the fox theater, pomona

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[flickrpress type=”sets” sets=”Jónsi at the Fox Theater in Pomona 10/18/2010″ api_key=”ed713e2b96150a742627ba72c3c303e8″ account=”iamjonsi” count=”36″ paging=”true” columns=”8″ lightbox=”true”] photos by david studarus / under the radar mag

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  1. Nico says:

    This intimate show will remain part of my most cherished memories for a long time.
    Seeing Jonsi produce these sounds that move the core of me was astonishing. Even the weather seemed to be in cahoots with Jonsi, for it presented the perfect background to this brilliant display of human spirit by ways of music and animal imagery interacting with each note as if their lives were dependent on one another.
    For me in particular, getting to know Jonsi after the show was the highlight. Seeing him interact and take his time with all of us who waited in the rain. I knew that he wasn’t full of himself, but seeing it in action was a humbling experience.

  2. Tyler says:

    Nico, you put it so beautifully! Jon has a spirit unlike any other person I have ever known and it is clearly portrayed in his music and live shows, they are consuming, captivating to the tenth degree, and absolutely a lifetime memory! Being as how I am writing this review over 16months later clearly shows it’s lasting affects, not just on myself but also on my now 6 year old son who got to experience his first concert that beautiful night in Oct. He just said to me, I miss the Jonsi show. Does he remember it because of the vivid visuals, the most powerful music he had ever heard or was it because he got to play with Jonsi in the rain after the show, more than likely it was all of the above! We got to wait outside and meet an awesome individual named Nico^ who gave my son his hacky sac which we still have and play with to this day. It was just an amazing night, added to an amazing life that is now completely saturated with Jonsi’s music day in and day out.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jon!

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