much for this very enjoyable evening. Thanks Jónsi, thanks everyone. We had a really good time. Please come back soon!

  3. peter says:

    Thanks for this amazing evening! We came from Hungary to see your work since the last Sigur Ros show from 2008. It was beautifull, and the rainy weather maked a speciall feeling for this show in the small venue! More familiar with a superb band perform and of course with the maestro, Jónsi!

  4. Sebastian says:

    One of the most wonderful shows I have ever been to! Thanks to Jónsi and the band for a fantabulous evening! Keep making this great music and please come back!

  5. doris says:

    I still have feathers on my head…

  6. Sandra says:

    Spectacular show! The best concert i have ever been! I was blown away! PLEASE COME BACK TO VIENNA!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!!!

  7. mario says:

    It was so unbelievably beautiful! For me it was the most emotional concert I have ever heard! Thanks a lot Jónsi and please come back soon!

  8. Benjamin says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and unforgettable Evening. It was really a pleasure to see such brilliant musicians perform live on stage. I was so happy that you´ve played ‘Sticks and Stones’ (reminded me how great the movie how to train your dragon is) and I almost started to cry at the end of ‘Kolnidur’. So please come to Austria someday (it doesn´t matter if with Sigur Ròs or solo, both would be amazing).

  9. manuel says:

    It was such an amazing and beautiful concert! Please come back to Austria soon :)

  10. Tina says:

    WOW!!! Such a beautiful concert!!!! This was the best live performance I have experienced so far in my life!!!
    So much inspiration and emotion!!!
    Thank you for this great evening! Please come back to Austria soon!!!

  11. Dirk says:

    I came from Hamburg to see Jonsi and his band in Vienna and it was absolutely worth it. Fantastic concert. I will try to see you again this year. Please come to Hamburg.

  12. Slovenian_fan says:

    Another great evening with Jonsi&co! Thank you so much for unforgetable moments, it was wundeful. Greetings from Slovenia, hope to see you around here in the future!

  13. Mardou says:

    It was so wunderful! Thank you so much! I managed to make some pictures, check them out here

  14. Palmi says:

    Frábærir tónleikar … beinlínis heilsubætandi að fá íslenska melankólíu beint í æð frá ykkur :)

  15. damir says:

    takk =)

    was the best concert i have ever been.

  16. Guest says:

    What was the music in the background before the bands played??

  17. Saeglopur says:

    I love Jònsi, but I was a little disappointed that he didnt bring the whole show that he had in other cities… I guess Arena was just too small for this. :( Wish I could see him one more time with the whole show set up…

  18. Christian says:


    I know that perhaps you guys have heard this a lot, but I just wanted to say thanks for this unforgettable moment. I came from Puerto Rico to Vienna to study for the summer, and I had the privilege of appreciating your music in person. We barely have good music going to the island, and I know that its very unlikely that someone as Jonsi and/or Sigur Ros will ever go there, so I may be one out of 4 million people who happened to be very privileged and lucky. I thank you for it, I will go back to my island with new perspectives and horizons, in no small part due to you guys. There’s a lot of people in PR that are awaiting for the same opportunity I had for this, but it may be the case it will never come true for them. Thank you once again, I hope it’s not the last time.

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