splendour in the grass, woodford

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  1. Cannongirl says:

    Stopped me completely in my bouncey dancey dusty tracks. Could not move through it. Literally took my breath away.

    It is something for come out a stand out of Splendor 2010, the line up was overwhleming. Jonsi a highlight in the bright light.

  2. James says:

    Amazing set, even with such an impressive festival lineup this was my highlight by far. The whole crowd was stunned, you could see the emotion you evoked in everyone watching, and all who i spoke with agreed that we had just witnessed something very special. stunning performance, come back to australia again soon please.


  3. Jesse says:

    No words can express the joy I felt seeing your set. Me and my friend parked ourselves four rows back front and centre as we both knew something beautiful was going to happen. We just had no idea it was going to be so breathtaking, awe inspiring, pure brilliance. Wow. Your final song was such an explosion of talent, energy and emotion people who didn’t know eachother were hugging afterwards. I loved your album, but your performance raised the bar even higher.
    Till next time!

  4. alice says:

    The $500 ticket and 16 hour drive to Splendour was made worthwhile purely by Jonsi’s set. Even the headlining bands did not compare. The only negative was missing out on his sideshow in Sydney.

  5. Matt says:

    Still in awe of this performance. The best thing I have ever/will ever see. Everything came together perfectly; awesome crowd, awesome festival and simply breathtaking performance. I still get goosebumps remebering the final song and that note he held mid-set, someone tell me that didn’t go for at least 2 minutes. I also am gutted I couldnt make it back to Sydney in time for Enmore gig.

  6. Laik'n says:

    Thinking about this performace afterwards still give me goosebumps. There were numerous acts which i was looking forward to at splendour, and when i told my friends i wanted to watch Jonsi over a big act, they were shocked at my decision. Afterwards however, they were the ones who were in disbelief at the pure talent you displayed and how breathtaking and awe-inspiring you truely were. Which not only me in shock, but in tears by the last song. We all walked away in dead silence shaking our heads and holding hands, in amazement at what we had just witnessed. My biggest highlight at splendour by far, and definately an act i will remember forever.

  7. kellie says:

    Breathtaking…. you swept us away.

    Hands down absolute highlight of Splendour. I’m still in awe

    Thank you, it was amazing

  8. Juv says:

    I had not heard of Jonsi (or Sigur Ros) prior to the Splendour festival, but a wide-eyed stranger gave me a tip I felt compelled to follow. She said “If you see nobody else here, make sure you see Jonsi. I flew from Brisbane to Iceland just to see him live in concert. His music moves me to my core.” Any skepticism that I harboured about her enthusiasm for Jonsi’s music was thoroughly banished as I witnessed his performance later that night. From the first note to the last I was transfixed and transported. The lightness, the pure joy, the unabashed wonder and beauty of the music was stunningly other-worldly. It lifted me like no music I’ve ever heard before. I felt spellbound for a good two weeks thereafter. There were some amazing performances at Splendour, but listening to Jonsi and his incredible ensemble was like hearing the soundtrack to the birth of a new humanity. Actually, I think I’m still spellbound…

  9. Kate says:

    Amazing. Currently listening to your album at home and I have so many good memories of seeing you at Splendour. I cannot wait for you guys to come back to Australia!!! :)

  10. god says:

    have seen probably 10,000 acts in the last 20 years and have to say SIGUR ROS at SPLENDOUR 2008 was probably the best festival set I have ever seen in my life. Well I expected JONSI to back that up this year and man did he or what. Took a bunch of friends to see him who knew nothing of him but are avid festival and gig goers and you have never seen faces on people like you seen on them after the set in your life. We call the standard gigs of the year WOW FACTOR gigs and they all just couldn’t stop saying WOW!!! I have never seen that reaction from anybody in my life at any gig, and as I started with, I have seen a lot. A music god, totally gifted and had the band to back him up. That drummer was something special. After reading the reviews above I get goose bumps again. Long live JONSI. My new dream, to follow him on a tour of his homeland and see him play many shows. Love you JONSI ; )

  11. Krystle says:

    I thought Sigur Ros at splendour 2008 was amazing and knew there was no way i was going to miss Jonsi in 2010. I abandoned my friends who went to see other bands and waited through 3 bands before-hand to be on the barrier. By the end i was floating on top of the tent and dont think i have quite come back down yet. The most amazing experience of my life. I get goose bumps every time i just hear Jonsi’s name.
    This set made life seem so much more beautiful and amazing. Jonsi’s/Sigur Ros’ music is the meaning of life!

  12. Jess Hay says:

    I spent a year travelling through Europe and on my way to my way back to my home town in Australia went to Splendour in The grass. This was the highlight to my whole year. Jonsi/Sigur Ros has been my favourite musician since I was newly a teenager. I cried the whole set, it was so moving.

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