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  1. Alexander says:

    Tack! Thanks for playing this wonderful gem at Rock en Seine. For me this was the emotional highlight of the festival, I nearly cried. I guess, there might be some people who don’t resonate to your music as perhaps their senses have blunted. But it’s in your music that I find real joy. Thanks for causing so many happy emotions!

  2. Hadrien says:

    It was so great, and so short ! What a happy surprise ! You were wonderful, as always. Thanks !

  3. Bastien says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ce concert, génial mais trop court. La version acoustique était terrible. J’ai eu la chance de vous voir en version normale a Luxembourg aussi donc j’ai pu voir les deux, le pied !
    Merci pour ce moment magique. A fleur de peau pendant tout le concert, la larme a l’oeil.
    Je regrette juste ne pas avoir vu jonsi venir a l’arrière de la scène nous faire un petit coucou mais, au vu de la tournée, je comprend pleinement que vous n’ayez pas trop le temps ;-)
    Merci encore

  4. Marie says:

    Takk fyrir Jonsi, even if I was disappointed because I was expecting Grow Till Tall for soooo long, I know how hard it must have been to do something you’re not used to in front of thousands of people. Tornado, Icicle Sleeves and Sinking Friendships were awesome !

    So, thanks for this good time (and thanks for not having canceled !). I hope you’ll come back in France once before the end of the Go Tour to be able to hear the real show.

  5. alline says:

    I had to go, I could not, but I do have something to say.
    I read a lot of reviews on the internet (about Rock en Seine), and many spectators complain have been annoyed by people who are there just to chat, phone, etc. Even Zegut, a journalist who likes Jónsi very much (he programs very often in his radio RTL2), complained yesterday back to the antenna. I don’t think (hope) that it is a French specialty, but rather a problem specific to festivals. Besides, just remember the great audience at the concert in Paris at the Bataclan for Jónsi in June, despite the heat it was very respectful at times when it was very demonstrative on the rhythmic songs and at the end of course. I think that unless you are a very famous band, or make a very rhythmic and noisy music, the festival context is not appropriate for certain music.
    So Jónsi, or rather John (Best), if you read this page, set us a pretty fast Parisian venue this fall! No smell of awful grilled sausages, no public drunk and disrespectful, remember that the Bataclan was sold out :D

  6. david says:

    great accoustic concert at rock en seine: hope you did recorded it, it was wonderfull and for sure people who were not there will love it if they have a chance to listen to it: once again a great performance
    thanks keep on the good job

  7. siri says:

    A week later, after reading all the reviews and comments I could find, I still don’t know what to think of this concert. I really appreciate and respect the choice of the band to play this accoustic concert, that goes without saying. I travelled a long way and dragged my nine year old son along, so a cancellation would have been a disappointement no end ! but the circumstances were not great at all, the sound a bit messy and unstable. I saw Jónsi in AB in Belgium, a concert that knocked me over. Now the band seemed somewhat unsure, slightly fed up with the situation (I hope not tired of touring…) … but then these guys are pro’s, there was beaming Ulfur, widegrinned as ever, enthusiastic and positive Doddi, the solemn Alex and Obo industriously trying to fill in the blanks, and that powerfull, overwhelming voice still ringing in my ears. There is no alternative but to love this music. See you in the fall !

  8. Axel says:

    I was just in front of the stage.
    I love you so much. All your music was just so beautiful and the show almost perfect, you made me fly away and cry too.
    You’re a real genius, you’re my favourite singer because there’s no voice than can do the same things on my mind.
    Please come back in France, please come back in Paris. I want to see you again, but in a room and for a long time.
    I love you.

    I want to be a lilikoi boy lilikoi…

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