summer sonic festival, osaka, japan

August 7th, 2010 external links: venue - - facebook

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  1. nahoko zaitsu says:

    This is my first time at Jonsi’s show.Band member’s, stage art, all is beautiful. I heared heat beat. I saw nature. Greatly moved. Sorry,I can’t understand English. But I just wanted to share my feelings. I hope to see you again Japan tour Autum. Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,and Love.

  2. yukiko says:

    Takk, Jónsi.

    it was too beautiful.
    i couldn’t stop my tears.
    thank you for the pure precious energy.

    peace and love to you :)

  3. nodoka says:

    Thank you so much for coming to Osaka!!
    Amazing!!I was so impressed with your voice,the band play,and stage show,everything!!
    Hope you enjoyed summer sonic n see you soooooon later in the year☆

  4. chikako says:


    It was a marvelous show.
    With his voice, music, and art videos,
    the hall was filled with the atmosphere of JONSI and the members!
    I had a fantastic moment!
    So happy to be there!

    And, happy to get JONSI’s towel as well :) )

    ありがとう! Takk :)

  5. sumie says:

    Takk, Jonsi!!!!!
    It was amazing & fabulous show at Summer Sonic in Osaka!
    I felt you are like a fairy folk from Icelandic forest:-)
    I was so impressed, and your music always make me positive!
    Not only me but many many many people were so moved by your show!
    Thank you soooooooooo much as always for the brilliant time;-)
    Really looking forward to another show sometime soon!

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