garden hall, tokyo

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  1. Chiz Ono says:

    :♪*:・’゚♭.:*・♪’゚。.*#:・’゚.:*♪:・’.:♪ Absolutely Fabulous!!!:♪*:・’゚♭.:*・♪’゚。.*#:・’゚.:*♪:・’.:♪

    I always listen to dance music mainly.
    But I don’t know why everytime jonsi’s tunes touch my heart s00 deeply.
    And last night, you’ve got me totally knocked out!
    Their sounds and visuals were hypnotized me into a deep trance.
    So, please! Please rescue miii !!! Orz

    How lucky I am, living in the same era all of you lovely guys! Amazing isn’t it?
    Someday, somehow I hope to visit Iceland or anywhere anyplace anytime
    when you have a gig all around the world.

    I hope to see you soon again!!!
    Actually, tonight at Studio Coast (*`∀) 。YY。(∀`*)ノ

    Lots of love love love<333 and kiss kiss kiss (not enough!) from Tokyo xxx


  2. daichi says:

    Your gig in Tokyo was amaaaaazing!!!I don’t know how to express my feeling in my poor English.
    But the gig was one of the best gig I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you for coming japan!I’m looking forward to your next gig in japan!

  3. sinri says:

    I can’t understand why people could keep quiet.
    That night, there were too much silence in many part.

    They like only “Go do”? …They seemed to be like that.

    What about jonsi’s amazing performance of the last part of “Around Us” ?
    Where did your soul go? Did you leave your soul somewhere?….I couldn’t help think so.
    coz the show was absolutely amazing!!! What a passion of the show,jonsi and his band….I couldn’t stop crying by the huge emotion.

    I really appreciate that I was there.
    Thank you so much guys!!!

  4. am says:

    Firsly, I’m sorry but I can’t write English very well.

    Thank you for coming to Japan!!

    I listened quietly because your performance was too wonderful.
    Gradually, my body moved by the beat. I was excited!! And I could simply enjoy Music.
    The sounds, the images, beat came into me.
    It was fantastic time for me.

    Takk…Jonsi and your band member.

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