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  1. Marga says:

    I went to see you in Santiago yesterday and you were just great !! Thanks for yet another moving, magic performance!
    Come back soon, please.

  2. Moti says:

    Wow Jónsi I <3 your music so much.
    what a pity about the performance screen!!!
    I couldnt believe it!!!
    U should come to Vigo to the Auditorium I'll die if i see u there :D
    Thankssss thankss and thanksss again for such an unforgetable evening!!!!!

  3. Andrea says:


  4. Dani says:

    Gracias, Jonsi, ha sido increible!! Unvelievable!!! Unforgetable!!!

  5. Óscar says:

    Really excelent, espectacular, magical, Come back soonnnnnn !!!
    You are great !!!

  6. Miguel says:

    The show was incredible. It was the best (although the teenagers were annoying and disrespectful because of the MUSE). Do not worry you are the best. What a band you have also!!! VIVA SAMULI Y LAS JONSIADAS.

  7. Laura says:

    It was a great show, you must excuse all these stupid MUSE fans who were talking all along your show. I specially enjoyed Grow till tall and Around us. Thanks! It is a dream come true.

  8. laura says:

    Thank you so much for coming to Santiago. I was complete happy for one hour. Your show was amazing and I enjoyed a lot. Don’t forget where is Galicia and come back in the future, we’re waiting you!! ;)

  9. Gea says:

    Thanx Jónsi and all the Band for your beautiful sounds and moving music, ( we where the four jumping heads and floating hands just in front of you ;P) It was a great experiece to see you and we hope to see you soon, maybe in a small concert hall? :)

  10. Xabier San Isidro says:

    Moving! Amazing! Can’t find words to express what you made me feel yesterday…

  11. Kahiroan says:

    I was happy because of you. Thank you very much :)

  12. Ricardo Rocha says:

    Hey! Yesterday I went from Portugal to Santiago Compostela to see Muse although I must say Jonsí was by far the best show I’ve seen last night in Xacobeo 2010.

    I’ve followed your work in Sigur Rós but I hadn’t heard about your solo work since last night. I really enjoyed it! It was a stunning performance!

    Keep up the marvelous work and I hope to see you as soon as possible in Portugal!

  13. Aranza says:

    Jónsi thank you very much for the concert yesterday. I really enjoyed your live and the feelings that you provided me do not change a thing. Thanks again.

  14. Brais says:

    I was there yesterday and you were awesome. I’m a big fan of yours and I really enjoyed your perfomance.
    Hope you come by again, I’ll go for sure.
    Thank you very much for your perfomance yesterday, it was stunning.
    By the way, I’m looking forward to your next cooking lesson with Alex! ;)

  15. Alexandre says:

    I couldn’t wait to tell the show was awesome! It was by far my favourite performance yesterday! I went to the festival just because you played there, and it was so great. However, I would like to apologize for the disrespectful people who didn’t stop talking during your show. They were some jerk Muse fans (not all of them, of course) who have no idea or interest on music. Forget about it. People who haven’t heard you till yesterday love your music now, and your fans (I’m totally one) are so grateful for your performance, and even those rude people couldn’t spoil it. Just want to tell you it was perfect, again. Thak you very much, and please, come back to Galicia again.

  16. Roberto Balseiro says:

    Ha sido uno de los momentos musicales de mi vida. Me conocía los temas pero el director es espectacular, poderoso, mágico. Hoy no puedo pensar en otra cosa a pesar de lo mucho que me gusta Muse. Estoy deseando volver a verte en directo, poder llevar a mi pareja que lamentablemente no pudo asistir y compartir de nuevo un sentimiento global de paz y armonía musical.


  17. sabe says:

    Gracias. Thank you. Takk fyrir Jónsi. Such an amazing gig last night in Santiago! Your music is pure art and your performance was wicked! Just brilliant! I loved it! looking forward to see you again.

  18. Maica says:

    Eres mágico y transmites magia. Gracias por venir a Galicia :)

  19. Pablo says:

    It was the best concert of my life….no words…:-) Takk fyrir for come here,and i hope to see you soon :D

  20. Alexandre says:


  21. ada nome says:

    thanks for helping me to access a layer of my mind/soul that sometimes I forget, which is almost always in silent, waiting for me to remember


    gracias por ayudarme a acceder a un estrato de mi mente/alma que a veces se me olvida, que casi siempre está en silencio, esperando a que lo recuerde

    un saludo

  22. Eva says:

    You show was amazing, the best of the evening/night.
    I love the album, but see you all there playing this wonderful music was…incredible!

    I want to thank you for that perfect happy hour, and i hope to see you again as soon as posible.

    Thanks for make us dream and fly away.

  23. Popi says:

    Gracias por la actuación de ayer! Tengo que reconocer que hasta que os he visto en directo no he podido decir que me gustáis. Me habéis sorprendido muy gratamente. So much energy. Thanks 4 the concer! Come back soon!!!

  24. karka says:

    The final of Grow Till Tall was one of the best live songs that i ever heard in my life. There are not words to explain the feelings with my friends… :___) Takk fyrir and come back soon, in Galicia you ALWAYS will be welcome. Graciñas!!!!!! (thanks in galego, the lenguage of Galicia ^^)

  25. suso says:

    I really enjoyed your concert; I didn’t know your music -although I knew Sigur Ròs- and I was delightfully surprised. Thank you very much for coming to Santiago, and please accept our apologies for the attitude of part of the public.
    By the way, your drummer is amazing!

