sacrum profanum festival

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  1. Kasia says:

    Truly amazing, brilliant.. both music and animations!! Thank you so much for coming to Poland.. to Kraków. Can’t wait for next time!!

  2. marcin says:

    Simply amazing… Thank you very much for such a wonderful performace.

  3. magda says:

    Absolutely fantastic! I started to smile yesterday evening and still can’t stop! Thank you for that magic time!

  4. JC says:

    I was blown away, stunned and pleasently moved. I never felt like this on a music concert. Fell free to come again you’re always warmly welcomed!

  5. says:

    Masterpiece !!!

  6. takk! says:

    really amazing, the best day in my life. thank You for coming! i regret not telling You how much it had meant to me.

  7. tomaszszwedo says:

    pure magic! it was the best day in my entire life! thank you for everything!! hope to see you soon

  8. kasia says:

    Beautiful concert…your music is amazing. Thank you for coming! Hope to see you next time!!

  9. Michal says:

    Not enough! – guess I’ll go to Brussels in November to see the show again

  10. kasia a. s. says:

    you are awesome! I’m impressed, enchanted and still hear the yesterday concert. I regret i didn’t say it to you when I got your autograph but I felt shy.

    PS hope to see you again!

  11. sel says:

    all this magic when the soul was dancing… many thanks!!!!

  12. Romen says:

    Thank You for an amazing gig! I’ll never forget this emotions.

  13. Ela says:

    It was amazing! You are the best! I can’t find the place at home right now, I want to see You again and I hope I will;) Best wishes!

  14. Ola says:

    Thank you! It was the best thing I have seen in my whole life. Last song and all this effects… The storm… O my god, it was truly amazing.

  15. Anita says:

    The best performance I’ve ever seen! I saw the show twice (17.09 and 18.09) and it was fantastic. Music, effects, lights, drums.. everything was just perfect!
    And also guys are so nice, they’re smiling all the time.
    I’m looking forward next cncert!

  16. Luca says:

    well, i felt the magic from the beginning to the end! i had goosebumps and i was shruged…
    You guys made my dreams come true, by playing the final ‘grow till tall’ extreme stormy version – it had the power of Sigur Rós tracks… the brilliant ending and the whole concert!
    hope You had a great time in Kraków and enjoyed my beautiful city!
    Jónsi, come back soon, maybe next time with Sigur Rós… remember, a lot of people are waiting! :)

  17. jónsi, alex, doddi, óbó and úlfur, thanks for a fantastic, beautiful, magic concert! takk!!!

  18. madiiken says:

    that was an outstanding time of my life. and i want to stay at that moments forever.
    hope, that i could see you somewhen again )
    there was so much beauty for my eyes!! )
    thank you so much. and love you.

  19. fan:) says:

    It was simply beautiful, I can’t wait for a next time and next album. Thank you Jónsi! =)

  20. kasia says:

    Beautiful, amazing, cosmic, stirring …. it’s still not enough to express whole of the emotions that appeared over that phenomenon. For the first time I’ve been perceiving the music trying to smell it, also crying, and smiling… And it will not happen again. Thank you so much.

  21. Ania says:

    Hello from your new fan! I watched the performance from the third row and it was absolutely stunning (has anyone said it before?). I hadn’t known your music before, listened to it for the first time and it blew my mind away. Now I’ve got “Grow till Tall” as a ringtone. Let everybody listen! Please come back again if you feel you wanted. What a voice! Indescribable! When I was listening to you I thought no one could sing like that live. And then your voice merged with music and I stopped believing my eyes, stopped believing my ears. Sat down there breathless with my mouth wide open, not really wanting to blink afraid it’s just a dream which will disappear in a second. And my friend just jumped from her seat, flabberghasted. Wish I could say that in your language. Wishing you the best and thanking for everything you’ve done. Good luck!
    And thank you Artur for the tickets :)

  22. Magda says:

    I cannot find any word to describe Your music… Its 19 feb … and I still feel that suonds, coulors. I want more! You done something new in my soul.. THANK YOU
    Big wishes to all group!

  23. Wild Flowers says:

    Jónsi, come to Poland, one more time please.
    Just saw Heima, and think you are a shaman. You connect to sth that is called magic, spirit, energy, and something that is common, in every sens you cam imagine to us as a humans.
    Thank you for letting me by your world, to place that is primary.
    By music you and guys from Sigur, I could connet to myslef, to speak without any language, and without any thoughts. How can it happen? Thinking without thoughts. Yea, you made me do this.
    Thank you, and get invitation to Poland, any time.

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