studio coast, tokyo

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  1. yoko says:

    so happy that I could go to your concert on my birthday!
    such a wonderful night!!

  2. 佐々原 says:



  3. EIKO says:

    Thank you for giving to me wonderful 4 days.
    Wonderful time passes at high speed.
    You have my full support from Japan.
    Please take care of yourself.
    I respect you who play wonderful music.
    I love jonsi,and jonsi’s band member.

    Gangi þér vel .
    takk kærlega.

  4. Sean says:

    I would just like to thank Jonsi and the band for taking the time to play 2 concerts in Tokyo. Both shows were nothing short of amazing. I know that the audiences in Japan are pretty low-key to say the least, but I assure you they appreciate your gift of music as much as any other countries people. :)
    I’d also like to thank the tour manager for putting me on the guest list. (I’m a friend of Amelia from Mountain Man) Well, I think that’s about it. Amazing shows, both of them. Please tour Japan in the future as I’m certain your fan base here will only continue to grow in size.

    All the best,


  5. 瑞月桜 says:

    Thank you for your very wonderful world and a lot of moments…!

    …For me, the world of JONSI is a spiral and a ripple of all minds…

  6. mika says:

    Thank you Thank you so much for coming to Japan!
    I appreciate Jonsi and the band for giving me the wonderful night.

    Your music always inspires me and helps me get through this crazy life in Tokyo.
    It was the best day since I moved to Japan.

    Thanks to doddi for shouting at us from the van. I didn’t expect anyone to open the window.
    You are the best drummer!! I’m very happy that I got to say thank you!

    My sister and I decided to travel to Iceland to go to your concert, so see you guys soon!

    and take care!


  7. Aonyx cinerea says:

    wow!!! what a greatest experience. it was totally awesome.
    since then, your delicate but wild voice continues to resound in my mind…
    Jónsi, Alex, Úlfur, Doddi and Óbó, domo arigatogozaimasu ♥
    i really can’t wait for your coming back to japan.

  8. catstail says:

    In a dark stirring venue, Jonsi and his band members quietly appear on a stage.Someone nearby whispers, “they are coming”. As soon as he arrives at his microphone, which is set up on center stage, Jonsi starts singing. Surreal, but beautiful voice exhaled from his body ascends toward ceiling. The venue is soon surrounded with sacred atmosphere. It is a new song, “Stars in Still Water”.

    From the right corner, I can barely peek Jonsi’s whole statue and a part of a screen through heads of crowd. The screens burns slowly with fire and a forest appears. An owl flies dark night sky serenely and a young frightened deer runs through the forest. Jonsi’s clothes is an autumn/winter version of a red check patchwork shirt with a lot of fringes on sleeves. It gives more warmth atmosphere than a spring/summer version of white and grey tattered-patchwork shirts, which I saw at Summer Sonic Festival in August.

    Several quiet, downbeat songs follow without giving a time for audiences to applaud and yell. In the end of “Icicle Sleeves”, drums echo, wave of sound bounces on my heart. I have never felt the sound so physically before. Suddenly, two by three handed performance of xylophone and glockenspiel bursts as intro of “Tornado”. It is like a chime of fragile glasses and lingers in my head for a while.

    When the intro of “Go” begins, the audience shout with excitement and beat time with their hands. From “Go” to “Animal Arithmetic”, Jonsi bungs his head, moves aggressively around the stage with crouching pose. Paper planes fly over the venue. At encore, Jonsi returns with a headdress of colorful birds’ feather as he is like a king of birds in Aesop’s Fables. Final song “Grow Till Tall” ends with violent storm on screen. Everything passed in a moment, when it is finished; it was all like a daydream.

  9. kjohei says:

    Your concert was wonderful!!
    I could find to keeping smile of Alex and the bassist.
    And Obo is perfect , the drummer play the best performing always.
    Jonsi was not Jon in Iceland but you are Jonsi as artist.
    I am looking forward to the concert in Iceland 5 days after.
    See you again.and Merry Chiristmas.

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