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  1. Tiffany says:

    My boyfriend is your #1 fan and since I knew you were coming to Las Vegas I got a ticket for myself he will be seeing you in Columbus,it was my first time seeing you live,I’ve heard your cd’s for so long it’s like I could feel what I was going to see and I was not disappointed!!! Your live show is amazing to say the least,my clothes wanted to dance off my body..You can do more then feel the music you can see it,smell it and taste it.I very much hope you’ll come back to Las Vegas soon,I hope you felt the energy coming from the crowd(even if I felt some people were being jerks)Las Vegas is a great place to play but with so many tourist it’s hard to get true fans into the shows unless they were already a fan to start with.I had a wonderful time and I’m so glad I got to see you live,thanks for putting a huge smile on my face and letting me be part of your world for a couple of hours :) With Love

  2. bettinabrentano says:

    The crowd was absolutely horrific. I have never been to Las Vegas and I don’t think I’ll be returning. I came with a large group to see what I discovered in Portland, OR to be the best live show of the year. It was embarrassing to be a part of the crowd that night. I think it was clear that the band members and their crew were all disgusted.

    It is very uncomfortable and distracting to have to tell people around you to please be quiet.

    The show itself was, as always, amazing.

  3. gina says:

    Was upstairs. Sitting in a balcony seat. In the middle. Been a a huge fan for maybe eight years. Starting with Sigur Ros. A someone who has based their artistic creativity through the sounds of this type of music. Like Bettina, was angry listening to anyone talking during their show in Vegas October 21st.
    Although, more importantly for me it is all about the experience of traveling in my mind. Music from the new album/concert was upbeat and happy. Wished it could be sad again. Jonsi sings like a song bird and is amazing. Although, overdoing the human sound can get in the of the journey. My humble opinion.

    ( ) was the album I recall, Jonsi’s voice, used sparingly. Music from those earlier years seemed to be allowed to breath then. Miss that feeling. Hope to hear more of the music and less vocals again in the future.

  4. Jessica says:

    As a California resident I’d heard amazing things about the California performances, but had been unable to attend any. Bummed that I might not get the chance to see his live performance until another tour I decided on a whim to drive out to Vegas the night of the show. My boyfriend and I left Orange County at 6pm with no tickets in hand and arrived at the House of Blues right as they were taking the stage. I was relieved/excited/overjoyed that we had made it on time and was thus happy throughout the show. The crowd truly sucked from the get go. Just because the music isn’t blaring in your ears doesn’t mean you should turn to your neighbor and ask “So what’s your major?”, or whip out your glaringly bright smartphone to stare at tentatively, or discuss whatever the hell snarky crap you wanted to discuss with your beer breath and that girl you were trying to impress. I just wanted to turn to everyone and say “You do realize this is the headliner and that the show is in progress, right?”. Maybe it’s just because I’d driven so far to be there, or perhaps because I haven’t been to a show in years and etiquette has changed, but that whole crowd just rubbed me the wrong way. The music was great, the band was great (considering the crowd they had to work with)….and I don’t regret my decision to drive out there. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to catch a California performance. I love the new upbeat vibe of the new’s a fresh sound that brings a good energy to the live shows.

  5. mydeadhorsey says:

    Vegas. So everyone on here knows, they ended up giving away free tickets, hence the assholes all over the venue. I too came from Portland to relive the best show I have seen in years. I see many shows in Vegas because the venues have such amazing sound (Vegas has all that $ to put into it) and the venues are smaller than going to LA, but you always have the bad crowd. Sadly there are not enough true fans of music like Jonsi in Vegas to fill the venue so they have to give tickets away and bank on alcohol sales. They clearly got there money back, there were so many people behaving terribly.
    Regardless, I closed my eyes and allowed to amazing sound to fill my soul. The show was incredible, and if you were able to not kill yourself or someone else, it was well worth it! I would follow this show anywhere….

  6. Justin says:

    The show was incredible – definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I got the chills several times throughout the show. The crowd wasn’t that bad to me but i was in the balcony.

  7. Impum Lorem says:

    I did not go to your show. I did not go to your show Jonsi, because I can no longer tell the difference between what it is that is real. And what it is that is not. And…most importantly…I did not go, because I wanted something to regret. I am sorry. I will try make an appearance next time. I know it can be hard to stay here in Las Vegas-immediately when you land you can feel the morals being sucked out of you…and for that, I am truly sorry.

  8. Sandy Peery says:

    My son , his girlfriend and i flew to Las Vegas to see Jonsi in Concert, they had already seen him twice before but this was my first time..
    I thought it was absolutely amazing!!!!
    Afterwards, we got to meet up with Jonsi, Alex, Jonsi’s sister as well as his band members, Jonsi signed my bow and My sons girlfriends back which she has other sigur ros tattoos. We then watched them make a human pyramid in the casino!!

  9. Ryan says:

    I have seen Sigur Ros Live and was blown away! Been a fan ever since their 1st album! Was able to meet Jonsi a few years ago and before this show, but my wife hasnt unfortunately. So I took her this night (photo 6 is us) and she loved it! We had such a great time! Beautiful night!!!!!!! I hate the Vegas crowd and I’m a local and totally felt ashamed. Sorry Jonsi!!! Please come back though! Was nice again meeting you and Alex, i was the crazy one rolling up in the Scion on the streets when i saw you!! lol :)

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