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  1. Nemorino says:

    Loved the show – beautiful as I thought it would be, having caught the band at Latitude earlier in the summer (what’s that?!). Loved the dynamic build up. I wish I could see the show again but alas haven’t got the cash for a ticket to Japan or Iceland! Thanks Jónsi and fellows: rare music of magical power, from beginning to end. Great sound, lovely visuals, and involving from beginning to end. Hope you enjoy a day off in London before you head off to the far east.

  2. Rhii says:

    It was absolutely stunning! The visuals were amazing and Jónsi and the band were on top form. My best friend and I were in the front row and it was my birthday treat and we were thoroughly blow away with the performance. We’re ready to book our tickets for the next tour!

  3. RedRobbin says:

    Easily the best gig of the year. Stunning. Can’t wait to see Jónsi and the band again!

  4. mark says:

    I have never seen or heard anything as sublime as Jonsi and the band last night, simply the best live performance… ever !!

  5. Paavan says:

    This review shall be short, as last night’s concert was so incredibly amazingly ‘wow’ that I was left utterly speechless..

  6. Stef says:

    I went alone to the concert from Spain…was my dream can see the band and now I can say…I saw the best performance ever and the heart of Jonsi…
    Thanks thanks and thanks for this dream…
    I promise go to Iceland to see you again!!!

  7. John Bayley says:

    Stunning and mesmeric. I was at the Bournemouth concert earlier in the tour. That was a great concert – this was magnificent, helped by the much larger and more enthusiastic audience and the band were just so together. Have to say “what a drummer!”

  8. Sophie says:

    Perfect in every possible way – the scenery was gorgeous, the energy and the atmosphere were unforgettable, Jónsi’s voice was breathtaking…it was a perfect night and I just hope that one day I can see him live again!

  9. Lydia says:

    There are no words to describe how amazing Jonsi was! I felt so privileged to have been in the front row, mesmerised by the entire performance. I took my boyfriend for an early Christmas present and needless to say, he loved it too! Definitely going to see him again, just wish I could afford the plane tickets! Simply AMAZING! Best show I’ve ever ever been to, still buzzing from excitement and happiness days after! X

  10. Janice says:

    Fantastic concert – having been to Latitude in the summer this was amazing with animation visuals as well, wonderful! Also loved the new songs – thank you again Jonsi and the band for a great experience.

  11. Damien says:

    I saw Jonsi at the HMV Forum near the beginning of the tour back in April (I think). The show was amazing and seeing it a second time around, I was taken away with the artistry and the passion that Jonsi puts into his performance. The drummer deserves some kind of knighthood for his contribution to percussion.

    I’ve already pre-ordered the DVD and can’t wait to see it. Heima might actually leave my DVD player for a bit :)

  12. alline says:

    I came from Paris to see my last Jónsi concert. I already talked about how amazing is your show, nothing to add about this last one, except I would have liked to hear a new song, as “Ukulele”.

    Thank you for this year of musical happiness, and I could not ask for a better conclusion than to meet you and Alex downtown and to say thank you. Incidentally, they played Happiness (on radio or playlist) a few minutes before you came in, I still can’t believe it.

    Go Live today? What a perfect timing! And then, I’ll try to be patient for the next Sigur Rós event… :)

  13. Lena says:

    A more than amazing show, actually there are no words to describe it. I’m so glad I was able to see it and I wish I could go to another one. It really was a fantastic magical experience that can’t be repeated any time soon, I’m still not quite back to reality. Absolutely loved every second of it.

    And an important (and impatient and desperate) message to the person I “met” after the show, waiting in the cold… if you happen to read this, please please send me the picture!!

  14. Saeglopur says:

    The best show I’ve ever seen. I saw Jonsi live back in summer in Vienna and it was an okay show. Just a small stage and a little screen with some visuals. But THIS here in London, this was just amazing. The stage show, the songs, the visuals…. I’ve never experienced something like this before.
    Beautiful. Now I just need to see Sigur Rós soon as well! :D

  15. Matt says:

    A fantastic concert. Great venue and stunning drummer! All the band were great but Jonsi was the main man with superb vocals a real front man and entertainer simply magnificent!

  16. heidi says:

    I just got back to Oslo after a weekend in London including a stunning concert Friday night!

    All the five musicians seemed immersed in what they were doing and their performance was throughout mesmerizing in all its aspects.

    This was the third Jónsi show for me. Although the set list has been almost the same each time, there are many small differences and new things to discover in the extremely rich set of sensory impressions these concerts give rise to. The visuals, for instance, especially during “Kolnidur” and “Boy lilikoy” astonished me this time as well.
    Jónsi’s voice was breathtaking (literally). During the last song, “Grow till tall”, my heart skipped a beat I think. Jónsi seemed very emotionally dedicated and his voice was still so powerful and clear as if this ending of the concert could have been the beginning. After the stormy visuals, the sky cleared up in the end and left somehow the feeling that what might seem impossible, can turn out to be possible…

    Even if this was the last Jónsi concert for me, there is no way to feel sad. After the concert I just felt very happy and had to hug my friends over and over again. Jónsi’s album and these concerts have filled me with a lot of inspiration and turned this year into a very special one.

