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  1. Gustavo says:

    Just amazing! Please don’t miss it!

  2. Jackie Neil says:

    Had the tickets since April, its been a long wait but well worth it. The show was awesome. It was everything I expected and more. Grow Till Tall absolutely blew me away!! Thanks Jonsi and Band xx

  3. Ian Heath says:

    A truly wonderful show. It is always gratifying to see when thought has gone into a production and this is one such show. From such a simple idea as putting the drums to the side of the stage rather than the traditional central position, to the imaginative camera angles and visuals this was wonderful and uplifting from beginning to end. The whole of Go was showcased to great effect and Grow Till Tall was a superb end to the show. If I never do anything else before I die I will get to see Jonsi again.

  4. Sandy says:

    I was so so happy that I made it to this show, it was the second time seeing Jonsi this year and that was definitely the best I’ve ever seen. And I got a drumstick so yay! Thank you very much for coming to Manchester. Can’t wait for next time.

  5. charlie says:

    Totally blown away. Without doubt one of, if not the, best gig that I have been to. Gorgeous visuals beautifully woven with the progression of the set. I just cannot fault it, and want to go again!

  6. orla says:

    I saw Sigr Ros years ago in Copenhagen & to date it was the most atmospheric,emotional, uplifting, inspiring concert I have ever been to. I was so exciting when I got my tickets to see Jonsi, but was apprehensive as to whether it would be the same without the Sigur Ros guys. But, wow, was I in for a shock! The Manchester gig was easily as good as the Sigur Ros concert. The sound & atmosphere was AMAZING. I cant wait to see him again, the band were amazing too, Drummer outstanding!! Im soooo jealous of all you guys who still have to see him! Thanks Jonsi for coming to Manchester>>>>come back soon!!!

  7. Simon says:

    Absolutely amazing show. Read my full review complete with exclusive images over at!

  8. Ian Heath says:

    Any plans for a live album?

  9. Kevin says:

    Thanks for a fantastic, uplifting, beautiful, thoughtful, staring performance. Just perfect. Quick mention to mountain man and their beautifully controlled voices. They reminded me of the three temptresses from ‘O’ Brother were art thou.

  10. Pauline andrews says:

    An absolutely amazing evening, thank you so much for bringing such joy to a wet and miserable Manchester. I left with such a smile on my face that i didn’t care it was raining (and I wouldn’t get home till 6am) The stage looked amazing, the band rocked (special thanks to the drummer who made every bone in my body jump whilst i was under the speakers). Jonsi outdid himself yet again x

    oh and i agree totally with kevin, mountain man were beautiful!

    live album please!!!


  11. Photos from Manchester Academy

  12. Andy Harries says:

    This is as good as it gets. I have been concert going for nearly 30 years and this is easily in my top 5 concerts ever (and I have seen a few!). I have never (ever!) experienced anything as moving (I was literally being blown back by the wall of sound) as Grow Till Tall: the visual married to the sound will stay with me for ever. It felt as if I was in the centre of a tornado, that’s how I experienced it – absolutely stunning piece of performance art and an incredible experience. Couldn’t get the experience out of my mind for a good week afterwards. Please, please, please can you return to the UK with this Tour again (one more time, please?) – I want to take my 15 year old son to experience this magnificent musical and visual spectacle. You must also release this as a live DVD (to Heima like quality please?) and a live album: it warrants the effort you have put in. Many thanks for an amazing night!

  13. lalo says:

    and then i woke up…

  14. Lucia says:

    It was a stereotypically rainy night in Manchester, but inside the dry haven of
    the Academy, Jónsi (front man of the ethereal Icelandic trio Sigur Rós) walked
    calmly onstage as if bereft of any knowledge of the outside world. Indeed, faced
    with the vast wall hangings projected with drawings of tall trees, insects and birds,
    and the band members dressed as if they had come straight from Neverland, the
    audience could have been forgiven for thinking they had walked into a dream world.
    Jónsi himself donned what looked like a modern version of Joseph’s Technicolour
    Dreamcoat, a wonderful concoction of feathers, colourful material and what looked
    like wings sprouting from one shoulder. For the second half of the performance he
    also wore a giant headdress of vivid feathers. His drummer wore a flowing cape and a
    gold crown, and his bassist appeared to be some kind of elf.
    The show (and it was a show, rather than simply a ‘gig’) lasted little more than an
    hour and a half, and yet the complexity and detail that went into every second of
    Jónsi’s performance made it seem like an experience of much larger proportions.
    Unlike most of Sigur Rós’ catalogue, much of Jónsi’s songs are in the English
    language. His signature high-pitched voice remains unchanged, often making the
    actual words he was singing difficult to discern – it all blended into one beautiful
    His band also evoked memories of Sigur Rós’ vast sound, crescendos of piano and
    drums on songs such as Tornado and Grow Till Tall working the audience up into
    a revering frenzy. Although an apparently shy and introverted figure offstage, there
    was nothing of this in the Jónsi who performed to hundreds at Manchester that night.
    He lurched about the stage as if possessed by his own music, often singing into two
    microphones at once in order to create the effect of his voice swinging back and forth
    between several different levels.
    In between songs the audience often fell silent, waiting in awe for whatever
    fascinating and unpredictable piece would come next. The wall hanging backdrop
    which had displayed only static trees at the beginning of the show came to life with
    each song. A colony of giant ants marched across the canvas to the ferocious beat of
    the bass drum, owls soared across the wall and woodland creatures battled each other
    as their soundtrack of piano and guitars thundered along below.
    At various points in the show the colourful frontman switched between singing with
    an acoustic guitar to the xylophone and several mysterious instruments at the back of
    the stage. At first glance these seemed merely to be wooden boxes, upon the sides of
    which a smaller version of the visuals were projected, but at Jónsi’s fingertips they
    produced otherworldly sounds, and as the band members grinned at each other while
    they bounced around the stage, it was clear that the audience were not the only ones
    getting a kick out of this extraordinary entertainment.
    He spoke only once, to say shyly “hello, thank you for coming”, but this was no
    source of disappointment. As an audience we were not craving conversation so much
    as a glimpse of what more he and his band could possibly have to show us.
    At the end of the final song, Grow Till Tall, the stage lights abruptly went down, and
    the venue’s main lighting came on just seconds later, revealing a stage of instruments,
    but no performers. Jónsi and his collection of multi-coloured misfits had vanished as
    swiftly and quietly as they had first appeared, leaving a crowd of inspired devotees to
    wander in a daze back out into the rainy Manchester night.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    An amazing experience.
    A perfect night, wished Grow til tall would never end…..

  16. Andrew gent says:

    if the roof opened up at the end and the mother ship appeared to take you back home ,i wouldn’t of been surprised ,it was an out of this world experience thank you and your very talented friends

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