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  1. Traveller says:

    Well, no one knows how to tarnish a great show like Columbus, Ohio. The crowd was embarrassing and the venue was a shithole, but the show itself was flawless. Here’s hoping I get to see you again sometime soon in some other place with some other crowd that has a little more class.

  2. Bob says:

    Well, I don’t know who Traveller was standing next to, but everyone around us was cool. I’ve been going to the Newport for decades; it’s a fine old beat-up hall with decent acoustics — yeah they could clean it up but the next crowd would just pour beer all over it again. We couldn’t see well because of the crowd hugging the rail but could hear just fine. Mountain Man have extraordinary voices and were more impressive than their cd indicated they’d be. Jonsi and company were outstanding. The band was nearly flawless, and had fine stage presence. As a drummer, I found the percussion team pretty damn awesome. The sound was good; the visuals too, for the most part. Quality showmanship all the way, for a fairly short (it timed at 90 minutes, but they ended the main set at 1:08, then two encores) but very well structured show. Totally worth the effort to see.

  3. Bob says:

    I have to add, the only downside to the show (aside from the tall guy right in front of us at the rail) was the ridiculous parking garage problem. We and many other concertgoers were trapped in the damn thing for more than a half an hour due to some sort of gate malfunction, and tempers were starting to seriously flare. I though one guy was going to road rage and back into us just to force his way into line. The staff finally gave up and manually raised the gate and let everyone out without having to pay, which was a small bonus after all the frustration. But man, OSU needs to fix that thing!

  4. Rachel says:

    The show was amazing!! Totally worth the four hour drive! The parking garage was a little bit of a problem. :]

  5. feather headband thrower says:

    I just wonder why more people weren’t dancing. Jonsi deserves dancing.

  6. Joseph says:

    If I were to solely comment on the actual concert, I would only have incredibly positive things to say. Jónsi and the crew were all wonderful. The drummer was insane (in the best way possible). I felt as if my soul was reborn during the finale of Grow Till Tall. I highly recommend anyone who has the capability of seeing Jónsi perform to do so.

  7. Andrea Myers says:

    I thought the show was incredible. I didn’t want it to end – I didn’t want to leave Jonsi’s magical realm!! I thought Jonsi seemed in great spirits. I’ve watched the live show that NPR had on their website, and it seemed more calm. He just seemed to be going through the motions to me. Last night – he seemed to be much more animated. And Alex’s huge smile as they were all out clapping at the end was beautiful. =) I’m sorry traveller was embarrassed and didn’t have a good time. The people near me were dancing. We were clapping along to the faster songs. People were shouting to him. I thought it was great myself.

  8. Kim says:

    Absolutely one of the best concerts I have ever seen. I agree with Andrea – I did not want the night to end!! The ambiance created by the music had a worshipful-like quality. The venue was sold out so there was barely room to move on the main floor area which was standing room only, probably why there was little “dancing.” But everyone was entranced by Jonsi and his band. Those with me are musicians and we were totally floored by the musicianship on stage and loved seeing the band switch instruments which just solidifies their musical depth and strength. The percussion piece was an absolute thrill to experience. Jonsi himself put on an excellent stage performance as expected. The finale piece was an incredible ending to the night. I loved that they came out at the end for an applause and agree that the smiles on their faces showed that they had enjoyed themselves. I’m not sure how the power of the performance could not have outweighed whatever else happened that night.

    The Newport is what it is and it has an awesome history such as the first US venue where U2 played and it’s the longest continually running rock club in America. Could it be cleaned up? Sure. But there is something about heading into a ‘well seasoned’ venue that just makes you realize that a lot of amazing music has taken place here and will take place here tonight. So many bands get their start a the Newport that it’s become a must stop for many performers known or yet to be discovered. It’s such an intimate venue compared to larger places that the experience for both the bands and the crowed are heightened. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve seen a band play at the Newport and then else where and I still think the Newport performance was better because of the intimacy experienced. Personally I thought the original detailed architecture of the stage worked beautifully with the video playing in the back ground and just added to the entire ambiance.

  9. Julie says:

    The show was amazing. No concert will top Jonsi’s for a long time.
    I drove four hours, and waited another 4 in the freezing cold. But it was beyond worth it. The music was outstanding. Sounded just like it did from the cd. The band and the crowd were so animated. It was completely mesmerizing. The graphics behind were really neat too. There was so much to look at. It was like no concert I have ever been to before.
    No concert will top this one for a very long time!

  10. Jordan says:

    I’ve watched and listened to both, Jonsi and Sigur Ros, as far back as I can remember. He is one of my inspirations being a music major and percussionist.

    This was my second time seeing this show. (once during the summer tour in Philly) It was absolutely phenomenal! I still have the same reaction as from the first time I saw him. People always ask me how my concert was…I can never answer them. There really are no words.

    Continue on Jonsi. Ill always be around listening and watching! Thanks for all your hard work, commitment, and over all love and passion for music.

