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  1. DogWater says:

    Stunning. The way the music and the visuals blended together at times lifted everything up to a whole other, incredible, level. Several times I was just ecstatic, transported. I’ve been blown away by Sigur Ros a few times but this was even better (am I allowed to say that? ;)

    But what happened to the ‘broken glasshouse’ stage set I’ve seen in tour photos? It wasn’t there. Was it dropped earlier in the tour or did something go wrong tonight?

  2. Jimbo says:

    Fantastic Show…..

    Was mightily impressed with the band, especially the drummer who sounded stunning and was also great to watch.. The setlist flowed perfectly although in my opinion “Kolniður” was the stand out track of the night… So all in all a excellent night, although like the previous reviewer I was slightly disappointed that we did get the full effect Stage Set I can only assume the Academy’s stage was too small……?

  3. Smudgey says:

    I’m not normally one to follow bands this closely BUT Jónsi and his team deserve all the praise they get as the show was simply OUTSTANDING. Thank you all for a fabulous night – I felt so energised afterwards that it kept me going for the two-and-a-half hour drive home again.

    ps I hope Úlfur’s arm/wrist/thumb gets better soon – I have no idea what happened but good effort :)

  4. weekazza says:

    All I can say is wonderful. Have waited months to see Jonsi after my Paris trip fell through and it was def worth the wait. Your music lifts me and gives me a sense of inner happiness even on the blackest day. It’s music for the soul.

    Grow Tall did it for me, hearing it live just cemented that fact. Thanks for a wonderful evening. Im sure I’ll be back for more. I must mention a big Thank You to my friend L for introducing Sigur Ros and in turn Jonsi to me.

  5. JR says:

    Magical! Jonsi’s voice is unbelievable – the songs are superb. Loads of new stuff sounded great too. Tornado is a really beautiful song. The drummer is great to watch, as is the whole show with fantastic lighting and visuals.
    Thank you Jonsi and band.

  6. fuzzyblue says:

    i already put my review in Jónsi’s forum, so i hope it’s alright to put it in here too?

    .. well, what can i say?.. Jónsi and the band were utterly, utterly amazing!!.. i was standing one row back from the front.. in front of Jónsi.. and to watch him sing so close was one of the most beautiful experiences i’ve ever had.. (i saw him a few years earlier back in 2008 with Sigur Rós in the same venue).. if i wasn’t in such awe and state of shock i probably would’ve cried throughout the whole concert.. i must admit my eyes did get a tad watery, but i held back my tears (of joy) so i didn’t miss a thing!.. and i know Jónsi probably won’t read this, but i must apologize for not singing along.. i did know most of the words, but i only wanted to hear his beautiful voice :-) .. and the rest of the band were also outstanding!.. a bunch of very talented (and rather good-looking) musicians indeed!.. and the energy of the drummer, Doddi.. haha!.. i thought he was going to take-off playing those drums!.. and he looked so darn happy!.. in fact, all the band looked happy!.. y’know, like they were really enjoying being there and playing?.. i just felt so privileged to see them…. and to see Alex (i also love Jónsi + Alex’s music, and their little recipe videos, etc).. the whole show was quite simply breathtaking.. not only in sound, but visually also.. the images on the screen behind the band were wonderful.. kind of magical.. really complimented the music and made it very dramatic.. i loved it all!.. stunning.. beautiful.. a very uplifting experience altogether…. y’know how you can have a ‘happy place’ in your head?.. well, Jónsi and his music is my happy place! :-)

