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  1. Marc says:

    Having seen Sigur Ros twice, and being transfixed by their music and shows I was really up for Jonsi. An absolutely WOW!
    The show started melancholic and moody and built up, one song at a time. When they cranked up the music the stage became alive and I never knew where to look. Believe me when I say I am closer to 50 now than I would like and have been to hundreds and hundreds of shows, give me Jonsi and Sigur any day of the week. I visited Iceland last year, which has now given me a real perspective of how his music has developed and grown. I even made a special trip to the bus station in Hlemmur, and now it all makes sense. My only dream left now is to see Jonsi in Iceland, and of course to meet the master himself. An inspiration to me, so Thank You Jonsi and the band. It was a pleasure.

  2. Agnes says:

    Just so beautiful… every part of the concert was spectacular, wonderful, exquisite… thankyou so much for an amazing show. I loved how your bassist just never stopped smiling.

  3. Glen says:

    Amazing concert,

    I have seen Sigur Ros in concert before and loved that, this concert was just amazing, spectacular. and I had goose bumps all through the concert,

    Your just fantastic Jonsi, I am looking forward to seeing you next, in NY NY

    (Marc your not the only closer to 50!)

  4. jamie says:

    wow, jonsi + the guys were truly amazing!! What a spectacular magical show tonight, grow til tall left me speechless and could have gone on all night for me! Everyone should go to see a live jonsi show, as life is not complete without seeing the best live show ever!!! Cant wait now until Hammersmith in November, just booked tickets today :)

    jonsi you are divine and I love you – TAKK x x x

  5. Luke Jones says:

    Beautiful concert, somehow I always manage to get to stand right at the front. Going to be uploading my photos on Flickr here: (there are some of the HMV Forum / London concert there too).

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