hatch, osaka

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  1. kaynish says:

    Thank you for the amazing show!
    Of course I watched The Wiltern on web before, but the live was so… great.
    When you said “Ookini”(“Thank you” in Osakan) I was very surprised and happy!
    and a paper plane…
    I just can say that I’m thankful.
    You make hope, power, beauty, glow inside of me.
    I’ll go to Nagoya tomorrow, so see you again!!

  2. Danny says:

    Wow, just Wow. What an amazing, well crafted show. The band was one of the best I’ve seen for years, switching instruments a number of times during the show, sound was superb throughout, you need to clone that drummer for future generations to witness! Must have been hours of rehearsals to get it that tight. Jonsi’s vocals come from some other magical place, how does he do it? The backdrop and animations were great, especially the worker ants, really worked well with the tone and atmosphere of the music.
    If you can get tickets, go, don’t think about it just go. You will experience one of the best, most original shows out there.
    Ookini indeed!

  3. kaynish says:

    Now I read about Korean fans… we Japanese can’t express love for you like that… I’m so sorry!

  4. Gina says:

    That was awesome and perfectly impressive. Thanks for your great show.

  5. nahoko zaitsu says:

    too excited to sleep. We don’t know air planes, sorry…。 Audience crazy about amazing show! doddi drums beat synchronize my heart beat. ulfur, obo,doddi,alex,jnsi, beir er besti tonlistar! I wish everyone lukk/a. Skal!!

  6. nao says:

    Thank you for the great show!! Jonsi and the band were superb and it was so worth taking a day off work to travel to Osaka.

    I feel a bit sorry that Japanese audience appeared relatively quiet to you, but I believe you know that we’re all so respectful and really into the music and its presentation (after all, every culture has its own way of enjoying the music). Besides, to my opinion, the audience that day seemed very excited to me \(^o^)/

  7. Victor Lin says:

    Many thanks for the perfect show!!

    I am that Taiwanese guy who met you all in the Osaka Kansai International Airport on Nov. 30~~
    And I enjoy two concerts in Osaka and Nagoya~~~
    It`s really a wonderful memory to me!!!

    Thank you again and wish you gooooood luck!!!

  8. nodoka says:

    Takk fyrir jónsi!Arigato!ookini!!

    I’m soooooooooooo happy with you and your band and the live show.
    And am so grateful to meet you in my life n to be alive here.

    You make us twinkle.(^0^)☆☆☆
    Wonderful feelings are growing in my mind from the gig n your imagination.

    Go Do for around us!!!

  9. Kento says:

    Thank you for coming to Osaka Jonsi! OOKINI! Takk!!
    This was my first time to see jonsi directly and the show was really awesome.
    And at the same time im happy to see Alex too:)
    Next time Im looking forward to seeing jonsi as the member of sigur ros!
    Really thank you ,jonsi! and please take care of yourself:)

  10. k says:

    I love jonsi.
    but I read [tour diary #6]
    and so sad
    I was disappointed.

    [politely clap]?
    I clapped my hands out of an impression.

    seoul is seoul.
    osaka is osaka.
    and It does not need such a you tube video.

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