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  1. Javier says:

    The show last night was great.
    Jónsi and the rest of the crew played for about an hour, the atmosphere was great and the people enthusiastic. Special note on the visuals, they were just awesome, always following the mood of the song, sometimes colorful, sometimes dark and profound. The acoustics and sound in general was great, perfectly mixed and balanced.
    Overall the show was fantastic, can’t wait to see’em again!
    As a side note, there is only one way that I could think of improving it. This would be providing lyrics, perhaps not the full lyrics but just some keywords (in english or the local language) mixed with the visuals, which I think would keep the attendees slightly more engaged, or at least we might feel closer to the artists.

  2. Jeroen says:

    Does anyone have a setlist?

    Man, Jonsi playing 10km from where I live, and didn’t have a ticket. Worst day ever :(

  3. idiotic says:

    icicle sleeves
    sinking friendships
    go do
    boy lilikoi
    animal arithmetic
    around us
    sticks & stones
    grow till tall

    from the printed setlist, no jokes or puns on the list this time round :)

    great set, a good idea i suppose to drop most of the unreleased/acoustic songs, not just to fit in the slot of 60 minutes, but also because the crowd were more responsive to the festive songs, after all we are at a festival. highlights this time round to me were sinking friendships, go do (just glorious, very responsive crowd), and around us with the most wonderful prologue by jonsi at the keyboard, before starting the piano intro to the song. massive cheers at the end of grow till tall, indeed the perfect closing to three wonderful days at pukkelpop.

  4. Yorick says:

    I was totally stuned Jónsi had blown the whole crowd away
    it was like he took me on a magical trip with his music im definitly going to his next show in brussel and eindhoven!
    I love his music

  5. Camille says:

    Jónsi, you made me cry. Most magical moment of the year, I hope you play next year on the main stage

  6. Carolien says:

    Loved it, just absolutely loved it!
    Great performance, I think I’m going to the show in Brussels too!

  7. Michiel says:

    Absolutely gold in every aspect! The sound of Jonsi is perfect for the Marquee, what an atmosphere.
    About providing lyrics: dont do that, it takes away the magic of the music. I think everyone feels something else by his songs and you can float away on the music, really brilliant. I am going te seen Jonsi in Eindhoven, there are still tickets ( unbelievable that it’s not sold out already ), so hopefully till 24 November in Eindhoven!!

  8. Cynthia says:

    I went to see Jónsi together with my boyfriend, ’cause he diden’t really knew what music it was … After 15minutes or so, he said to me ( he’s a big Iron Maiden Fan! ) ” Cynthia, i never had a musical orgasm before, now i had one ;-D ” He loved the magical sounds, and we went to Brussel to, never i will regret this!!!

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