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  1. Anthony says:

    Just got back from the Bristol concert; a lot of ‘real’ fans there. I have read other reviews talking of the ‘special atmosphere’ at these events and I can concur that the sound and emotion coming from the 5 people on stage is amazing. They really seemed to be enjoying themselves and I was very impressed with the way in which they could all play so many instruments. After the encore they all came back on stage to thank the audience, which I thought was a great touch. Highly recommended. Go see Go.

  2. Jacqui says:

    Thank you so much to Jonsi & all his team for coming to Bristol. What an exceptionally gifted collective of artists. The performances & show, really blew me away, its visual & musical alchemy! Do you ever wake up suddenly to a falling sensation and a strong muscle twitch just after you have fallen asleep? perhaps because I was sat on the balcony, with a drop right in front, combined with the animation, that at times appeared to rain down on the stage, the music created this dreamlike feeling of falling for me, I felt weightless at times. The sounds sometimes as clear as crystal, resonated so much that I am sure if there was a glass anywhere about, it would of smashed. I feel I was transported to another world & I did not want to come back again. If you’ve not seen it, your really missing out!

  3. Caerthan says:

    Big thanks to Jónsi and the guys for this show. The only criticism I have is that it was about 6 hours too short ;) The visuals were just gorgeous – kudos to the animation team – and matched the music perfectly. It’s hard to single out songs, but the high points (for visual/aural match) for me were ‘Kolniður’ (one of my favourite songs, anyway, but the graphics gave me a new ‘handle’ on the song), ‘Animal Arithmetic’ (people around me were laughing and giggling at the animation – so lovely!) and ‘Grow till Tall’ (dear gods, just how beautiful was that?). I was initially disappointed that Samuli Kosminen wasn’t touring but then wow! Doddi! Brilliant percussionist and wonderful to watch. There was a song just into the encore that seemed to showcase Jónsi and Doddi where they were on the left of the stage – what was that? Anyway – hugs and gratitude to all concerned for an extraordinarily moving theatrical experience.

  4. My goodness – what a magnificent show. A somewhat longer review is on my blog if anyone is interested – a breath taking evening – thank you

  5. Caerthan says:

    Ah, OK, I found it – “New Piano Song”. Any plans on releasing this in some form? Pretty please? With sugar on top? :)

  6. It was a good as I thought it would be, wonderful, fey, psychedelic, ornate, hypnotic. Basically I was in my element.

    The support band, Mountain Man, were also excellent. Three women singing very close intricate three part harmonies. Folky, ethereal and choral but with drive and a groove. Weird as it sounded fresh but they could have been songs from 100 years ago. I have heard them described as the ‘female Fleet Foxes’ – I actually think it sounds more authentic than that and closer to Appalachian music or the late ’60’s Canadian band The Free Design albeit predominantly acapella. It is however confirmation that pretty much anything on the Bella Union label comes assured of quality, talent and originality.

    Jonsi’s set began very minimal, perfectly demonstrating his sublime, soaring falsetto. The drummer/percussionist, was a real talent and provided some really pumped up rhythms – skittering beats and cymbal splashes with booming reverb drenched floor toms and kick drums. Other musical garnishes included xylophone – initially played with a bow (a nice nod to Sigur Ros and usually seen played across the strings of Jonsi’s guitar) – glockenspiel, Tenori-On, Ukulele and even an additional percussion kit that I’m sure included items that would be more at home in a kitchen – at one point the textures and rhythms were created by scraping the inside of what looked like a cake tin !?

    Visually it was spectacular. Detailed visuals and projections that were somewhere between the Discovery channel and Tim Burton provided the perfect compliment to the music.

    The climax of the show was a clear affirmation that Jonsi is not the ‘Post-Rock Enya’ as the layers of sound, percussion, keys, guitars and distorted vocals built up to a ‘My Bloody Valentine’ wall-of-sound like intensity. Topped with Jonsi wearing full Red Indian head dress and whirling like a dervish into a ceremony of strobe lights. This show was equally on a par with the best Sigur Ros gigs and I can’t wait to see Jonsi with or without them again!

