electric picnic, county laois

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  1. Dave Duffy says:

    Had a great time at the Electric Picnic. Jónsi was the high-light. What a finish to the set. Was up the front with my 2 kids and they loved it. Claire reckoned it was better than Green Day. (so the 12 year old is converted). Any chance of sending them a signed photo/card? Come back to Ireland soon.

  2. John Callanan says:

    Jónsi & Fever Ray were the 2 main acts for me going in to Electric Picnic and they both delivered… Jónsi stands out as number one though, a truly great performance. Always a pleasure & a thrill to be at a Jónsi/Sigur Rós gig… Hoping to see you again in a stand-alone gig. Looking forward to your return…

  3. Jen Flynn says:

    Was rocking away in the front row. Absolutely amazing show! Highlight of my weekend, without a doubt. Come back to Ireland very very soon please!

  4. Cherry Prendergast says:

    Loved the set list at electric picnic, and the visuals were amazing too. I was up near the front section and the atmosphere was truly electric. If I was to make one small point, I think one or two of the songs didn’t work as well when Jonsi was playing keys at the side/back of stage and some of the musicians had their backs to the audience. The connection with the audience was lost for a bit, and this was partly due to the audience as well who were there to rock out and at times were a bit too talkative for my liking(but they were mostly Irish and renowned for their endless talking!). Having said that, the music and the musicianship was superb and I personally enjoyed every moment of set :)

  5. Ciara says:

    Can’t tell you how I wish I could’ve gone, but no festivals for me this year. Any chance you might do another gig in Ireland soon? Please? :-)
    Ciara x

  6. marie says:

    amazing show, incredibly intense, please come back to ireland soon!!!!! we love u!

  7. Raynbow says:

    It was such a breathtaking performance! I was welling up to every song. Easily the highlight of my summer! So amazing to see you all. And fair dues to úlfur for playing astoundingly despite the injury. Jónsi was non-stop energy. You were all non-stop energy! I can’t thank you enough! Best of luck with the rest of the tour. Don’t forget to come back to Ireland sometime!

  8. Roro says:

    pretty sure seeing Jonsí at EP was the highlight of my life. as soon as i got there i burst out crying it was so intense and beautiful. My friend informed me that to my embarrassment, one band member (i didn’t see who) noticed me front, dead centre and laughed at my tears ha. Easily the live band i have seen in a very long time, do come back soon you are adored here! x x x

  9. Carlosboy says:

    I missed your show in Montreal but not thiis one. Jonsi and all the band are pure energy. The second and last song was completely amazing!!!! Thank you Jonsi!!!!

  10. eoin says:

    this was honestly one of the most beautiful gigs I have ever been to. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck when I heard “grow till tall”. brilliant performance, brilliant visuals, brilliant night, brilliant band. Please please come back to Ireland soon.

    your epic!

  11. Tony says:

    Most amazing act I saw in 2010, “Grow till tall” live blew my mind. Hope you come back to Ireland soon.

  12. Justin says:

    Wow, wow, wow, just been watching heima(Sigur ros) and brought back some fantastic memories of this gig. It’s been a year later and there’s some amazing memories of grow till tall. Please please come back. Ireland is a calling

  13. Liz Davis says:

    The most magical musical picture i ever did see. I still go there when i want to float away for a while. THANK YOU

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