  26. Merchi says:

    Thanks a lot Jonsi for your show, for give us new languages for the emotions, for exploring new ways for the music, for all this beautiful moments of pop melodies, for a new and hardest rock and roll experience!

  27. mary says:

    Imposible to explain the experience we lived with your music!
    PLease forgive all the fool Muse fans for their disrespectful behaviour!Hundreds of people enjoyed your sound.
    Whereas most of music groups exploit our rage, YOU let our souls get purified, free,,,
    Hope you come back soon!!
    once you’ve experienced it, you can’t help it: you need more, and more.

  28. Laura Cuba says:

    I went to Xacobeo festival for Muse, one of my favourite bands, but when I knew that you were going to play on the same festival I quickly opened the spotify and I fell in love with your music.

    Your concert was truly amazing and special, I was looking at you and your movements like a stupid, with my mouth open. The entire band was AWESOME, everything was perfect except some people from the crowd. I was there, in 3º row, jumping and enjoying one of my favourite songs of this summer, Animal Arithmetic. The ending of the show was epic.

    Hope you had a great time here, come soon! :)


  29. Digisequencer says:

    Just magical… No words can describe such a thing… Thank you, Jónsi… and thanks also to the rest of the band: Alex, Úlfur, Óbó and Doddi. This was the best concert of the year… and I’ve attended “a few”.

    Can’t wait for the next…

  30. Iago says:

    I read a lot of good reviews about Jónsi’s gigs, and I was expecting a lot about this concert, I had listened to his album and I also had listened to Sigur Rós before, but I wasn’t prepared for this. His voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard, he really touched my heart, he made me cry a little!
    I’m in love now with his music, and I hope we see you again here!

  31. Pete says:

    I couden t make it to the Festival cauz i was working that day, i was 150 km away from Ourense.
    But i have seen your live show twice in Amsterdam months ago! Please come back to Spain: Galicia and Asturias are magical places, just like your music. It woud be a dream come true to see Sigur rós play there: i woud be abel to take my hole famely to see you guys! Bless

  32. Ricardo says:

    Takk Fyrir Jonsi and Co. Your show was just as beautiful as every project which you are involved. I’ve got a friend that hadn’t heard your music and now is a new fan.

    Special mention for the drummer. It’s incredible!!!!

  33. MIGUELVIGO says:

    GREAT performance
    magic performance!

  34. Elena says:

    I admit I went to the festival just to see Muse, but once your performance started I couldn’t believe all the emotions that were running through my body at once, it was an incredible feeling, I was in a trance the whole time.

    Thank you and the rest of the band so much, your music moved me in a way I never thought possible. I hope I can see you playing again sometime.

  35. Sara says:

    It was truly AMAZING!

    I know you saw the Portuguese support, so there’s no way not to come here, this time. :p

    Hope to see you soon.

    Love, from Portugal!

  36. Roxanne says:


    I want to see you at Spain in another amazing performance!!

    Thanks for all!!!

  37. Piotr says:

    Just astonishing! I went to santiago from madrid and it was worthwhile. I’ve got no words to describe it, We felt the magic around us that night. That was, in my opinion, the best performance that night and one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Thank you for that sounds, that chords, and that voice. We want to see you again!!

  38. noe says:

    Thank you! Jonsi it was incredible! please come back to spain soon

  39. Pedro says:

    Jonsi i´m still thinking that your show was the greatest show in the Xacobeo Festival, i hope you really have enjoyed of Galicia and come back soon to give another great concert like this.

  40. noe says:

    fue increible y yo me emocioné mucho y el final apoteósico!!!

  41. laura says:

    Encantoume o concerto en compostela sodes fantasticos.

  42. Paulo Rui Ramalho says:

    I loved your gig! I just hope you had less quiet songs, that wasn’t the place…
    Hope to see you soon and again in Portugal, alone or with Sigur Rós. “A Casa da Música” (The House of Music) in Oporto would be perfect! :-)

  43. Iria says:

    Jonsi, you were just touching and moving. Completely amazing. No one can make me feel I am in the right place of the universe at the right time more than you and your band. I couldn’t help it and some tears rolled down my cheek in the very end of the gig.

    Go on in this direction, Jonsi. You have this genious view about feelings, music, art and life. Like some poets, you have the deep understanding of life and feelings. You just know how to get to the core.

    I am very grateful that people like you exist. Really.

    Good luck.

  44. Alicia says:

    Jónsi, þú ert fullur af litum. Þakka þér fyrir.
    Og Apologies að fólk dónalegur, fólk verður alltaf að vera grár.
    Ef þú skilur eitthvað er að Google þýðandi er dásamlegt. :)

  45. Angélica says:

    It was a very important day for me .. Jónsi for me is the best band of this genre today, they are unique, original =D.. the songs are really amazing .. I was lucky to know them … was the 1st band that I knew seeing live . Jónsi you’re super nice, I saw you in others videos and you seem to be a great person, humble, kind, funny! I feel very fortunate to know Jónsi, have an amazing band in my life! Thanks for everything .. you guys are the best!

  46. dan o c says:

    amazing concert. intense and wonderful listening to grow till tall live with Compostela sunset behind

    best show ever! :P

  47. Yo says:


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