muziekgebouw, eindhoven

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  1. maurice van trijffel says:

    this was absolutely amazing again :)
    we saw your show in Paradiso, on the Lowlands festival and again here in Eindhoven.
    It was again superb.
    Hope to see you again sometime although this was the last show in the Netherlands for this tour.
    All the bandmembers and crew: wish you all the best!
    and special thanks to Jelle, the dutch sound engineer for the amazing quality of the mix.
    He’s a brilliant sound engineer and it’s always fun to see him do his work because of his enthousiasm and expertise.
    thanks to Jelle also for giving us the setlist. It is going to get a special place in our home.

    Jonsi please continue what you are doing, hope to have a meet&greet someday :)

    kind regards from Rosmalen, the Netherlands.

    Yvette and Maurice

  2. cenk bulut says:

    what a show ,what a performance..the energy of the band,pure angel voice of jonsi,the visuals ;all so stunning..
    i was afraid i d be late as i come from Germany from 250 km.away,and of the busy traffic but thnk god i just made at time..
    long live jonsi for your inspirational music ..

  3. Leon Krater says:

    What a show! What a night! Jonsi, your voice is pure magic! I still feel the energy and emotions of that show! Incredible performance of the band and a great location to have a concert like this. I will definitely see you again.

  4. herbert says:

    an emotional ventricular fibrillation – breathtaking beautiful!!!!
    yesterday I left autumn and took a first step into winterland!
    after Cologne and Zurich, this was my third gig – everytime a new experience…
    jónsi & band – thank you for now, then and ever!


  5. tom says:

    Wow! This was the second time I saw the show (first time was in june in Amsterdam).
    I already liked it a lot last time, but yesterday you guys brought the concert to another level.
    Everything was so well balanced: the visuals, the music, the playlist,… Real craftmanship!
    But it was the integrity which you played the music with that beats it all.
    You blew me away from the first second till the last!!
    Thank you so much for that..

  6. Teun says:

    I loved the intimacy of this beautiful concert hall, even from the balcony the view was perfect. Thanks for the beautiful concert!

  7. Hanna E says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful and mindblowingly great and …like a bird like a fire like a rain like snow. Kiitos paljon! The energy of the band and the performance was amazing. One of the best performances i have ever seen. Deeply affected. Thank you. You bring soooo much joy. I want to see you play soon again. Best very best wishes!

  8. Lars says:

    This was the second time I went to see you and, by God, it was even more intense. I felt like you were playing this concert solely for me. Which wasn’t odd, since I was standing no more than two feet away from Jónsi.
    Guys, it was a breathtaking gig – thank you for the most splendid evening for a long time. I hope too see you again in the Netherlands soon.

  9. Jonsi and friends

    It was SUPER in Eindhoven yesterday!!!!!!
    My husband and I could not sleep tonight. We only heard your Music in our head.
    Really “Jonsi”you are like a fairytale!
    We will follow your Career in the future, like we do for many years with The Sigor music.. Hope you will be inspired to make much more!

    The best for you and your beautiful Island.

    Marion and Hans Hendriks

  10. bart says:

    WOW amazing!! Perfect show and Doddi oh my god you slam those sticks faster than I can see.
    Unbelievable I left planet earth for an hour and a half!!
    Heeps of thanks

  11. Victor says:

    Absolutely awesome!!!
    I stood right in front of the drummer and had Jonsi standing less than 10 cm from me lots of times…which meant I missed some of the special effects in their totality! But what the heck! The show was awesome, seeing the drummer so close was great and Jonsi was absolutely fantastic!!
    Can’t wait to see them again!

  12. siri says:

    Ah, deary me, what a WONDERFUL night. 5th concert for me, an (snif) last, for this was the last concert on the european continent. And what a goodby too ! It was the most intense and fun off all 5, partly thanks to the roaring enthusiasm of the audience. The crowd just went crazy at the bow of the band, the cheering was ear-deafening. Jónsi clearly enjoyed this during the concert, he smiled a lot and came forward to the first row many times. I think he appreciated me wearing feathers in my hair, ‘cos he laid his hand on my head while singing sticks & stones. I felt his feathers fluttering around my face. sigh.
    I feel like blessed since the album came out, these songs gave me the courage to change things in my life for the better, to clear up stupid anguishes. I even took up artclasses because I cannot find appropriate words to express my GRATITUDE !
    After the show, my daughter and I waited at the artist entrance in the hope of a short meet, but there was a party going on, and it was freezing cold and raining. A very kind crew member who came rummaging in the tourbus took my album inside to the band and now it is signed by all 5 of them ! Couldn’t believe my luck tonight.

    I also wish to thank all the people who have contributed to this website with reviews and chats on the forum. They made me feel less alone. Whenever I talk to people about Jónsi, they go like : ‘Beyoncé? yeah, she’s cool!’. GRRR. They don’t understand why I don’t care about having to drive for hours, taking leave, sleeping in the car in the park, just to enjoy this music again. At least you all do ! Thank you, it is heartwarming.

  13. Jürgen says:

    Just to say “Thank you – Danke – Tak”

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