  7. scott says:

    Goodness only knows how many times Ive seen SR so I was a bit apprehensive about this show. Jonsi ‘s ‘solo’ persona is much more playful with a bit of dance here and some joyful melodies there. Yet he can still touch on the astonishing emotional highs that he has in the past and even more demonstrating his incredible feel for arranging musical textures, melodies and harmonics. From the courageous solo start to the life afirming power of the finale ( get in the middle of the sound for this showstopper) there wasnt an emotion that was left untugged , slapped about and then given an Icelandic kiss.
    Only one word to describe the show- Extraordinary. Is this guy writing the soundtrack of the 21st Century? Cant think of any one else I’d rather have do the job.
    One of the shows of this year, or any year come to think of it. Im going again.

  8. beth says:

    few words have been created that describe just how utterly awe inspiring jonsi was yeasterday night. i’d been waiting since april for jonsi to play in bristol, and it was certainly worth the wait.

    mountain man were also excellent, (to my suprise!) the harmonies between them were lovely, and really set the mood for a wonderful concert. it certainly wasn’t something that i hear very often, and as a fan of tattle tale and fleet foxes, i was sad to see them go, even knowing jonsi was coming on next.

    finally, the set began, in an almost melancholic and simple fashion, (but certainly not disappointing!) reminding us of the raw beauty of his voice, before doddi’s precussioning talants infected you with rhythms you had to dance to. the variety of istruments playes was utterly incredible. guitars, xylophones, pianos, drums, ukuleles, bass guitars, glockenspiels and more that, unfortunately, i don’t know the name of. is there nothing these five guys can’t play between them?

    as if the music wasn’t enough, there was magnificent visual animation and projections, that were not only flawless, but so itricately detailed.

    as the show came to an (unfortunate) end, it certainly was a breathtaking finale, with jonsi in an incredible head dress, moving so fast he was a blur on my camera, through a symphony of strobe lights that made everything seem so dark after watching it.

    this show was probably, the best show i have ever been to, or ever will go to. unless of course, i see jonsi again!

    p.s the only downside was probably the drunken prat in the front, who was so loud nobody could hear jonsi over him at certain times and attempting to pick fights with people who wern’t “dancing properly”. thanks for ruining my view, and my recording of ‘go do’.

  9. Beth says:

    Second time I’ve been to see him. Just as insanely awesome as last time. Words will never, EVER do the concert justice. To those who haven’t seen him yet: go, NOW!!!!!!!!

  10. Maria says:

    Over a month later and I am still thinking about this gig on a daily basis. The animation, the music and the atmosphere were beautiful, awesome and breathtaking. I was taken to another world that night and want to go back there. I have been left slightly bereft and alone since leaving Colston Hall that night. But the music brings all the power and emotions back everytime I listen to it. Thank you Jonsi, your work is truly lifechanging.

  11. raph says:

    I saw Jonsi’s show a couple of times, on both sides of the Atlantic, and the Colston Hall’s performance was amazing. They don’t seem to be using the full scene setup with the funky structures anymore, but it doesn’t matter, we’re there for the music and the band. In Bristol the guys had a really great energy that they were able to transmit to the crowd in a powerful way. I always enjoyed seeing them live, but the Bristol show will always be a favorite :)

    Also, a little thought for Mountain Man who opened the night wonderfully. They too are always fun to see, but Bristol’s (abnormally?) sunny days must have contributed in improving the vibe.

    Great, great, great night.

  12. Rhodri says:

    A fantastic concernt, the quality of the music was only paralleled by the professionalism of the band, with their multi-instrumental talents and utmost respect for the fans. Their energy on stage is emphasised by enthralling backgrounds and display, headresses and held notes, enhancing their performance to something so much more than an average ‘gig’.

    I’d seen Sigur Ros at the same venue, and was keen to see Jonsi live. My girlfriend surpirsied me with tickets, and what a brilliant present.

  13. Rhodri says:

    A fantastic concernt – the quality of the songs was paralleled only by the band’s professionalism, with their multi-instrumental talents and the utmost respect for the fans. Their energy on stage was emphasised by vivid backgrounds and display (an art in it’s own right), headresses and held notes, which enhanced their performance far beyond an average ‘gig’.

    I’d seen Sigur Ros at the same venue, and was keen to see Jonsi. My girlfriend surprised me with tickets, what a briliitant present.

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