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11 Responses to “leeds academy”

  1. rattlesnakes says:

    Grow Til Tall – h’unbelievable ender.

  2. icaruswinged says:

    tonight in leeds was the best gig i’ve ever been to; people were crying and embracing afterwards because it was so beautiful….i need to have this experience again! heaven…jonsi is an angel.

  3. An absolutely stunning evening – incredible; a performance that will remain with me a lifetime.

  4. sigursimon says:

    we travelled to Kentish Town to see Jonsi in May before Leeds gig was announced, as a seasoned Sigur Ros man I was unsure what would be delivered why did I doubt?
    Last night in Leeds even surpassed that – the set had been tweaked as had the backdrop effects but the sheer emotion and utter beauty cannot be put into words, you had to be there to understand……
    Grow till tall has grown still taller and has morphed into a more Sigur Ros like beast – breath-taking in both it’s music & presentation.
    Ros must surely be touring again next year, already counting the days……
    Takk Jonsi, Alex et al – you do things no-one in the world can do & my life is so much richer for that.
    If anybody reading this hasn’t listened to Riceboy Sleeps, just do it….xx

  5. sillysaz6 says:

    I knew to expect a good show from Jonsi tonight but i was absolutely blown away last night. As an avid Sigur Ros fan, I knew he would have a hard job convincing die hard fans, but his show triumphed, blowing away the audience. You could hear the passion in his voice and his beautiful voice ringing through the academy. It was so quiet in the audience you could hear a pin drop, hanging to Jonsi’s every word. The power of Kolnidur blew me away, tears and all, tingling all the way through. Not many artists have the power of doing this, so well done Jonsi, i wish i could afford to go to London to see you again. Best gig ever.
    P.s. The drummer was amazing. Wow.

  6. Di says:

    I didn’t think it possible to better the show in London in may, but last night it happened. Truly amazing and utterly breathtaking. Some gigs stay with you forever and this will certainly be one of them.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/diemersonphotography/sets/72157624916295170/?photo_deleted=4973546023 some of my shots from the evening. =]

  7. paul says:

    An absolutly stunning performance. Very few bands have the ability send shivers down your spin. Seen Jonsi twice now. Same effect both times. A little disapointed they did not have the full backdrop and animations from earlier gigs however there were new songs added to the set list and they were really tight.

    Videoed Grow Till Tall link below..


  8. Gastrix says:

    I’ve followed Jonsi’s Solo work quite closely since it’s conception without over indulging the music too much. This concert was my first real aural bite from this glorious musical fruit. It blew my mind. I have a 15 month old son and another son on the way and some how this music epitomises that unexplainable paternal feeling of love I feel for my off-spring. It’s hard to think about my boy laughing and playing while listening to Jonsi without welling up at the sheer beauty of the music and the picture of nature it paints so well.

    The performance was aesthetically unbelievable. A remarkable feast for the senses.

    The best thing about it was the attitudes of the musicians as they performed… No nerves, just happiness. I truly think they loved playing the music as much as we loved listening to it.

    úlfur Hansson’s bass guitar’s jack lead broke right at the start of the set. úlfur gestured the tech team on when the second song finished. Performers can understandably get irritated by little errors here and there like cables breaking and such, but he just kept smiling, broken arm and all… Even Jonsi laughed/Giggled and told the crowd the bass was broken with a big smile on his face. Nothing was going to qwell their mood.

    þorvaldur þorvaldsson was astonishingly skilled in percussion and many of the various other instruments in the centre of the stage. He played with immense articulation, at times acting as a sound effect and other’s providing huge tumbeling and stampeding polyrhythms. Totally awe-inspiring.

    This is as good an experience as seeing Sigur Ros and Ulver live… but it’s happier.

  9. rhoda says:

    As much as I love Go and Jonsi in general I had prayed I wouldn’t be disappointed by the venue as so many academies let you down on the sound. However, Leeds may be the exception to the rule and I will be travelling there to lots more shows hopefully.
    Amazing percusion as everyone else has said. If it wasn’t for the post above I wouldn’t have known the bass was broken.

    I didn’t cry, but I think I may only have been satisfied in that way with a more intimate performance.
    And I have to agree with sigursimon, you have to hear Riceboy.. if you haven’t already. Individual tracks take me back to my time in Iceland so easily I cry that I’m not still there

  10. DannyOH says:

    I really hope they release i DVD of the tour and i hope they can capture all the elements of the shows set pieces
    Magical, grow till tall was something i could not put into words

  11. Gastrix says:

    Typing ‘Jonsi Leeds’ into Youtube produces some amazing bootleggy fruits… namely the amazing rendition of Grow till tall which someone kindly filmed from a few rows back with a nice steady hand… Ice storm and all. Decent sound too… although not half as visceral as the live experience *picks up a piece of ear from the floor*. Kind of like being in the blast radius of an atom bomb, only it not being at all hot…

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