austin music hall, austin

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  1. This was absolutely brilliant! Invigorated the soul, very genuine performance. If I could be anywhere December 29th it would be Reykjavik!

  2. Eddie says:

    Beautiful show. þorvaldur þorvaldsson is my new hero!

    I do wish the upstairs had been open. Since I had a bunch of tall people in front of me, I missed a lot.

  3. eric says:

    wonderful show as always, jonsi. thanks so much for making the austin stop. austin music hall absolutely sucks for not opening up the mezzanine but what are you going to do? i was curious as to why the broken window backdrop didn’t make the trip to austin (i’m guessing not a big enough stage?). anyway, grow til tall, icicle sleeve, and around us were all mindblowing! thanks again!

  4. Alejandra says:


    Magnificent concert! Thank you so much for coming to Austin!

    I would have really loved to see more of the concert – I saw at the most your head from very far a dozen of times – the venue was terrible… :( I wonder why they didn´t open the second floor….

    Come back soon!

  5. elpierce says:


    I have done my best to encourage others to go to your live show after seeing your brilliant performance here in Austin last night.

    Here is a link to the post I made on ‘reddit’ telling other people to go see your amazing music live:

    You should read it. The post went to the top of the “music” page almost instantly and stayed there all day. I really hope it sold some extra tickets for you!

    Seriously, this was one of the most incredible nights of music that I have ever been witness to. I hope you come through Austin again.

    You are incredible. Thank you so much for coming to Austin and sharing your music.

    Come back soon!

  6. JonsiFan! says:

    The most amazing live show I have ever seen in my life. I had never cried so hard ever. BEAUTIFUL. INSPIRING. LIFE CHANGING.

  7. lacey says:

    wish it could be tuesday october 26, 2010 everyday. i need to have a live jonsi performance on a daily basis. i felt like changing the world the next day! the finale was like being in a beautiful storm of emotion. PERFECT.

  8. M.L. says:

    Thank you for coming to Austin, Texas!! I cannot wait until I have the next opportunity to see you live. This was by far the best live show I have ever been to. It was thrilling, entrancing, and the visuals so absorbing that it is like the audience is collectively waking up from a dream when the house lights finally come back up. The mix of emotions the music stirred in me made me feel alive in ways that I had been missing before! Thanks, Jónsi!

  9. akire says:

    jonsi coming to austin was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and it was the absolute BEST show i have ever been to. i cried when he came onto the stage.

  10. Richard says:

    As an incoming freshman to the University of Texas at Austin, I am so excited to move into the Live Music Capital of the World. I am sad that I missed last year’s concert. I look forward to another one in the near future!

  11. a truly incredible and unique art, blending music, film, stage design, costumes and lighting the souls of everyone in the venue on the fire of love

    thank you jonsi for bringing your light into the world!

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