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[flickrpress type=”sets” sets=”Jónsi @ the Fox Theatre” api_key=”ed713e2b96150a742627ba72c3c303e8″ account=”Patrick Gateley” count=”36″ paging=”true” columns=”8″ lightbox=”true”] photos by Patrick Gateley
[flickrpress type=”sets” sets=”Jonsi @ The Fox – 10/19/2010″ api_key=”ed713e2b96150a742627ba72c3c303e8″ account=”The Owl Mag” count=”36″ paging=”true” columns=”8″ lightbox=”true”] photos by Spencer Crooks / The Owl Mag
[flickrpress type=”sets” sets=”2010.10.19 – Jonsi (Sigur Ros)” api_key=”ed713e2b96150a742627ba72c3c303e8″ account=”somaman” count=”36″ paging=”true” columns=”8″ lightbox=”true”] photos by somaman

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  1. Nik says:

    Wow, such a different show from the Palace of Fine Arts! I confess to have been pretty disappointed that the dilapidated warehouse structure was no longer a part of the set, but sonically, this show was FAR SUPERIOR to the last one I saw at the beginning of the tour. Over the course of the year, the Jonsi sound has grown, matured, and truly blossomed into an a joyous, at times ruckus, always beautiful soundtrack of the soul. This performance felt more urgent and primal, more VISCERAL than the earlier show. Previously, it felt as though a story was unfolding before our eyes with music that was just beginning to understand itself in a live context. Tonight was more of a Big Bang caught mid-explosion, something that was completely mastered by its musicians, yet barely contained, even at its most subdued moments, by the four walls in which it was produced. A wild thing, caged but untamed. Thunderous, fragile, brilliant.

  2. pokey says:

    I completely agree with everything Nik has to say about the night. Great selection of words to try and describe what I witnessed. I too missed the warehouse set and the way the glass would break with the wind or get stained over with the water and rain but the sound was truly a sonic experience. The drums and bass made the floor move under my feet and shook my entire being. Grow Till Tall was outrageous and explosive in the end. I brought a newbie to the show and he was blown away by the experience as was I. I love the music and the show so I must say thank you very much Jonsi and band for giving me a great musical experience. You guys have given us all an experience that we will be forever grateful. Sometimes words cant express feelings about music and this is the case with a Jonsi concert like the one I just saw. Thanks again with the greatest appreciation for coming on this fall tour of the USA and may you all have a great life.

  3. marquis says:

    I feel so lucky to have had this as my first experience seeing Jonsi. I lack the words to do a proper review, or one that expresses just how beautiful, magical and moving this show was. By the end of the last song, I was crying my eyes out (which, albeit, is a little embarassing as a 6’4″ guy near the front of the crowd). Jonsi’s voice, the beautiful imagery, the spectacular lighting, the way the band worked together, the silence of the crowd… everything was beyond perfect.

  4. Judith says:

    What an inspiration. I was completely mezmerized by this experience. It was everything and much more. I was in no way prepared for what unfolded during this spectacular performance. It started softly, gently and reached a magnificant crescendo. What a incredible group of musicians. I was transformed, transported and completely in awe. At the end, I was both stunned and speechless. After attending countless concerts for over 40 years, I thought I had seen it all, but you took me somewhere I had never been before or will ever go again. You “GO” Jonsi!

  5. Erik says:

    As a bartender at the Fox, I see more than my fair of share of performers, shows and events. To be honest, I had never heard of Jonsi before this show. I left a fan for life. The spectacle of Grow Till Tall has stayed with me even till today. I had my hands on my head repeating “Oh my God, Oh my God, unreal!” The most emotionally captivating violently beautiful performance. I had to catch my heart jumping out of my chest. Thank you Jonsi! we shall meet again.

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