verizon theatre, grand prairie

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  1. Dok says:

    Last night, I listened to the purest distillation of joy made sound perhaps ever created. I experienced music so powerful it threatened to swallow the world (and then, during the finale and “Grow Till Tall”, did exactly that). I heard a voice clearer than the purest crystal, emoting delicately one moment, jubilantly the next…presenting listeners an endless vista of aural transcendent beauty, effortlessly carrying them across its length & breadth, then gently depositing them on the other side.

    Power, glory, transcendence. Personally, I will never hear these words again without reawakening at least some memory of last night’s experience. I thank Jonsi & his band for giving them proper form & shape. It is a gift that makes my life richer; it will stay with me until the end of my days and brighten each one of them.

    This is the closest I can come to expressing what I saw & heard at Jonsi’s concert in Dallas. I hope that those who were there (or at any show thus far) read this and are reminded of what they saw & heard.

    I hope that those who have yet to go are even more excited about attending. You will not be disappointed.

    And I hope that for those who cannot go, these words somehow convey what was on display.

  2. tak says:

    I can’t even explain the inspiration I received from the show. The ending of the show sent me away feeling horrible. Like an actual tornado-ridden town I felt emotionally destroyed. I will never forgot the moment jon made that whale noise. I will forever remember that moment.

  3. Shawn says:

    Tak I think you are being a little sensitive. I mean I thought it was the best show I have ever seen. The tornado song is just a song. I have been in Dallas for what like 18 years now and been in an actual tornado. The song more made me think of the nature of a tornado. A tornado destorys but that’s in its nature and that is nature. Distruction creates life. Maybe the song should remind you of life and nature. All a tornado is is an energy mass with atoms in it because atoms are in everything. If you think about it it actually is life itself. How could you feel destroyed from that?

  4. azzy23 says:

    I’ve been fortunate enough to catch the show in London, then later in Texas. Both shows were superb, but the venue here in Grand Prairie simply wasn’t good enough for the Jonsi. I found that I had to have two different scales. On the scale of shows I’ve seen in Texas, it was definitely awesome. The only show I can think of that was better (and I’ve seen a LOT of concerts) would be The Cure, way back in 94. And to further qualify, I was a totally different person then… but it was still one of those pivotal shows. As an adult, thinking differently and having more life behind me, Jonsi was definitely the best show I’ve seen in Texas in the last decade or so.

    That said, the venue. I felt like something really special was being inadequately displayed. It didn’t diminish how special that presentation was, but the venue could have upped their game a bit more I thought. The show in London was like being on another planet. Grown men stood in silence with tears on their faces. You really felt like… I don’t know how to describe it, walking out of that show you felt like you’d given birth or something. You were tired, emotionally drained in a really good way. Everyone was on the same page, and everyone sorta glowed (as goofy as that sounds). I felt so connected to everyone. It was truly cool.

    I will say, for both shows, the visual presentation was intense. As a visual artist, I found my hands clenching with the need to sculpt or draw something. It’s very very stimulating, productive, creative music. Wish there was another show coming, I’d pay a mint for the ticket and not feel slighted.

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