brighton dome

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9 Responses to “brighton dome”

  1. Phil says:

    Incredible. A truly memorable night. Highly recommended.

  2. Chris says:

    Takk Fyrir! What an awesome evening, thank you so much. Your sound is mesmerising.

  3. paul says:

    an amazing concert, thank you all, the new song was fantastic.

  4. Agustina says:

    Breathtaking concert with mind-blowing images that captivate you all the way. Highly recommended!

  5. fluterval says:

    The Brighton Dome is a magnificent venue and the sound was just fantastic. This is the first time I’ve seen Jonsi on the tour and it will probably be the only time so I feel privileged to have been part of this outstanding version of the show. Everything was perfectly audible, the vocals were awesome and as everybody has mentioned before the drumming was just brilliant. There were little touches in the show that I loved; the seamless changes of piano players on two of the songs, hitting cymbals with a chain (?) and the bowing of the xylophone, and the crescendo of the bass drum between two of the songs was heart stopping. I don’t think anything was lost by the missing stage set as the visuals were perfect. There was a new song that I didn’t recognise which was a lovely surprise. An even nicer surprise was that I ran into Jonsi before the show (almost literally) as he sped out of the back entrance of the Dome, and although he was obviously in a hurry to get somewhere he still stopped to sign my limited edition box, saying that it was not a problem. An all round brilliant evening. Heartfelt thanks to all involved.

  6. Paul Craddock says:

    An astonishing evening, words fail me. I urge anyone who has the chance to see this show not to miss it.

  7. Hannes og Auður says:

    Magnaðir tónleikar, gleymdi mér alveg yfir laginu með dádýrinu og úlfinum. Upplifði ragnarök með lokalaginu. Takk fyrir.

  8. Kristina says:

    One of the best things I’ve seen, ever. Will probably go to the London show on the 26th of November as well. Thank you sooo much for this experience!!

  9. We all stood at the back entranced by the whole performance. Mesmerising. Angelic vocals being driven along by irresistable percussion. We brought our 4 month old son along (we couldn’t ask the baby sitter to breast feed him!). I think he will be very pleased that his first concert was Jonsi (although the big green ear muffs blocked out the sound, I’m sure he felt the percussion). Paul would like to pass on his apologies to the man he urinated next to in the toilets, but the trough type sink did look like a urinal! Great gig, fantastic people. Do not miss this tour!…

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