the wiltern, los angeles

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  1. James says:

    Yea, what happened to the stage set. I was really looking forward to that part of the show. Especially because NPR did a whole story with the production company. I walked away a little confused since I didn’t see all the aspects they talked about.

    Don’t get me wrong though, it was absolutely beautiful music and the animations were great.

    It was just missing a large part of the set. Is it broken?

  2. toma says:

    It seemed I was waiting for this show forever….. But it came out I was twice lucky: I saw you at Origami, got your signature on ‘GO’ CD and went to Wiltern and enjoyed the most wonderful and stunning show!
    Your music makes me smile, feel, fly, live and grow…
    Thank you, Jonsi for reminding us about our true values.

    Greetings from Russian fans.

  3. Tracey says:

    By far the best concert I’ve ever seen! I was moved. I definitely had chills during several songs. My husband and I were in awe the whole drive home from LA. We were definitely on a euphoric high! Jonsi is an amazing artist and the other band members are all so talented. What an amazing drummer! I am already looking forward to your next tour in California(hopefully it’s in the near future)! Thanks Jonsi!!!!

  4. itepo says:

    Jonsi, you’re the most beautiful man i’ve seen in this world. i can tell you that.
    I loved you, adored you, and embraced you so much at the show.
    Thank you for giving me this wonderful night. thank you.

  5. DaMaverick says:

    This show was amazing. I was stuck in the back, but was amazed by the visuals. Thank you for putting some extra thought to those of us who don’t want to elbow people to get a good view of you.

    I also want to thank you for cooperating with NPR to simulcast the show. I missed the first part of the show and now I see what I missed. Amazing.

    Many thanks for Los Angeles, CA, USA.

  6. j'aime says:

    tuned my life into a better position.

  7. ginnsy says:

    Nice to see the visuals that Australian audiences missed out on.

  8. Exelente banda de muita qualidade,esperamos por uma apresentaçao aq no brazil……abraço do fan cesar roberto!bay.

  9. j'aime says:

    The set is only available n the larger venues. The Wiltern’s stage wasn’t big enough for it.

  10. Rob says:

    Extremely disappointing to see that the Wiltern concert was only released on iTunes. This assumes that the bulk of Jonsi fans are Apple customers. I am not, so as a huge fan this leaves me out in the cold. For the most part, Jonsi seems to favor sharing and wide distribution of his media– selecting something so closed and proprietary as the iTunes store is again very disappointing. Hopefully someday this concert will be available to the rest of the world who doesn’t bite from the Apple!

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