  11. AnnieBee says:

    This concert hands down, was the best concert I have ever been to. Despite having to wait in the cold for over an hour and another upon entering, the wait was well worth it. The visuals were stunning. I have never seen anything like it. The entire concert was such an emotional experience, I seriously found myself crying during Grow Till Tall. I’ve always loved his music and after seeing him live, his music is now even more meaningful to me. If you have the opportunity to see Jonsi live, do it! Don’t hesitate. If you have your tickets and haven’t seen the concert yet, be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride.

  12. nate says:

    I just wanted to say. I went to the show with my brother who is a huge jonsi fan. I had never heard him before. When I left that night, I was in awe and am a huge fan. The show is now at the top of my list of concerts I’ve ever been to. (Oh and I wanna apologize to bob. I’m the tall guy on the rail. I try to lean down over the rail as much as possible whenever I’m upfront but I always block the view somewhat. Sorry)

  13. Bob says:

    Nate — All is forgiven, man! I’m happy you’re now a fan. And I completely agree with Kim about the Newport; as I wrote, I’ve been seeing shows there since it was the Agora Ballroom, and yes, the funky quasi-deteriorating architectural ornamentation enhanced the video and lights perfectly. Superior show all around.

  14. Cardigan Sue says:

    Best show I have been to without a doubt. Completely visceral experience, and the lighting and backdrop display just added to what I can only describe as otherworldly. I also loved how the band came out for a final bow. Most bands just walk off, game over, but this gave a sense of friendly closure, an appreciation on their part for our mutual appreciation for them. Also, I’m 5’3″ so I always had a problem seeing over just about anyone (my husband is 6’1″ – lucky him), but if you don’t mind toughing it out in the cold for an hour you get positively the BEST spot in newport.

  15. Shannon says:

    I have been a huge fan of Jonsi for years! YEARS! I listen to Sigur Ros all the time and when I heard that Jonsi put out an album- I HAD TO HEAR IT ASAP! it was amazing- there was no doubt it wasn’t going to be! When I pulled up the tour dates and saw that he was coming to OH I called my boyfriend and told him he had no choice but to go with me! We live four hours away and it was well worth the drive and the money (gas is expensive when traveling like that). The show was fantastic and everything that Jonsi touches seems to be magical! The venue was great and there was no trouble finding a spot to view the stage, it really was nice and wide open! The sound was amazing and the show he put on was out of this world. My boyfriend and I both agreed that it topped every show we have ever been to, and i have been to A LOT! The only complaint I have was that people couldn’t sit still- i wanted to trip everyone that walked in front of me to get another beer. HOW MANY DO YOU NEED! PAY ATTENTION TO THE SHOW! if you want beer- go to a bar… Then the back got a little loud and we could hear them where we were standing on the quieter parts of the show. Other than that, Jonsi put on a great show, full of beautiful music and wonderful animation. I want to follow him on tour so badly- if only he could come to Pittsburgh next time he comes through! That would be amazing! ;)

  16. Jordan says:

    I know right shannon?! Im also from Pittsburgh but go to school in Columbus. I guess I’m lucky =)

  17. Willow says:

    If anyone reading these reviews doesn’t get it by now, go catch one of the shows. It’s incredibly beautiful, and that’s a vast understatement. Thank you Jónsi and group.

  18. Sarah says:

    My sisters and I were, yet again, mesmerized by Jónsi and gang on Saturday. We traveled 5 hours to Minneapolis in April to see the show and ever since then, we can’t get enough. When we saw that he was having an autumn tour, we absolutely had to see him again. This time, we traveled 12 hours to see Jónsi. All the extra money and time spent traveling to his shows are well worth experiencing his wonder. I’m am absolutely certain I, and my sisters, will be seeing Jónsi for a long, long time to come. Heck! We ever made our mom a fan. Cheers to you Jónsi and gang for another outstanding performance.

  19. Laura says:

    Seriously…if you live within a 6 hour drive of any venue where this show is playing, DO NOT hesitate to get tickets and go. Call your neighbors, take the kids, take your grandma, EVERYONE will be better for it.

  20. Robert says:

    At age 64 I’ve seen and heard lots of music; Beatles in 1963, Stones in ’64, Mahavishnu Orchestra in ’78. The Jonsi concert on Saturday night at the Newport was the most incredible concert I’ve ever attended. The venue was funky and appropriate, the audience was as one in love. The musicianship, the background show, the songs, the Voice, oh my god the voice of Jonsi. I drove four hours each way, stood in frigid weather and still felt glorious. It’s now Tuesday and the show is still playing in my head. Jonsi 2010 was a milestone of such music, beauty and delight that I doubt I’ll ever see anything musically and visually to surpass it.

  21. Mike says:

    I believe we humans are designed in part to be imitators of creation; that is, we are able to be inspired by our world and we long to create our own art from what we experience in life. We also have the ability to appreciate great art when we see or hear it. Part of the experience is going through some sort of suffering in order to gain something beautiful. Jonsi delivered beauty. What a great way to show love to your fellow humans- to create something amazing for them to enjoy. Jonsi, thank you and the crew for a wonderful gift.

