lowlands festival

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Amazing amazing! What a brilliant gig, especially the last song, I totally forgot to take any photo, I was that impressed and a amazed, thank you!

  2. Jelte says:

    It was the first time that I ever heard of Jónsi and it blew me away, Best moment on Lowlands, it was legendary. I’m a new fan.

    Does anyone have a setlist?

  3. Anneroos says:

    WHAT A GREAT GREAT GREAT PERFORMANCE!!! Absolutely the most mesmerizing and magical moment on lowlands for me. I used to listen to Sigur Ros, but man these songs of yours… wowwowwowwow. Going to see you again soon hopefully!

  4. DU says:

    Absolutely the best performance of Lowlands this year. Like said here before, the last song completetly blew me away. When the sound was gone I felt myself shivering! Amazing!

  5. Robin says:

    GREAT gig, and yes I’ve got the setlist. The paper setlist got a funny note, which you can read here: http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/386/dsc00314x.jpg

  6. Marten says:

    Best show on Lowlands! Hope to see you soon in the Netherlands!

  7. David says:

    Absolutely amazing, just as the Sigur Rós performance in 2008. Amazing voice and the rest of the band was top notch as well. Lots of fans in Holland. Hope to see you guys again soon!

  8. Jochem says:

    Absolutely stunning performance on Lowlands 2010 and my first encounter with Jonsi. The drummer was awesome and the show around the band was also stunning: Grow till tall was really the climax with a building up of a light breeze to a big storm. Will go and see Jonsi in November in Eindhoven, NL.

  9. berend says:

    Never heard of you before, saw you on Lowlands, couldn’t believe my ears. Looking forward to seeing you in november in Eindhoven!

  10. Ruben says:

    I wasn’t there, because I went to see the kooks. I’m sorry now, I heard it was an absolutely brilliant performance, because my friend went to see you, and then I started listening to your music. Now I’ll make sure I won’t miss you this november in Eindhoven! :D I love what you do.

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