  17. Sharon says:

    It has taken me a few days since returning from the concert to firstly return to earth and secondly to try and find the correct words to sum up this magnificent evening and I’m afraid to say that words clearly are not enough.

    This concert was by far the best ever!! Amazing is a good start but to say how pure and in a strange sort of way simple this concert was. It was fantastic to see such beautiful soft lyrics sung with the most sensitive lighting I have ever witnessed. I feel us that were lucky enough to witness this evening had been taken to a far better place for a few hours, just to enjoy a little something different!!!

    We all always love to comment on how wonderful Jonsi is and my god yes he is, I believe music is in his blood, but I would like to personally thank the rest of the band as without them the sound would just not be there!!! I would also like to thank my Dad who I took to celebrate his 60th year and I can’t think of a more magnificent person to have shared this musical teat with, I love you Dad xx. Also thanks to a wonderful crowd without you the hairs on my spine may not off tickled the back of my neck!!!

    If you have never seen Jonsi before then make it a must for the next time he tours. I have spent hours reading reviews written by people on this web site and to you all thanks for putting your personal feeling across, it’s such a joy to read!

    Thanks to the Jonsi team as the memory can be relived with the marvellous Go Live DVD, think that may be played a few times!!!!

    Jonsi, the band and all the crew please keep up the good work, the world is a far better place with music like yours to our ears xxxxxxxx

  18. Kay says:

    Having booked the ticket in June, needless to say I was extremely looking forward to seeing Jónsi’ and was expecting a wow-esque performance.

    What can I say except ‘What a mindblowing show!!!’

    The music combined with the visual effects worked to perfection – really felt like I had been taken to some peaceful and beautiful place for a little while.
    Jónsi managed to get me through different kind of emotions: I felt blissful while stomping my feet and clapping my hands to Go Do but also, tears came to sting my eyes as Hengilás resonated across the room before a mesmerised audience. Unique.

    Thank you.

  19. Steve Winslade says:

    What can I say? I booked the tickets straight after seeing Jónsi in May! I was worried though, could Jónsi amaze me a second time? Heck yeah! I just loved everything about the show; the great graphics, set, and of course, the brilliant music.
    I really love the new songs, especially “Saint Naive”.
    If I could go to a Jónsi a third time, I would!

  20. Miles M says:

    Would I see Jónsi again.

    Yes. Yes I would.

    The music was beautiful, the visuals were beautiful and it was just an incredible night. I loved the music before I went to see it live, but live? It’s completely breathtaking. Grow till Tall was wonderful – but the songs that really got to me was Kolnidur.

    I mean seriously. Just wow.

  21. timothy stringer says:

    no words can possibly describe how beautiful and just amazing this gig was. it was easily the best gig and experience of my life. everything fitted so well. the beautiful music, stunning visuals and one of the best light shows to fit such truly magnificent show.

    i watched in astonishment from start to finish. i couldn’t believe that anything so beautiful could possibly be performed live and by so few. Jonsi is a genius and has some spectacular musicians in his band

    þakka þér

  22. Bes says:

    I booked my tickets in June, took a plane and travelling 2000kms to see the concert.
    The show was even better than i expected!
    I’m still over jonsi’s rainbow, a week later.
    What a fantastic evening we spent !

    Takk – Hope to see again soon !

  23. Alyssa says:

    SO worth the trip from Norway and the waiting in the cold.. My second concert and it blew me away just as much as the one at the Øyafestival! (and my drummer obsessed friend who saw them life for the first time got a new obsession-object)

  24. Thank you for another amazing evening of delights. The crowd also entertained us with their knitwear and homages to Iceland too. Alas due to cold weather we left our knitted slippers at home but felt connected in some way having watch you perform before, despite the lack of interesting wool clothing. We saw, all of you perform at Bournemouth’s TINY, but beautiful, O2 venue. A small but perfectly formed audience delighted in the evenings performance. I was lucky enough to be stood a few metres from the action and was truly mesmerised, my daughters were also blown away as Alex waved at them. (Thanks Alex for making 3 teenagers very happy). So inspired were we that the following week we bought a harmonium! Thank you for the raw food recipes, the ‘live’ at home performances and the honesty with which you present yourselves collectively. I read a lovely quote today ” Don’t let what you can not do interfere with the things you can’ . This is perhaps how you, as creative souls, have lived your lives. May we all find a way to do the same. Love Nursey x

  25. Robbie says:

    There’s a review up here, few corrections need making but eh –
    Seriously beautiful, stunning stunning show.

  26. inkdrop says:

    Jónsi is kind-of my favorite person that I don’t know personally. And oh my goodness! Symmetry. Grace. . . there are no words to describe Jónsi et al., the music, concert, experience. . . and perhaps it’s better that way. Gaaaaaa! traveled from Helsinki to London with my papier-mâché polar bear mask ‘n crimson skirt costume to see Jónsi (b/c Helsinki concert was cancelled in August). And although the trip with the polar bear was a bit cumbersome, would do it all over again. Incredible show! And although there were no origami paper planes that night, I was flying paper planes at heart, and blowing invisible bubbles. LOVE!

    Takk! Thank you! Kiitos!

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