  22. leah says:

    I am so very sorry that this venue wasn’t larger-first of all. That I had to keep “shooshing” people that were talking around me… (intimacy is all that Jonsi and Sigur Ros has ever preformed)… and this wasn’t an assigned seating venue.
    Anyone who is serious about EXPERIENCING Jonsi, Sigur Ros, or ANYthing they-or he puts out there… would know what I am saying by trying to limit or control the populous that pay a ticket.

    I would much rather pay MORE per ticket to guarantee that some ass was talking about how waited they are… or how they got layed the weekend before if it meant that i would hear uninterrupted MAGIC that these people displayed for us.

    This was a magical experience musically. i just wish the 1/4 of the ignorant people that were there felt the same. please consider making ALL of your shows… Sigur Ros and the side-projects alike… assigned seating…

    … so that all who are in attendance are held accountable to be reverent, respectful, and QUIET during such a magical, beautiful, reverent, AWE-stricken set.

    much love and luck.
    I also didn’t pay $25 for some aggressive douche to try to cut me off at the last minute because he didn’t feel like getting there when the doors open and shove in front of me. I stood there for an hour and a half to be able to take in the sound, music, visuals that this show had to offer… and was willing to fight off any ignorant-minded actions of people who were willing to self-protectorate their way to the same experience i was waiting for so very diligently for.

  23. jordan says:

    @leah, you sound like a cunt. you would’ve moved away from those people.

    as for the show it was amazing, got there at 4:30 and waited around 2 hours and a half in the freezing cold weather, but it was well worth it. saw the whole show right in the front and after wards even got to meet jonsi and alex :D

  24. jeremy says:

    I stood two hours in line in the cold to get to the front rail, but it was well worth it… the show was FUCKING AMAZING!! This concert was by far one of the most beautiful and otherworldly things I have ever experienced in my life!!

  25. Curtis Combs says:

    Jonsi, Alex, Thor, Ulfur, and Obo thank you so much for an amazing experience. My heart is broken now that you have left the states. My wife and I are absolutely in love with all of you. The show was absolutely phenomenal, and I could think of no better way to have spent our Tenth Anniversary. We were right up front and we enjoyed every minute of the performance. The music was life and the moment will be with us always. We hope to see you again soon. Keep creating and we’ll keep listening! (P.S.: You are more than welcome to drop in for a visit anytime, we have beautiful children, and the perfect yard for an acoustic set!)

  26. Greg says:

    definitely worth the 4-5 hour drive to see him a second time this year. will have to agree on the parking garage except that it was right across from the venue, so no complaints there

  27. Audria says:

    First, the song that Jónsi introduced by saying something along the lines of, “We’ve never played this live before so you’re the first ones to hear it, I hope we don’t fuck it up.” That song was amazing! And I’ve been dying to hear it ever since, it was very intense! I hope someone takes my comment into consideration and with a little luck everyone will be able to hear it!

    Second, I got to see Jónsi twice when I thought I’d never get to even see Sigur Rós/Jónsi live. And nothing I’ve ever experienced has ever made me feel so alive and so small, in a world so vast yet it to all feel so intimate. Beauty! Now I’m more so in love with all the band members, haha. How precious all their smiles were!! (:

    Thank you for existing!

  28. laura says:

    My heart sings and sobs. My dearest Audria! I sit alone, missing you as you explore thousands of miles away from home. I watched Planet Human last night and thought of your amazing life at the tender age of 18. It appears that the world is your teacup and you are drinking it in. It has been nearly ONE YEAR since you forced me out of this little box, begging me to drive to Chicago so that you could share with me the music which fills your soul with light and love. I didn’t understand, but I agreed to the intimidating and terrifying drive because it meant so much to you. THANK YOU DAUGHTER. We made it to the Vic, we hailed a cab and we found Karyn’s Cafe (I didn’t think anything would compare to seeing Karyn with her arm around you!). Beautiful nourishment. Next thing I knew, there we were…pressed against the stage. You were in full euphoric anticipation and I was nearing exhaustion, contemplating a nap in the car and already stressing about the 3 hour drive home. The music began and I was instantly lifted, carried away on wings into a magical realm of ‘NOW in this moment, nothing else exists’. I am a deeply grateful mother. I know that as you continue growing and traveling the world…we will be forever connected through these mystical memories. You didn’t even have to beg months later…You said, “Mommy, Jonsi will be in Columbus!” I said, “LET’S GO!”
    Today I am here reminiscing…I don’t know where you are…somewhere in El Salvador…I was reliving our Columbus adventure, reading others’ comments with no intent to leave one of my own (everyone described the experience so beautifully) and.. here… NOW I see your words and I remember it all. Maybe someday you will find this one from me to you, as this connective thread cradles us in music and memory and LOVE.
    Gratitude to all.
    We so desperately desired an adventure to Iceland for the final show….someday perhaps!

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