øya festival, oslo

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4 Responses to “øya festival, oslo”

  1. heidi says:

    Jónsi is the best.

    Icicle sleeves, the opening song tonight, is incredibly beautiful.
    Thougt that this quiet song was only for the non-festival concerts, but still hoped so much to hear it – and then .. wow, what an unbelivable start!

    All along – the beautiful music, the impactive percormance of it, the interaction with us the crowd – this is a concert I won’t ever forget. Your voice Jónsi, and the sensitivity in it, is the best thing to dig into whatever mood one might be in.. Oh, and the start of around us (if it really was a start of that?) was very surprising and ooh beautiful.

    I convinced 3 or 4 persons – who didn’t have any particular interest in any group that played today – to pay 645 nok to come to øya-festiavalen to see Jónsi, and they were all amazed by how great he and his band were.

    The setlist was it: icicle sleeves, kolnidur, sinking friendships, tornado, go do, animal arithmetic, boy lilikoy, around us, sticks and stones, grow till tall ? I’m just trying to go through the hole concert again in my imagination.

  2. Maria says:

    Thank you so much for the concert! Not only for the beautiful music and magical show, but also for dancing on the stage and smiling to audience. I keep thinking of it and telling my friends and it makes my heart and soul warm :)

  3. Alyssa says:

    And also.. this might seem like a stupid think to thank for, but.. thanks for speaking Icelandic to us on stage instead of English.. it meant alot to us. We are one people after all :)

  4. Diksha says:

    won’t forget you, you’re a sick musician <3

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