    .. oh, and i was also lucky enough to meet Jónsi outside after the show!.. there were only about a dozen or so fans waiting around at the back of the venue to see if they could catch Jónsi before he got on the tour bus.. i parked my car in front of the tour buses.. i jokingly said to my friend that i wasn’t going to move the car unless i got a hug from Jónsi.. not long after i said that the man himself came out and walked over to the waiting fans.. i almost fell out the car!.. he was so nice and took his time chatting to the fans and signing stuff and being photographed…. i got my hug (which was THE BEST HUG EVER!!!!) and i wasn’t going to bother getting photographed with him, but my friend said he’d take a picture of us.. so Jónsi agreed and we stood with an arm around each other waiting for my friend to take the picture.. he tried a few times, but something was wrong with his phone/camera.. he apologized to Jónsi, but i said i didn’t mind (after all, it meant i got to hold onto the beautiful Jónsi for a little longer, heh).. when i said that, Jónsi just turned his head and looked at me with a surprised/amused expression.. i just grinned.. anyway, he gave up and saw to the remaining fans.. i thought he wouldn’t bother with me again, but he came back and we got the photo.. it turned out to be a rather bad/blurry photo, but i wasn’t really bothered about it.. i got to hold onto him again! :-D .. i was completely overwhelmed by how nice a person he was.. of course i didn’t think he’d not be nice, but just how he was with his fans.. such a beautiful person.. what can i say?.. i just love the man *happy sighs*…. :-)

  7. Halina says:

    My love of Jónsi exceeds my expectations to be honest. I knew this show was going to be beyond my comprehension, but I didn’t expect how much it would affect me.

    I first picked up the album some time ago and have had it on heavy rotation for the last few months. Grow Till Tall was always the track that played with my soul to the point that I was crying every time I heard it. I began counting down to the live show about a month ago and I remember standing after Mountain Man thinking ‘Oh my god I cannot actually believe this is happening now.’

    Jonsi came to the stage and it was like a warm blanket was thrown over me and my friend. We just smiled at each other with the knowing look of ‘we are about to witness something that we are going to remember for the rest of our lives’.

    The first real punch in my gut of emotion that I could not control was Kolniður. The music in itself is orchestral magnificence, however, combined with a cinematic explosion of natural life you cannot help but stand there and let the tears stream down your face. As the landscapes started to emerge on the backdrop and Jónsi’s vocals cascade over the rapturous instrumentation of the piece you become one with what is happening in front of you. Everything disappears and you are in your own world with this visionary genius in front of you. As the lights went up at the end you suddenly remember where you are and look round at the faces of glee displayed by strangers that have somehow now become your friends on this night.

    As the set progressed, song after song and sight after sight just mesmerised me. It was in one word a journey from start to finish. The fountains of colours that rained down left you standing with this permanent smile, it made me just want to lift my arms up and just yell out to everyone around at how amazing this was. We didn’t have to though because everyone just knew.

    Musically, this is one of the most passionate and liberating performances I have ever seen. The band immerse themselves completely in their microcosm of delight and their individual instruments pirouette on unique stages which hold them aloft like elevating pillars.

    Grow Till Tall closed what I can only deem perfection. As the weather changed you could feel the tension in the crowd. At times I had to put my had to my mouth and hold in cries as it got so intense that I just wanted to dedicate my whole body and mind to what I was witnessing. The flashes of lightening crashes of thunder, the sonancy that was so epic it shook your heart till it was left blooming with not only creative impulse but so much inspiration was inconceivable at times. I have never been moved like this at a live performance and after a lifetime so far of dedicating myself to music it was like I was lying in a hospital bed between life and the after with electric pads pumping a new lease of life into my frame.

    Jónsi et al, thank you for just letting me be.

  8. lizbella says:

    Excellent concert, one of the best ever. Please, please come to Belfast, nearer home for me!!!

  9. ljredshaw says:

    Being a massive fan of Jonsi and Sigur Ros, I was hugely excited to get tickets for this gig. I travelled a fair distance to get to the venue, and was a little concerned that I had set my expectations a too high. Well, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience.

    At first, I was a little disappointed to see that the full stage set was absent. I assume this was due to the restricted space. When the show started however, any disappointment soon departed and I was transfixed.

    I now appreciate the work that must have gone into this creative masterpiece. It was absolutely stunning. The visuals and music were amazing and Jonsi……that voice…….it just pierces to soul!!!!!. I loved every second of the show but the highlight for me (and probably everyone else there) had to be Grow Till Tall. Words cannot describe what that track did to me. Needless to say I was in tears by the end of it….mind-blowing!!!

    I would like to thank Jonsi and the whole crew for taking this show round the world, I feel privileged to have been part of it and will never forget it as long as I live.

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

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